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Results for Armenian Church
Subject Started by Replies Views
Armenians and Saint Severus of Antioch...Fortunatus244023
Just watching a hockey gameSouthSerb99323016
Armenian calendar bookSalpy1921
Armenian Orthodoxdjrak6911293
Pray Nareg for the Great FastGhazaros0922
OO & EO dialogueGhazaros31228
Armenian Canon of ScriptureTonyS194318
Pictures of 2004 Armenian Easteranastasios132170
Oriental Orthodox - Armenian liturgymarlo356691
Article on Turkish and Soviet atrocitiesSerge31275
The Canon and the books that were left outDoubting Thomas404467
Question For Salpy or GhazarosSetFree1612
An Armenian E-mail news bulletin you can subscribe toanastasios0589
Armenian Spirituality for LentMichaelRahoza21410
The L.A. Times and the Armenian GenocideSalpy152807
Armenian videosurajiype41165
Question for Oriental Orthodox on beliefsJawaMan297456
Number of OO churchesOrthodox1131427
Armenian Pontifical Visit Webcastozgeorge52570
Is the Cherubic Hymn in the Oriental Orthodox Liturgies?_Seraphim_324954
What Calendar?Athanasios143087
"The Tree of Noah" Breeches Bible of 1599… Armenian?_Seraphim_103236
Movie about St. Vartan?Salpy213585
An Armenian saint increasingly popular in Ethiopia!Hiywot7426867
Oriental and Latin TheologyAthanasios759708
St Severus and The Armenian Orthodox ChurchEkhristosAnesti21185
Canoncial validity of Patriarchatesjmkora203531
Christmas on 7th or 8th?Jonathan21309
Celebrating Theophany and Nativity TogetherSamB31252
Christology of the Armenian Apostolic ChurchSerge123084
Cornerstone Laid For New Armenian Apostolic Cathedral In MoscowOrthodoc2994
Bishop Houssig Bagdasian (Armenian Church ) passes away, Funeral on Aug 10daniel_reji21109
Origin of the Syrian Church.paul2004274154
Armenian Khatchkar comes to the U.S.Salpy31234
Paschal Message of Karekin IIBrigidsboy0641
Fasting of Ninevehpaul20042412994
The Function of CouncilsGhazaros101811
Liturgical DifferencesIan Lazarus61897
Confession in Oriental OrthodoxyGhazaros53398
What Bible do Oriental Orthodox Christians read? Matthew777275515
Are there any Traditionalist Oriental Orthodox Groups?OrthodoxSitkan102343
OO resources for other ritesSpecs61638
Dating of the NativityGhazaros32284
Oriental Orthodox Churches' 8th Meeting Kefa0861
Reception of the Holy Hostsurajiype111894
How Do the OO Make the Sign of the Cross?drewmeister252235
Scarves Worn During Communion and no shoes a Must for Women??Timos164452
Where can I find Oriental Orthodox liturgical texts online?Arystarcus63005
Differences between Oriental Orthodox ChurchesArystarcus266222
History of OO churchesStavro41068
The Sign in Oriental OrthodoxyGhazaros333933
Deaconess in Coptic and other oriental churchesAddai527540
Question about Armenian OrthodoxyJennifer62044
Does the Oriental Orthodox Church affirm theosis?idontlikenames239659
Battle over the Holy FireGhazaros132425
Pascha Datepaul20042968
Kneeling during the liturgysurajiype1994
Communing in the OOIan Lazarus91689
OO Churches and Lentserb1389517664
Assyrians in Armeniabergschlawiner212737
Jew trys to sort out Orthodox-Armenian tiffMBZ21370
OO's Eastersminasoliman4914
How late was there Soviet persecution of Christianity? StGeorge355574
Armenian Church CalendarSalpy63072
Any Oriental Orthodox parishes in Alaska?NorthernPines162793
Bishop Ukhtanes of SebastiaSalpy31879
Karekin II Psalti Boy101523
"Lord have mercy" in all Oriental Orthodox languages_Seraphim_125680
Blessing of the Holy Muron to take place on 9/28/08Salpy265774
Moses of Chorene's Ecclesiastical HistorySymeon2985
Exaltation of the Holy Cross in EtchmiadzinSalpy31390
Congregational participationalexp4uni212526
Artsy treatment of liturgical musicSalpy162256
His Holiness Karekin II to visit india theorthodoxchurch0633
Armenian Catholicos to visit Indian ChurchSalpy101913
Liturgy of St. Jamesholdencaulfield81964
Armenian LiturgyMarc Hanna51142
Use of Unleavened Bread..sohma_hatori338446
Armenian Church QuestionJohn Setrak81685
Deacons in the Armenian ChurchOrthodox11133531
Bishop Joseph visits Armenian Diocese Salpy2843
Armenian Apostolic Church/Armenian Congregational/Evangelical...Church?serb1389112339
Georgian (Armenian) Chronicles onlineIrish Hermit31033
Article on the Armenian Churchsurajiype1696
Oriental Orthodox Ecclesiastical titles, terms, positions, etc. serb13896310361
Eastern Orthodox becoming Armenian OrthodoxAlaskanOrthodox123039
Archbishop Hovnan and Bishop Maxim lecture at theological symposiumSalpy1999
Miracle in AleppoSalpy51877
Holy Week at EtchmiadzinSalpy162701
Armenian vs. Coptic TheologyOrthodox11606927
Beautiful Armenian tile manuscript of the Lord's Prayer_Seraphim_21074
Oriental VestmentsAlveus Lacuna73861
Reception of Severus of Antiochdeusveritasest112077
First Ladies visit the CatholicosSalpy4723
jurisdictions in full communion?deusveritasest323661
Can I take communion in an Armenian Church?Mo the Ethio31930
Re: Use of icons in the Oriental Orthodox Churchdeusveritasest479120
Re: Orthodox Christians of GeorgiavasnTearn141735
Armenian Orthodox ChurchΣoφíα4970
St. Vartan is awesomeSalpy11463
Relics of Three Saints loaned to the Moldovan Orthodox ChurchSalpy1805
Armenian VespersSpecs71613
His Holiness Karekin II receives President of SerbiaSalpy0449
HH Karekin II opens a new water system and blesses the waterSalpy111340
Ecumenical Gathering at St. Vartan Cathedral in New YorkSalpy1651
Exaltation of the Holy CrossSalpy91196
Does the Armenian Apostolic Church accept converts?Robb1771
Questions about the history of the LiturgyGregoryLA131445
His Holiness Karekin II Receives Governor of KharkivSalpy0396
Archbishop Derderian Lectures at St. Mark Coptic Church in Los AngelesSalpy151422
The Passion of St. Shushanik is now on lineSalpy0727
Tenth Anniversary of the Enthronement of H.H. Karekin IISalpy33136
Armenian Creedsamkim11118
Number of adherents?Michał132599
Prayer of ManassehSlave of Christ42074
LeLe YamanSalpy0489
Vem WebsiteSalpy0460
A change of address for Looys KreesdoseeSalpy3881
Question about Armenian traditionsAlpo21365
Catholic holding hands together while prayingOrtho_cat347740
English translation -- Armenian Resurrection hymn "Havun, Havun"_Seraphim_22424
OO Calendar with Fasting Schedule?Gebre Menfes Kidus194385
BBC Documentary on EthiopiaOrthodox11213407
Old Calendar Armenian Christmas (Jan. 19) celebrated in Hollywood, CASalpy113107
His Holiness Karekin II awarded prize By Patriarch Kirill of Moscow Salpy1532
pointy habitssamkim161979
Armenian Fathersdeusveritasest303689
Blessed feast day of St. Ghevont!Salpy31515
Oriental Orthodox Sermons and LecturesSalpy7917721
Catholicos of All Armenians travels to JerusalemSalpy1443
Catholicos of Sis on a visit to Indiasurajiype0439
60 Minutes to air a segment on the Armenian GenocideSinner Servant41363
Patriarch Kirill to visit ArmeniaSalpy151637
His Holiness Karekin II Receives Emir Kusturica Salpy2794
upcoming excitement in Southern CaliforniaSalpy493652
Tree planting in the Nersissian ForestSalpy4865
Defense of Doctoral Thesis in the Mother See of Holy EtchmiadzinSalpy145326
Would an Arabic Expression of Eastern Orthodoxy Resemble the Coptic Orthodox?HandmaidenofGod111679
Hearing the Unheard - A Project HEAL Presentation for Deaf Culture AwarenessSalpy1876
Ascension DaySalpy01283
Cross tattoofennik7817441
Ordination of priests at Holy Etchmiadzin on the Feast of PentecostSalpy31377
London: Orthodox Event: From Ararat to Zionpeterfarrington1651
First and Second Councils of Dvindeusveritasest21126
Restoration of Haghartsin MonasterySalpy93714
OO Altarssamkim273571
Damascus delegation visits Armeniadhinuus74216
Armenian Catholicoideusveritasest4813
Armenian Catholicate of Ciliciasurajiype62175
two new publications in ArmenianSalpy231193
Re: Comments on OO Mitresstashko663691
Armenian lessons?Salpy627923
HH Karekin II Participates in Armenian Bone Marrow Registry DriveSalpy0420
OO Priest Ordination and Denouncing HereticsGisasargavak392984
The Feast of ShoghagatSalpy21133
The CanonJamesRottnek5640
Coptic and ArmenianAnastasia1162571
Oriental Orthodox iconographydeusveritasest233623
Archbishop Kaplan welcomed to the new Armenian CathedralSalpy0671
Orthodox Education Day - UKpeterfarrington6712
Children's pilgrimage Salpy0279
weekday commemorationsdeusveritasest3562
Weekly Internet Course on St. Nerses ShnorhaliSalpy2653
Turkey Approves Muslim Prayer Service In Armenian Church raffisx7783
Monastery of Tathev, ArmeniavasnTearn7827
Armenian liturgy celebrated for the first time in DublinSalpy3686
National question in Armenian ChurchVindex9782
Sunni Muslim Grand Mufti Contacts His Holiness Aram ISalpy8826
National Geographic Features Armenia's Christian Past in DocumentaryCoptoGeek0511
Feast Day of St. James NisibisSalpy0338
New church building gets "Best Worship Building" awardSalpy5905
Internet course on Armenian Hymnography to start soonSalpy0350
Looking for an Armenian orthodox song Daivakan22088
Differences between OO and EO spirituality?Ortho_cat193880
History of Armenian Church in USmtmamma10691
Armenian Divine Liturgy VideoBrigidsboy4643
Date of Annunciation (re: Armenians)deusveritasest6676
Armenian Orthodox hourly Prayersajomattackal61751
My Pictures from Armenia and of Armenian ChurchesGisasargavak192212
Visit of HH Karekin II to Saint Petersburg and RigaSalpy2396
Ordination To The Sub-DeaconateTigran151494
How to pray...using the JamagirkGisasargavak1404
Confession in the Armenian ChurchSeverian283876
Can someone give me a link for a full Armenian Orthodox Liturgyloser13858
Could Someone Translate this Armenian Orthodox Hymn?Severian5541
Armenia: Defenders of ChristianityCoptoGeek2441
Armenian Church - Questions...88Devin12212131
The Theotokos in the Armenian ChurchVolnutt4699
Armenian Orthodox Hourly prayer in english for Android Mobile Phoneajomattackal3512
Oriental Orthodoxy and the Toll houses.GOCTheophan437634
Question about different types of Armenian diocesesag_vn261997
New bishop for Armenian Church in Britain and Irelandbiro0508
Patriarch Kirill of Russia receives Order of St. Mestrop Mashtotsbiro0188
Mitered Deacon?Benjamin the Red533562
Upcoming Lecture About Newly-Discovered Armenian Mosaics in JerusalemSalpy3391
text on back of an armenian crossJason.Wike9903
Keeping the Khachkars CoptoGeek0262
What is the big feast thing I am missing today?Anastasia16505
Online lectures on Armenian canon law startingSalpy2333
St. Nersess Armenian Seminary is moving and expandingSalpy2465
Catholics commune in Armenian church?Anastasia1281595
New Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem?IXOYE232074
Of Apostles and ArmeniaMor Ephrem1775
Ancient Armenian Monastery in IranSalpy2325
OOs in IranAlpo201218
Relic of St. Vartan arrives in New YorkSalpy1714
New cathedral in Moscow openingSalpy171121
Bishops’ Synod of the Armenian Apostolic Church Commences at EtchmiadzinSalpy431750
Bells the Old Fashioned WaySalpy3235
Question about Armenian Church Structure or Governance ICXCNIKA8594
Armenian-Protestant intercommunion?Alpo12562
Free eBook from Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America CoptoGeek4622
Armenian Patriarchs & CatholicoiAntoniousNikolas2435

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