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Results for Pope
Subject Started by Replies Views
URGENT NEWS!!Bobby8023146
Gibson’s film about MedjugorjeSouthSerb99264945
Document reveals that POPE is behind episcopal coverup of sex abusers!nstanosheck31303
Pope Asks Patriarch of Constantinople for Regular Contactsnstanosheck31758
Tells Teocist: If We Are Worthy, God Will Grant Us the Gift of Unitynstanosheck234577
Favourite living holy person and departed saints?Timos293877
Liturgical Insanity or why there will never be a "reunion"Sabbas7910627
Papal Infallibility vs Ecumenical CouncilsMarat11719264
Bishop of Rome Diescizinec546513
My opinion on the Catholic Churchgo_reds5676664
Vatican sets up Administrator for Russian Eastern Catholic ChurchOrthodoc288341
pre-schism popes: "universal ruler" ?nonchal263822
Mt. Athos Monks speak about Pope's visitROCORthodox1957
Poll About Reunion with RomeSt. Christopher497577
Oriental Orthodox popeprodromas182122
Does Someone Have to Accept the Pope Is Infallibe?St. Christopher494723
If we are so Orthodox do we really need the Papacy?Dan Lauffer92597
Supremacy of PeterCleopas45642607
Primacy - Christ is the Head and all Apostles are equal.paul20047510827
Peter not a bishopearlychurch323735
Petrine Primacyjmkora517669
Oriental Orthodoxy and PeterAthanasios223406
Papal deeds speak loudernstanosheck578641
In Bid for Unity, Pontiff May Review His PowersOrthodoc264160
Primacy or Supremecymilitantsparrow352622
"The Pope Is the First Among the Patriarchs" Irish Hermit4609
Orthodox and St. Peter's PrimacyWyatt422973
Has the RC Pope ever committed Heresy?JimCBrooklyn262128
Universal BishopAzurestone371901
Popes, the Byzantine Divine Liturgy, and Vestmentsjordanz474176
So, what will be the next RCC Pope's name?biro661519
'Pope shouldn't visit Serbia' Patriarch IrinejxOrthodox4Christx7534
St. Peter's remains to be displayed for publicbiro3279

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