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Results for vestments
Subject Started by Replies Views
Question on Coptic VestmentsLance267343
Re: Pomp and CeremonyLandon77466081
Bishop's crown stolenDerekMK315611
Liturgical DifferencesIan Lazarus61948
Liturgical Vestment Colors of the Orthodox ChurchHadel22156
Vestment Colors for FuneralsBasilCan365857
Vestment HorrorTinaG5812366
Greek priests complain about dress codeSerge457198
Vestments QuestionStGeorge173197
Orthodox Vestment PatternsPsalomschik22647
Have You Ever...mikhail90253548
Photos - Consecration of chruch in U.K.paul2004233480
Ethiopian Orthodox Church confused about some thing'sstashko73496
Amharic to English TranslationOrthodox11124331
The RasaPoorFoolNicholas222294
Bishop's CrownsRosehip173441
Vestment heavenlubeltri10315528
alexandrian mitresamkim389172
Vestment Suggestions?SakranMM162108
Oriental VestmentsAlveus Lacuna74120
Antiochians forbidden to wear cassocks???nstanosheck41613
The Abbot and the Fashion Policeozgeorge4560
Pointy HatsJustinian2742
Clergy Vests?SakranMM115948
Touching the priests vestmentsOrtho_cat233702
Liturgical vestments Altar Server5804
Clergy Vests RevistedSakranMM63628
history of episcopal sakkossamkim142402
pointy habitssamkim172770
How does the veil stay on a monastic's hat?Rosehip51397
palliums and omophorionssamkim4793
When did clergyman start wearing cassocks?samkim74622
Why do some Orthodox priests wear the Roman collar?Shlomlokh589347
The Pope's Red ShoesRosehip62240
Vestment QuestionAlveus Lacuna293857
Antiochian Met. Phillip fires priest for wearing cassocknstanosheck15417830
clergy and their various "cassocks"?trevor7269462099
Question about Copessamkim133178
Orthopraxy for complete idiotsClancy Boy372968
Vestments of Bishop VideoStGeorge11972
Mitered Deacon?Benjamin the Red534202
Some questions about Coptic traditionFotios13038948
Omophorion (Pallium) ?antonioswang41009
Vestments QuestionsEasternAnglicanism663792
Eastern Orthodox DeaconsSaintShenouti639179
Ethiopian vestmentsRegnare31761
Syrians heard it through the grapevineRegnare261885
Black Coptic vestmentsRegnare112127
Orarion and Cassockliftsifter18968
Another Oriental Vestments ThreadCopticDeacon81128
vestments of priest put on laymen...Cyrus842478
Replacing vestment crosses with iconsRegnare13467

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