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Results for Canon of scriptures
Subject Started by Replies Views
Ethiopian Canon of ScripturesRemie115475
What Bible do Oriental Orthodox Christians read? Matthew777275909
Armenian Canon of ScriptureTonyS194719
The Canon and the books that were left outDoubting Thomas404609
The Biblical canon and OrthodoxyPrinceps404459
[oodegr.com] Sources that verify the Canonicity of the Holy Biblet0m_dR142201
The DeuterocanonicalsDoubting Thomas293550
Can God inspire forgeries?Beavis485819
Orthodox CanonJ.M.C214163
The early circulation of ScriptureDoubting Thomas71466
The "Deuterocanonicals"Doubting Thomas101881
Septuagint's AppendixSamB81644
[oodegr.com] Classification of the books of the Holy Biblet0m_dR12201
Septuagint translation onlineSabbas117773
Different books of the Bible by jurisdictionMarat81844
Question Concerning EO Canon of ScriptureEkhristosAnesti61733
Number of books in O.O. Bibles?Eugenio264538
Septuagint LXXpsalm91182304
Orthodoxy or Catholicism? The Scriptural Canon...Slave of Christ103090
Numbering of the Psalmsytterbiumanalyst192696
The Old Testament CanonLinus7558050
Questions about the Third book of EzraORTHODOXia51768
Is the canon still up for grabs in Orthodox Churches?ChristianLove61317
Regarding New Testament "Apocrypha"88Devin1291717
Engish Translation of the Ethopian Orthodox BibleIrenaeus071513167
The Book of Enoch.PoorFoolNicholas83169
Orthodox and Catholic Canon of ScriptureBrigid of Kildare103143
OO Fathers and Commentary on Scriptureminasoliman3965
The Masoretic TextMatthew77712327
YHWH and Adonai in the SeptuagintSamB104889
Infancy Gospel of Thomas - Childhood of Christ - Cruelty?88Devin1221340
The Book of Enochtrappedandconfused3710372
Matthew used Hebrew, not Septuagint?Jetavan273037
Non-canonical books yet accepted/quoted from.Jibrail Almuhajir2662
The First Ecumenical Council and the Bible CanonSlave of Christ2793
The Nephilim Slave of Christ166217
Value of Apocryphal Works?StGeorge51136
My Journey as a "Born-Again" Christian (please help)lostandelirious6210320
20 TormentsPap15311091
Codex Sinaiticus Online!chris71103
Protoevangelium of James?Peleg134580
All the gods of the pagans are demonsJetavan287890
How to answer this polemic against the Septuagint text?Byzantine2008466059
Ex-Mormon Looking for a new HomeDivinus515739
Patristic Quotes of Deuterocanonical TextsSlave of Christ488222
Table of Contents DavidH2437
Ethiopian Orthodox Biblebkovacs34114
NET Biblebkovacs272591
Peshitta New Testamentsearn77252131
The Church gave us the Canon of ScriptureAlveus Lacuna91530
The CanonJamesRottnek5692
St. Athanasius and the book of Esther!!copticmind41259
EC vs. EO Canon of ScriptureWyatt12971
Why was the Orthodox Church concerened over the Book of Revelation?Dnarmist132876
The intertestamental perioddeuteros3619
A Disturbing Vision revealed to me by a Holy ElderRafa9991238671
Oriental Orthodox Biblical CanonsSlave of Christ3945
apocrypha or notipm91014
Is there an agreed upon Canon of Scripture in the Church?Walter Skold282097
Old Testament Canon according to St. Philaret of Moscowjah777141067
Do Not Add to This Booksprtslvr197312743
The Fifth Ecumenical Council on Pope St. Leo's infallibilityVadim472767
You will be pleased to know...JamesRottnek161039
New here and I have many questionsalexsonofmatthew301097
What is the biblical canon?Kmon2313301

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