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Results for British Orthodox Church
Subject Started by Replies Views
British Orthodox Church under OOROCORthodox102187
British Orthodox Anniversarypeterfarrington101826
Celtic Orthodox bishop received into the Ecumenical PatriarchateIrish Hermit177768
Oriental/Eastern dilemmanarrowpathplease364069
BOC Glastonbury Reviewpeterfarrington1819
Antiochian Orthodox priest canonically transfers to British Orthodox ChurchSerge346921
BOC Questionanastasios122903
Oriental Orthodox LibraryEkhristosAnesti81599
Coptic Calendar and Liturgies (in Britain)Remie51570
BOC websiteSalpy2750
Communing in the OOIan Lazarus91592
An original take on ChalcedonOrthodox1191835
The Battle Over Britain's Orthodox Churchozgeorge16224016
Fr. Dn. Peter Theodore Farrington to be ordained to the priesthoodminasoliman182213
Happy news from the British Orthodox ChurchSalpy81507
The British Orthodox Church and "the Celtic Orthodox Church"EkhristosAnesti5811754
Raising of IncenseBrigid of Kildare112170
Coptic Success in EuropePilgrim91158
Orthodoxy in London, EnglandMatrona111168
Ex-Mormon Looking for a new HomeDivinus515055
An Exclusive Interview with His Eminence Metropolitan Abba Seraphim theorthodoxchurch111806
Monks, missions, monasteries and the Christianisation of space. Salpy0470
Oriental Orthodox Festival in the UKpeterfarrington192289
Abba Seraphim of the British (Oriental) Orthodox Church on the EO Western RiteOrthodox1192265
Book published by Father Peter Farringtonpeterfarrington71789
Oriental Orthodox Liturgy at Glastonburypeterfarrington3996
Meeting of Anglican-Oriental Orthodox Regional Forum peterfarrington0454
OO/EO and EO/OO "transfers"MichaƂ513436
Abba Seraphim to speak at Eritrean Conference in USApeterfarrington0433
British/Celtic Church's relationship to Rome/Constantinopledeusveritasest371831
Orthodox Education Day - UKpeterfarrington6654
British Orthodox Church - Rite of GlastonburyAndrew - The First Called272385
ROCOR WR mission - rebirth of the British Orthodox ChurchIrish Hermit151990
British and Irish say "Hi"Trevorthodox231471
Orthodox Missionpeterfarrington353068
British Orthodox ChurchPoppy10793
British Orthodox Youth?cs1300
2012 Glastonbury PilgrimageSalpy1236
Western-Rite Oriental Orthodox?Severian201762
Orthodox mission of St Andrew in Windsorpeterfarrington101076
British Orthodox Liturgyaiernovi511298
Orthodox Pilgrimage/Retreat in South-West England in MaySalpy14587
Orthodoxy's rightful claim to Britain?JGHunter26486

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