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Results for Oriental Orthodox saints
Subject Started by Replies Views
Post Chalcedon Oriental Orthodox saints.Gabriel9160726
Unity and our SaintsIsaac539829
St. Moses the EthiopianSalpy3811779
Indian Saints?Kristophoros121966
Books on St. DioscorosAntoniousNikolas2973
St. Pontius Pilate Day?mathetes5211015
Holy St. Philopateer MercuriosSetFree82982
St. Gregory of Narek (951-1003)daniel_reji22615
Modern SaintsRaouf41516
St Severus of Antiochpeterfarrington133977
The Tenth Day of Kiahk in the Coptic Calendarminasoliman01029
The Departure of Mother IriniEkhristosAnesti1113425
John of DalyathaEkhristosAnesti52817
Pope DioscorusSaintShenouti0889
Saints Jacob and DionysiosMor Ephrem01054
St. Demiana Pharaoh7143329
Oriental Orthodox Saints commemorationStavro123202
Mar Gregorios of ParumalaMor Ephrem21122
Mor Athanasius Paulose canonized as saintdaniel_reji0973
Pray Nareg for the Great FastGhazaros0966
Practical and Mystical: Patriarch St. Kyrillos VI (1959-1971). EkhristosAnesti12057
Movie about St. Vartan?Salpy213709
The Departure of St. Severus of AntiochEkhristosAnesti81966
Thousands to go on pilgrimage to saint's tomb at Manjanikkara daniel_reji11256
Moran Pray For Usdaniel_reji0659
An Armenian saint increasingly popular in Ethiopia!Hiywot7434062
Not Only Had a Monk Become Patriarch, But the Patriarch Remained a MonkEkhristosAnesti31650
Oriental Orthodox Signs of Sanctity?isaakios112558
Saint Jacob of SarugMor Ephrem01080
St. John of EphesusSalpy41438
Offer Candle To St Gregorious of KeralaOrthodoc21140
The Departure of His Holiness Pope Saint Kyrillos VIEkhristosAnesti914087
Feast Day of Mor Hananyo (St. Ananias) 21 Novemberdaniel_reji01070
Yara??kansas city1827
Severus of Antioch's Objection to the Council of Chalcedon : A Re-AssessmentTomS72382
Abune Petros: A Martyr of the MilleniumMor Ephrem21134
The Prophetic Gift in Oriental OrthodoxyNtinos335030
Studying the Letters of St. Severusminasoliman102608
modern OO monasticismpathofsolitude41406
What's this about St. Theodora?erracht384510
Resource on St. EvagriusSalpy41890
Hymns of Saint YaredRastaman0894
Should Haile Selassie be Canonized?Gebre Menfes Kidus13926279
Gebre Menfes KidusPoorFoolNicholas6110270
Icon QuestionDavid Young273597
Abouna Youstos of St. Anthony's MonasteryAndrew210911717
St. Vartan is awesomeSalpy11594
Identity of the Oriental Orthodox Fathersdeusveritasest122154
Name the saintRobert W172928
The Passion of St. Shushanik is now on lineSalpy0755
Bilocation, Levitation, Supernatural Energy, etc.Gebre Menfes Kidus3810170
Armenian Fathersdeusveritasest304001
Blessed feast day of St. Ghevont!Salpy31579
Indian Orthodox SaintsChristianus11640
A Miracle in the Life of Saint SeverusEkhristosAnesti2543
From the Life of Saint DioscorusEkhristosAnesti121519
A Beautiful Icon of the Holy St. SeverusEkhristosAnesti4920
OO/EO and EO/OO "transfers"MichaƂ514121
St. Timothy and the neighbor's catdeusveritasest342389
Saint Dioscorusdeusveritasest91085
Weekly Internet Course on St. Nerses ShnorhaliSalpy2682
some confusing Syriac Orthodox figuresdeusveritasest6737
Two Coptic SaintsComingHome7816
Shared Church Fathers between OO, EO, and Catholic (?)Gisasargavak4602
Saint Pontius PilateVolnutt1593
Icons of Saint Dioscorus?Severian352787
Icons of St. Timothy Aelurus?Severian292235
Armenia: Defenders of ChristianityCoptoGeek2471
St Dioscoros in Other Oriental Orthodox ChurchesSeverian111624
Incorrupt Non-Chalcedonian saints?jah777241633
St Timothy Aeluruspeterfarrington6642
Bar Hebraeus Not A Syriac Orthodox Saint?Severian13817
Perspective on ancient Ethiopian textsSuryoyutho7487
Do you know St. Zena Markos?Ergib21727
Saints We Hold in Common...Slave of Christ11685
Shared saints of the Syriac and Ethiopian ChurchesSuryoyutho171682
St. Osio the Fastergeovar3692
List of Oriental Orthodox Patron Saints?braish171515
Ethiopian Monastery Commemorates John of DamascusSeverian331761
Saints glorificationmike51225
ST. Pope Kyrillos VI and ST. Archdeacon Habib Girgis! Newly Canonized!minasoliman84489
Can we venerate each other's saints/icons?CopticDeacon602595
Anthimus I of Constantinoplekijabeboy034286

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