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Results for icons
Subject Started by Replies Views
Any dark skinned saints other than Saint Moses?Volnutt804664
Orthodox icons and chants from 100 cultures around the world!!!_Seraphim_497910
Miraculous icon in another visit, this time CTbiro312523
Three dimensional statues?Michael_Marius31046
Art historian returns ancient Egyptian church to living colorCoptoGeek1479
Iconography lecture in Macaubiro0210
Frescoes of Voronets Monastery show judgment, salvationbiro1343
The monasteries of Meteorabiro1251
Preservation efforts underway at monastery in Georgian desertbiro0362
Depicting AngelsNicholasMyra274739
The Theotokos in the Armenian ChurchVolnutt4569
Miraculous icon to be brought to Pennsylvania cathedralbiro12110
Next stop for icon of Theotokos: North Fort Myers, FLbiro5712
Danbury, CT church receives visit of myrrh-streaming iconbiro2366
Tiny box with possible icons found in Jerusalem; may be 1,400 years oldbiro6930
Theology in color: iconography by Christine Schaefferbiro71108
Mosaics of Madaba: map in church still draws many viewersbiro0194
Iconostasis taking shape at Carmel, Indiana churchbiro1314
Art of Charalambos EpaminondaSeraphim986670
Politican placed in icon? Kazakhstan fresco provokes questionsbiro22945
Sunday of Orthodoxy processionignatios3370
Day of return of icon celebrated in Russiabiro0165
Georgia priest also paints icons for Connecticut churchbiro0116
New Russian icon exhibit at museum in Massachusetts biro1189
Artist to create images for Indiana churchbiro0160
Mounting icon prints on wood: A tutorialNicholasMyra13905

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