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Results for Oriental Orthodox prayers
Subject Started by Replies Views
OO Book of the Hours?Gebre Menfes Kidus41165
Armenian Orthodox hourly Prayersajomattackal62109
Oriental Orthodox PrayersEkhristosAnesti7732475
Attn: Ethiopian Orthodox members - Translation NeededEkhristosAnesti61953
Ethiopian TraditionsSabbas8021232
Pray Nareg for the Great FastGhazaros0982
Oriental Orthodox Liturgical textsfalafel3336212850
Coptic prayers & EOSakranMM1867
Do Oriental Orthodox use prayers ropes?_Seraphim_63744
OO resources for other ritesSpecs61690
Oh.. Morth Mariam Yoldath Aloho (Mother Of God) Pray For Usdaniel_reji0998
SOCM Prayer Celldaniel_reji01119
Where can I find Oriental Orthodox liturgical texts online?Arystarcus63603
Prayers for the departed within OO (any differences from EO view??)OrthodoxPilgrim242704
Eastern Orthodox becoming Armenian OrthodoxAlaskanOrthodox123336
Oriental Orthodox PrayersPoorFoolNicholas204058
What is tasbeha?sodr2123352
Armenian VespersSpecs71761
Looking for Ethiopian Orthodox Prayers & Armenian Orthodox HorologionNazarene62867
Question about Coptic practiceAndrew2109172250
Need help translating a Syriac-Indian hymn (Jananee Parishudha) into English_Seraphim_62498
A change of address for Looys KreesdoseeSalpy3968
OO prayer booksdeusveritasest2729
Communion Prayer of Philoxenusakimel1783
Please help me with the names of Syriac Orthodox church Aramaic hymnsBlissfully Unaware71956
I found recordings of the entire Syriac Orthodox divine liturgy!!! :DBlissfully Unaware01017
Prayer in Oriental OrthodoxySeth84213282
A Book for Syriac Orthodox hoursdeusveritasest5763
100-year anniversary of prayer book for Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Christiansbiro11994
Syriac Prayer Book: What do these words mean?Trevorthodox62861
Differences between OO and EO spirituality?Ortho_cat196324
Coptic Agpeya recording in EnglishSalpy41445
How to pray...using the JamagirkGisasargavak1467
Any Prayers Written by St Cyril of Alexandria?zekarja61493
Armenian Orthodox Hourly prayer in english for Android Mobile Phoneajomattackal3559
Coptic Euchologion EquivalentSeafra3863
St. Gregory of Narek's "Speaking with God from the Depths of the Heart"Shanghaiski61386
Liturgy of the HoursAnastasia1261961
Personal Prayer/Prayer Rule in the OO/Armenian TraditionGisasargavak422003
Syriac Orthodoxy - Husoyo Prayers: Proemion, Sedro, Qolo, etc.john.a124071
What do average OO (of any tradition) pray daily?Nephi3439
Oriental Orthodox Mystical PracticeCharalambisMakarios6851
Ethiopian orthodox canonical hoursChubbyMensch0243

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