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Results for evolution
Subject Started by Replies Views
Australia Zoo Puts Humans on DisplaySlave of Christ3897
Ontario says child can have 2 momsBrian183166
DefinitionsSlave of Christ253765
Behe the CreationistSlave of Christ444389
OO Views of EvolutionGebre Menfes Kidus505518
Out Of AfricaSlave of Christ101461
Selfless Chimps Shed Light on Evolution of AltruismSlave of Christ92159
BBC: Human Evolution is "Speeding Up"minasoliman21534
Creation Museum Family Visitlivefreeordie14118832
Hexameron serb13890695
I am turning into a creationist ;Derracht858996
The Evolution Thread to End All Evolution ThreadsMatthew77720623511
Adam and Eve: Historical People? (Poll)Alveus Lacuna22917114
affirmation of god through evolutionfindingfaith161459
Evolution and "the Fall" josh181496
Do Orthodox believe in monkey to man Evolution?Kaste225168
A few questions from someone interested in Orthodox Christianity C10014676
Can information be randomly produced?Azurestone8595
A Disturbing Vision revealed to me by a Holy ElderRafa9991237921
Incarnation and Evolution Processgregory773334
New Strain of Multi-Resistant...get this...Mice!minasoliman311304
Creationism, Evolution, and OrthodoxyMatthew7775663322331
Cosmologists Forced to “In the Beginning”jah77715720
OO Clergymen and Hierarchs Regarding the Theory of EvolutionSeverian9589
Pre- fall death? (When did the dinosaurs live?)truthseeker325334
Debates on Evolution, Rudeness, and Polite BehaviorEbor131553
Who endorses/opposes evolution?Gorazd61970
Unscientific survey on evolution opinionsgzt22342

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