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Results for sin
Subject Started by Replies Views
Orthodoxy and CopyrightKeble9910777
The Nature of Hell: Eternal or Not?greekischristian40342440
How do I fileshare behind a firewall? Matthew77711012530
homosexuality and the churchprayingserb7211125
The Seven Capital SinsLinus772068
Is it a sin to flip a coin?Kaminetz163014
Lies Vs. DeceptionsJibrail Almuhajir121929
how to react after comitting a sin which one is struggling withPleasePray4Me51124
"...sinners of which I am the foremost"erracht141599
Is smoking a sin?armando375959
Killing and Penancedrewmeister271334
How is Orthodox Confession different in approach from Roman Catholic Confession?StGeorge235448
Regular confessionzebu141890
Sin and Judgment drewmeister281230
Doing Penance for Another PersonLandon77101835
Palm reading and the likeZoe222763
Autoeroticism and the FathersConstantinos446926
Continual RepentanceThanatos51379
Past sinscatechumen07183959
Fornication and STD'sozgeorge5710017
Sexual moralityauthiodionitist91529
Paraphilia and sexual attractionnarrowpathplease102754
Period of time for excommunicationscamandrius71369
Let's Get Real About Priestly "Indiscretions" by Fr. Aris MetrakosTamara809849
Sin: Subjective or Objectiveprodromas72916
Is Fornication a Mortal Sin?Orthodox Bagpiper15327370
Question about pre-marriage moralitySeamus ODonnell616211
Re: Confessionprodromas15216401
Absolution necessary for forgiveness?St. Christopher478370
Original sin and SalvationBen182676
Can Somebody help me understand God, Sin and the Devil...ignatius21880
Premarital SexBen718574
Abortion again?lubeltri27132277
Is oral sex biblically wrong within Orthodoxian faith?infinity2418047
Mary & SinCleopas12919833
The Nature of SinAthanasios425400
A question to CatholicsQuinault829590
QUESTION: Water and sin JustinianPrima161865
Habitual Sin and Contining Temptation...ignatius91530
The Unforgiveable Sin?Simayan262917
Are violent video games sinful? Or can they be?88Devin12173516
Mortal sinShamus262532
Unforgivable Sin in Oriental Orthodox Churchdhinuus11879
Usury is sinful? Jibrail Almuhajir19221606
The Commandments of God and SinIrenaeus0771057
Idol WordsShamus51079
Holy Spirit in OO traditionByzantino41151
I have sinned & can't wait to repent!Orthodoc0918
Are people basically corrupt?Jibrail Almuhajir212792
Mercenariness & secret eatingCassiel121991
Is smoking marijuana a sin?emmanuelmelo89644078
Pre-marital sexcoolmk20x143343
Amsesia and Sinprodromas2639
When you really, really feel like a sinner...Cassiel212813
Sin and TheodicyTomS1873
is administering anesthesia in labor a sin?erracht237291
Mortal sins, venial sins, and Orthodox confessionCassiel917883
Sin, Person and Nature...ignatius61286
Sin in Orthodox TheologyDerekMK8012911
what should i do after i sin?samkim8925
Leading others into temptationzebu172753
Should I be with a woman who has given herself to other men?Remie266294
Sins Committed In IgnoranceSlave of Christ3739
Be Angry, And Sin NotSlave of Christ41165
Smoking and Drinking?Sophia35015020
Smoking and DrinkingSloga1068828
To be human is to err...ignatius131342
Murder or suicide - what is the worse sin?orthodoxlurker233759
Do We Need to Confess Even Petty Little Sins?Demetrios G.667117
Did Abraham Commit Adulteryialmisry436790
The "Infinite" Sin--Patristicsminasoliman231512
Living Together and Not Being Married...?serb138918011465
Marriage and Sexual Morality in the Orthodox TraditionCudgel15316354
Church Fathers/Saints and falling down? (and getting up again)88Devin121615
Pre-marital cohabitation josh14817767
Betrothed CouplesRosehip182356
Would it be a sin . . .Br Max OFC636446
A Fallen World?Rosehip6876
The 7 deadly sinsmersch85537
All Sins Are Equal?Timos51182
Remission of SinsOrtho_cat131933
Confessing Sinsmctaviix6725
Loosing my religionRobb212783
What exactly is taking the Lord's Name in vain?Super Apostolic Bros.106234
Pedophalia/incest encouraged encouraged by German parenting guide (graphic)Pilgrim426783
Ancestral sin and incarnationmike171390
Is my doctrine correct. Can I join an Orthodox church? How do I do it?acts42012823132
Avoid sin - yes; but if inquiring?Hopeful Faithful5753
when is it alright for a Bishop to lie?question211348
I'm really strugglingtrevor72694211515
Is it a sin to download music?sodr212412430
Orthodox "Sin Chart"?Gisasargavak0384
Is smoking once considered a sin?sodr2412665
how big is this sin?/marinajoannou251335
Sin is to not be human.Azurestone10850
yet another masturbation thread...trevor7269419112661
The Unforgivable SinAzurestone2454
Jesus died for your sinsRaca343218
Do Oriental Orthodox believe in mortal & original sin?Kaste910536
Porn Addiction Kicks back in --- Please pray for me!Dimitrios-Georgios405802
Beastly PassionsIssacTheSyrian3491
Idle talk prohibition by the Orthodox churchJ. Maria243396
Is One Sin Enough to Send Us to Hell?Gebre Menfes Kidus352201
Sunday Obligationmtmamma121307
Orthodox Sin and SoteriologyStupid Scholar131654
How do Orthodox view Jesus' crucifixion?tariki133587
Custody of the EyesRobb745324
Premarital Sex Is Not a Sin?acts42094658223
Of Whom I Am Firstquietmorning3353
What is 'gossip'? Jibrail Almuhajir13750
Sin and Confession.ConfusedRC16685
Seven Deadly Sins?Godspell14433

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