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Results for apparitions
Subject Started by Replies Views
Has the Vatican Based Dogmatic Statements on Apparitions of the Theotokos?ialmisry121563
Marian ApparitionsByzantino356544
Visions and Apparitions of the TheotokosJibrail Almuhajir377820
Apparitions in Medjugorjeωραία εÃÅ474766
Lourdes, Fatima and MedjugorjeBen8117471
Gibson’s film about MedjugorjeSouthSerb99264955
Apparition of the Theotokos in ZeitounEkhristosAnesti183082
The Apparition in Zeitounstashko112017
The Appearance of the Holy TheotokosSetFree423711
Fatima Once AgainOrthodoc12510582
What is the orthodox canon on Marial apparitionsDan-Romania51543
Marian Apparitionsmilitantsparrow91190
Many residents of Tskhinvali saw the Holy Virgin during the shellingOrthodoc284218
Scientist confirms inexplicable nature of Our Lady of Guadalupe imagelubeltri17624044
The Holy Virgin Appears in EgyptEkhristosAnesti12615307
The Reason for Coptic Marian Apparitionsminasoliman131758
Lady of Fatima and the Consecration of Russia.David Carroll594802
Orthodox apparitionsWyatt955205
A Disturbing Vision revealed to me by a Holy ElderRafa9991237626
Lourdes LittleFlower684979
Lesser-known Orthodox Apparitions of the TheotokosNephi9440
Virgin Mary in Sweden?Suryoyutho62182
Eucharistic Miracle and Apparition in Assuit - 2006!!EkhristosAnesti83196

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