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Results for homosexuality
Subject Started by Replies Views
Ontario says child can have 2 momsBrian183147
Illinois churches barred from "gay discrimination"Matthew777202991
Well Over 1 Million Italians Protest Homosexual Civil Unions in RomeFriul185495
arguments against pro-gay: what to say?erracht34327429
Massachusetts legislators refuse to allow gay marriage issue on the ballotlubeltri304103
Was Seraphim Rose Gay?Mo the Ethio10120407
Yet Another Gay Marriage ThreadCDHealy102466769
Washington State & HomosexualityMatthew77727722110
A Rather Troubling Review of the 'Gay Cowboy' MovieMatthew77710914575
Moscow's First Gay Pride Parade Disrupted by Police and HecklersNacho24840537
Satanic origins of homosexualityJesus7serb293726
Islam and HomosexualityMo the Ethio223063
My reflections on homosexuality and same-sex marriage...Matthew77711911358
Homosexuality -a perverted manifestation of sexualityPravoslavije-gal8912112
Gay Bishop Denies Saying Jesus Was GayTomS213405
Behind the Vatican's Proposed Gay Seminarian BanTomS556575
homosexuality and the churchprayingserb7210709
Sergius and Bacchus --brotherhood or gay marriage?Sloga284421
Orthodoxy and gayszebu13114042
The Topic of Homosexuality on This Forumozgeorge19362
Merged Gay PostsPravoslavije-gal61247
Gays and the Orthodox ChurchBen374551
The Pope must be commended for his efforts to clean out homosexuals Aline283710
New film depicts Jesus as homosexualMattheos114344
treatment of homosexualstheinformer51302
Church of England male clerics "marry" in CoE "wedding"lubeltri508972
Interesting Sociological Observations of Southern Baptists and HomosexualityAmatorDeus112163
N.H. Episcopalians Elect Gay Bishopsinjinsmythe8316386
Voodoo embeds in U.S.sinjinsmythe0582
Fr. Seraphim Rose?Papist102901
Anarchist Homosexuals Storm Michigan Church During Serviceslubeltri192505
Homosexuals are Anarchistszoarthegleaner61238
Church of Finland slipping into "gay heresy" ??Greekarter507727
AXIOS - Eastern and Orthodox Gay and Lesbian Christians?Alveus Lacuna308579
Episcopal Church officialy finds the way to HellRemie609559
Coming Back into the Orthodox ChurchAlaskanOrthodox194116
Russian church: Homosexuality is personal choicePatriarch Noah I273105
How to discuss beliefs with gay friends ?spiltteeth392345
Ethiopian Parliament Banning Homosexualitysimplygermain1835
Reparative Therapy is Dangerous to Christian Therapists ms.hoorah25617309
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America votes to allow sodomite ministers lubeltri908428
New to the forumGDan281366
Celibate partnershipsdeusveritasest483450
Did the Church sanction gay marriage? Matthew77721024586
Saints Sergius and Bacchus, Martyrd Gay SaintsJoisephBReyes156078
Lutheran Church of Sweden to Offer Same-Sex MarriagesCrucifer966179
pray for this to end planetary251606
Re: pray for this to end - Counselsjnorm8884664
Can I be an Orthodox Christian?Feanor386888
Metropolitan JONAH signs Manhattan DeclarationJetavan182562
Are Christians anti-Semitic and Homophobic?greekischristian9015581
Response to a Member's New AvatarLance733745
Moratorium on Discussing Homosexual Conductchris32693
what do you think?trevor726943371
Want to meet Axios membersRebelprince31021
Questions on Transgenderismmonkvasyl2375
Orthodoxy -FROM HELLDeathToTheWorld6533
Do Not Be DeceivedStJohn97812739
Coptic Orthodox Church on Homosexual IssuesMor Ephrem41207
Is this guy too harsh?sprtslvr1973391602
Verses from bible that is against or not against of homosexualitybibleandhomos382077
Axios Gay and Lesbian Orthodox Group?Dnarmist24112902
can we defend homosexuals, as Christians?trevor726941347553
A Survey For All CoptsEkrom483198
Homosexuality and CO1 6:9cnel382785
Singer Madonna vs. the Russian Orthodox Church, on gay status lawbiro652287
What is the stance of OCA Bishops on Homosexuality?88Devin12331709
Patriarch Ilia II calls for ban on "gay rights march" "Gay-Rights Rally"Gunnarr2825858
Resolution to Oppose the Recent United States Supreme Court Decision orthoreader5371
Jesus had two dads and He turned out fine!Santagranddad361251

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