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Results for communion
Subject Started by Replies Views
Communion by Bread and Wine...ignatius183728
How often do you attend Church?Carpatho Russian517639
what's wrong with Transubstantiation?idontlikenames759970
Scholastic Orthodoxy?meenas396345
Orthodox Recieving Catholic CommunionSimayan13315387
Reception of Communioncopticorthodoxboy81629
Can I take communion in an Armenian Church?Mo the Ethio31994
Daily CommunionOrthodox Bagpiper152762
Communing in the OOIan Lazarus91767
Closing the Iconostasis doors before communion? Eugenio335287
what is the eucharist like...samkim203844
Use of Unleavened Bread..sohma_hatori338754
What Happens If Holy Gifts Are Dropped? Seekingthetruth365833
Need advice from Coptic Orthodox posters....Tamara182285
Oriental Orthodox - Armenian liturgymarlo356800
communion under one speciemarlo81369
Why do Orthodox claim that Jesus didn't use unleavened bread at the last supper?Catholig7115361
Can unchrismated believer partake of the Holy Eucharist?ChristianLove648629
Syrian Orthodox First Communion?nstanosheck182920
The Holy EucharistLinus76210356
Receiving CommunionRastaman458006
Lutheran eucharistic theologyArystarcus124169
Communion, Confession, ConfusionTwenty Nine517390
Proper Post Communion BehaviorCowboy627454
Liturgical DifferencesIan Lazarus61939
Why can't 'everyone' take Communion?ignatius82130
Eucharistic PracticeMyrrh2341006
Question about the mentally impairedHeorhij224372
Passover CelebrationCleopas102739
Orthodox ecclesiology and being "in" communion ...IrishByzantine162313
3 canons and an akathist the night before communion reception?Cassiel2910
What form does the Coptic Holy Gifts take?Loukas132832
Holy CommunionMickey262805
Order of infant Baptism, Chrismation, Communion?Eugenio61912
Question on Holy Communion (aka Eucharist)SolEX012939
Coptic Communion Inside Behind the IconostasisSamB62475
Do all Oriental Orthodox Churches reserve the Eucharist?griego catolico62828
These Communion rules - too strict?Serge285188
Clergy Reception of CommunionTwenty Nine91598
Romanian Orthodox Metropolitan Receives Holy Communion from Catholic Bishoplubeltri10314561
Girl's First Communion Nixed Over Wheat-Free WaferJoeS193174
Orthodox Communion and Celiac Disease ?mamaquelly13914609
Communion with Other Orthodox ChurchesIrenaeus07324287
Declaration of Pat. Ignatius IV that Non-Chalcedonians may commune...anastasios318072
Questions about the “Assyrian Church of the East”_Seraphim_459955
Reception of the Holy Hostsurajiype111946
Armenian Orthodoxdjrak6912048
Issues Surrounding Dr. George BebawiSeverian134967
Scarves Worn During Communion and no shoes a Must for Women??Timos164941
Syriac Orthodox and Antiochian Orthodox inter-CommunionHaileAmanuel85381
Attendance at Vigil Required for Communion?MarkosC789339
Changes in liturgy since the Apostolic timesjmell685804
Communion in the Tewahdo Churchsongul21653
Eucharistic ministerQuinault152957
Eucharist questionMickey2922
Words of consecration--spoken aloud or inaudiblescamandrius232852
Valid sacramentsVlad112223
Communion and Young Children (3yrs and younger)MaryCecilia82145
Confession <--> EucharistJohnC181614
communion questionjlerms222698
The Blood of JesusSlave of Christ91273
Miracle of Lanciano - Eucharistic Miracle of Orthodox WestLenexa3210269
Can a Layperson Receive Communion Twice in One Day?PeterTheAleut156577
Sharing communionJonny51164
Consecration of Gifts: Is it just the Amnos, or the entire Proskomide?serb1389929453
Oriental family receives Eastern Chrismation_Seraphim_558430
Brush those teeth...or not.Twenty Nine586905
Is It Necessary to Abstain from Meat for One Week Before Communion?PeterTheAleut23419890
This food we call the EucharistHandmaidenofGod546666
Decline in confession, but no decline in Eucharist receiversscamandrius17615211
Life hazard situationmike999729
respect for particles of the Eucharisterracht172223
Is There Such A Thing As "Righteous Anger" And If So, Can We Claim to Have It?ozgeorge433992
Armenian vs. Coptic TheologyOrthodox11607187
Allowed to take communion in different "kinds" of Orthodox Churches?shoshana203907
Alcoholics and the Eucharistc.steward417437
Communion questionQuinault866779
Intercommunion in Greece?rwprof71213
How young, is too young?PoorFoolNicholas213646
New conversion concerns (baptism, Eucharist)coC2O142545
Why is full comunion neccesary to share the Eucharist?HysteriaIsTheNewCalm3904
Running out of the MysteriesSpecs3754
Is the Eucharist "like" a second baptism?88Devin126873
The Holy Things for the Holy or Given to Sinners for the Remission of Sinsfalafel33351209
Why do priests take Communion in the altar?Thomas042938
Orthodox Communion, Brunhilda61578
Approaching the chalice from the rightOrtho_cat7887
Questions about the history of the LiturgyGregoryLA131490
Need a recipe for Kurban Communion BreadThomas62426
Conditions for Communion?Rosehip131556
Who is allowed to receive the Holy Eucharist in the Coptic Church?Gorazd289097
Communing Non-Chalcedoniansdllwatkins7910559
H1N1 and the EucharistAristobolus818330
Interpretations of John 6:50-56 (Eucharist and our Salvation)Ortho_cat91214
Concerning the Eucharist as sacrifice.Peleg242638
Consecration of hostssamkim212478
Do Christians really need the Eucharist?Kaste312639
The Liturgy of the Presanctified of St. Jamesalexp4uni294360
Recieving Jesus in Holy CommunionPapist3878
Real Flesh and BloodMarc1152293749
Why do Orthodox fast before the Eucharist when even the Apostles didn't?Kaste213543
The Eucharist is our union with ChristAlveus Lacuna2494
Nursing Mothers, Infants and Small Children Fasting before CommunionAlveus Lacuna103462
BBC Documentary on EthiopiaOrthodox11213531
Communion in the Catholic ChurchEric John687339
Lord, They say you are not in the Catholic Sacraments ¿What do you say?Alonso_castillo20814881
Anglican/Episcopal understanding of Eucharistjosh526556
Do Protestants see any reason not to think that Jesus celebrated Passover?ignatius15523115
Communion Prayer of Philoxenusakimel1765
Christ and the Church, Husband and wife, sex!Mivac91936
Communicable Diseases and the Common Cupkelfar705751
Communion in Orthodox Churchjbm01174599
how to take communion?trevor72694241718
Liturgical Engineering: Preparation for CommunionJLatimer51161
The Eucharist?Christianus969671
Where do Copts commune?Gorazd51147
Can the Holy Eucharist get moldy?samkim959505
Why Not "Open Communion"?PJ16019370
Mustum CommunionLance244295
The Use of Excommunication... Punishment or Protection?88Devin12151216
Can a dog receive communion?Jetavan895571
EO Receiving Communion in a RC ChurchAlveus Lacuna964511
explaining the sacraments to Protestants?trevor72694191307
Attending/communing in churches not in communion with your owndeusveritasest452301
Confession before CommunionPeterTheAleut28619699
Fellow Catholics: should we want to commune with the EO?Wyatt17310279
Drinking Water before Holy CommunionAlveus Lacuna426078
Poll: Do you brush your teeth before communing?AmatorDeus304655
Common communion spoon/cupWill of God797867
Mary and the EucharistOrtho_cat151079
Do Orthodox have eucharistic miracles? Kaste727122
Eucharistic SacrificeBuzzbait312489
Sacramental wineOrtho_cat354268
Should OO's commune in the Catholic Church?Mardukm91092
My visit to the Coptic Church and some Questionsmtmamma172181
No Communion on Bright Monday?JimCBrooklyn231538
Communion from a Priest Outside Your Own ChurchSeverian1156896
Confronting a non-OO about taking Communion Gisasargavak432820
Use of Leavened BreadYurysprudentsiya5860
Communion in the Syriac ChurchSeverian171958
Eucharist questionJLatimer393610
Do EO's partake of the Body and Blood and also Bread and Wine?zekarja2308849
Prayers to the Eucharistic Christakimel9595
Breaking Bread in their HomesFountainPen11774
Mary in Syriac TraditionSuryoyutho0229
Crossing Arms For CommunionSlave of Christ1227536
OO Eucharistic Practices and EO-OO ReunionSeverian716047
Did Judas Partake of the Eucharist According to OOxy?Severian9512105
Can I still receive communion if I don't keep the fasts?Alveus Lacuna552208
What would be the reaction to this?ConfusedRC411585
The rules of preparation for Communion Serg-antr242098
Problems with Frequent Communion wainscottbl331026
Donate BloodSlave of Christ2892909
Visiting a Malankara Syrian Church!CopticDeacon451052
Armenian-Protestant intercommunion?Alpo12618
Kids spitting out Holy CommunionSalpy491314
When is communion/consecration null?yeshuaisiam1041654

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