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Results for filioque
Subject Started by Replies Views
Filioque in Greek text of Creed nonchal433923
The FilioqueSloga12311753
Which obstacles?PJ1029968
Filioque a DogmaByzantino516773
Fmr. EO Deacon on EWTN's "Journey Home"scamandrius17019364
Resources on the Filioquemontalban61382
Patriarch John Beccos - Appeal for information.FrPaul1699
Latin Catholics Vs. Eastern CatholicsPapist11717679
St. John 15 : 26 & The FilioqueJames the Just21465
Athanasian Creed and Filioque StGeorge21676
Is this rude?Myrrh23182067
Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I Acolyte787428
Filioque... in the East?ignatius16218390
Post schism doctrines of RomeMickey40625607
The Doxology: Place of Each Person?StGeorge1526
Latin vs. Eastern/Oriental TheologyPapist7712513
is this heretical?marlo101042
Ecumenical Council and the FilioqueNMHS473856
Do Orthodox and Catholics Worship the Same Trinity?stashko24919230
U.S. Catholic-Orthodox consultation studies prospects for church reunionJetavan976681
Why Filioque Is a Christological Errorvisitor73931465
What Separates Catholics and Orthodox the MostIgnatius II685570
Creed questionPJ31216889
Worshiping a different Christ/different Trinity (EO vs. RC)?Wyatt1677349
First council of Toledo 397 - 400, FilioqueInquisitor20411351
"...anything that had been lacking in their predecessors"Vadim351428
The Filioque and the Fatherswolf733861
Orthodox vs. RC Eucharistkurtismjohnson511942
Question on the EO view of the Procession of the Holy SpiritPapist502493
OO on filioque?walter1234311257
Questions of the FilioqueThePapist1051447

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