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Results for Monastery
Subject Started by Replies Views
Me at GOCBobby4830
St. Nektarios Monastery, Roscoe, NYSakranMM12300
"Quiet and commitment at Orthodox monastery in the desert"cholmes0660
Article on St. Antony MonasterySalpy1792
new monastery in TexasSalpy122409
New Coptic Orthodox Monastery NYTimos61832
Liturgy in Monasteriesfilipinopilgrim21344
OC.net Northwest retreatauthiodionitist182698
Holy Archangels Monastery Kendalia TXTinaG21920
GOA MonasteriesDmitri Rostovski62177
Nuns / Monks and Monasteriessparrowshell355486
Monastery Visiting Suggestions?Nick91315
NBC on Saint Anthony's MonasteryJustinian435449
Orthodox Churches Fight For MonasterySlave of Christ0632
Visiting a MonasterySouthSerb9992755
Divine CanineSouthSerb994925
After Decline, Yugoslavian Monasteries Filling AgainSlave of Christ42156
Ephraim Controversyme185832
Why no Antiochian monasteries?Landon77578283
Why don't Bishops marry?thetruth111632
Visits to monasteriesanastasios41422
Reccomended Monasteries?Timos273855
Monastery vs. church??Timos11917559
'Topless' nuns!?Serge113457
St. Mary and St. Moses AbbeySetFree22500
Female Monasteryprodromas132982
Not of this world, Lent at 4amlivefreeordie4982
for Eastern orthodox nunsMyrrh2351359
Monastery near Sydney?Salpy121798
Visiting a Coptic Monasteryhowdydave243569
Irish Monastery bookanastasios81579
Not Only Had a Monk Become Patriarch, But the Patriarch Remained a MonkEkhristosAnesti31631
St. Patrick and Coptic Orthodox ChristianityEkhristosAnesti2910417
modern OO monasticismpathofsolitude41387
Are Orthodox Seminaries in the Orthodox Tradition?StGeorge273818
EO Schema monkspaul2004122261
Kosovo - Decani Monastery PhotosOrthodoc11066
Egyptian Monks Introduce Modern Touch To MonasterySlave of Christ11119
Esphigmenou MonasteryIrish Hermit213396
More Happenings at Esphigmenou MonasterySolEX018711257
Islamic Aggression against the Holy Monastery of Abu FanaEkhristosAnesti153215
"Extreme Pilgrim" BBC SeriesEkhristosAnesti296154
Does anyone go to St. Paul's Monastery in Egypt?Unique81468
His Holiness Coming to TexasSetFree41007
St. Herman's Monastery in Platina has been evaucated due to fires in NorCalTamara173035
A Gem I foundKeble142163
So what's good about not being monastic?Cassiel112086
St. Herman's Monastery in Platina has been evaucated due to fires in NorCal--Updatesthetraditionalfrog314083
My trip to St. Irene Chrysovalantou Monasteryanastasios113658
Photos from recent St Irene Pilgrimageanastasios1822
Serbian soccer play quits to be Monkprayingserb1832
Going away a few daysanastasios91843
Cut off age for novicesscamandrius2763
Layperson- Marriage or celibatekatherine2001364797
Joint Moscow-ROCOR Monastery to be builtIrish Hermit41129
saint Ephrem the Syrianioanaf3703
Pilgrimage to the Holy MountainDerekMK235482
Concerned about Elder Ephraim's MonasteriesSolEX0137736247
age limits on monasticssedan61484
Fire in the Vydubyts'kyj monastery in Kyiv, arson suspectedHeorhij91179
Architectural plans for the Antiochian Orthodox Christian MonasteryTamara425593
Fr. Seraphim Rose and monasticismcopticorthodoxboy81574
Attempts by Turkish authorities to confiscate Mor Gabriel Monasterydhinuus599478
Desert MonasticismAthanasios134540
Esphigmenou Monks Acquitted by CourtIrish Hermit1761
JERUSALEM Patriarchate Monasteryemmanuelmelo41346
Attempts by Turkish Authorities to Confiscate 1600 year old St.Gabriel MonasteryLeb Aryo101808
Rehabilitating criminals - Monasteries, Convents and Religious Communities?88Devin12323212
"Active" monastics in the Orthodox Church? Eugenio71196
Pics of Monastery being recv'd int OrthodoxyOrthodoc315930
Extreme Pilgrimage videoDouglas131844
Should we buy from HOLY TRANSFIGURATION MONASTERY?HandmaidenofGod295563
Saints in Favor of Idiorythmic Monastic Life?StGeorge0585
His Eminence Metropolitan PHILIP Announces the Establishment of the Convent of Skelfar212755
They really liked the Monasterymike0499
Just got back from a monasteryscamandrius0387
Monastery visitmctaviix111436
Feast of Transfiguration at Holy Mountain Grabarkamike274407
Home Sweet MonasteryEkhristosAnesti2673
Orthodox Benedictine Monastery Receives Favorable Media Coverage ialmisry01027
Georgians are setting a Monasterymike133113
Video of ancient monastic cells under Coptic monastery in EgyptSalpy31759
St Isaacc of Syria SketeBrotherAidan101810
Life of the Coptic MonksAthanasios26355
Visiting a MonasteryMatrona101068
Five Good Reasons NOT to Visit a Monastery- By: Metropolitan Jonah of the OCAMyrrh2351015
The Ephraim Questionbyzrubush81740
How to go about contacting St. Anthony's in Egypt?Patriarch Noah I1585
how to become an Orthodox monktrevor726942411919
Monks, missions, monasteries and the Christianisation of space. Salpy0518
Do Orthodox monks shower?Christianus5016055
How do Monasteries Survive Financially?Slave of Christ303088
Long Island MonasteryOrthodox11111922
Moscow turns ownership of public monasteries over to Orthodox ChurchHandmaidenofGod81011
Restoration of Haghartsin MonasterySalpy93939
New WRO Monastery in Romanian Archdioceseialmisry203214
upcoming excitement in Southern CaliforniaSalpy493748
A short YouTube video on why people visit monasteriesJibrail Almuhajir0438
Art historian returns ancient Egyptian church to living colorCoptoGeek1551
Living in Monastic CommunityRosehip10703
Greek Orthodox monastery against a stark Arizona backdropIrish Hermit91759
Monastery's church consecrated in Fresno Countybiro11187
Hello everyoneGigla20923
Monastery of Tathev, ArmeniavasnTearn7870
Preservation efforts underway at monastery in Georgian desertbiro0404
Is it okay to go to Divine Liturgy at a Convent?yeshuaisiam3432
Dress Code for Visiting a Monasterymtmamma73189
Mor Augen Monastery in Turkey reopeneddhinuus62963
New monastery opens in Ukrainebiro221515
Syriac Monasticism in Tur Abdin: A Present-Day AccountCoptoGeek61158
Elder Ephraim growing in popularity - cause for concern?biro17811259
Did several monks just leave St. John's Monastery in Manton for Platina?brittrossiter96469

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