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Results for martyr
Subject Started by Replies Views
Russian soldier dies for his faith (refuses to remove Cross)Orthodoc85187
Hail to Saint George, Prince of Martyrs!EkhristosAnesti123668
John the Bulgarian - From Christian to Moselm to Christian MartyrOrthodoc31696
St. Yevgeny RodionovLinus7156061
Icon of St. VarusDonna Rose82207
St. Yevgeny RodionovAndreas31042
The body of new martyr found in RussiaOrthodoc01597
Abune Petros: A Martyr of the MilleniumMor Ephrem21099
Holy St. Philopateer MercuriosSetFree82872
An Armenian saint increasingly popular in Ethiopia!Hiywot7428196
St. Stephen's DayTinaG2848
From another list: St Ahmed the Calligrapheranastasios91967
Oh Holy Martyr Yevgeny Pray Unto God For Us!Orthodoc21007
ST PARASKEVI - miracle vasilisl42379
St Marina - A true Storyvasilisl126462
Happy St. Stephan's Day!Salpy415440
St. Stephan's DaySalpy11038
Movie about St. Vartan?Salpy213614
St. Philomena an Orthodox saint?StGeorge11393
Greek New martyrsBasilCan2884
Suggest a book about martyrs and saints in the first centuries!Slotte31140
Kosovo New MartyrsSilouan71555
Orthodox martyrs - possible nowdays?_Anna_L314089
How late was there Soviet persecution of Christianity? StGeorge355590
A famous Russian orthodox iconpainter's offericonpainter0793
Historicity of St George the MartyrEkhristosAnesti222608
St. Vartan is awesomeSalpy11487
The Passion of St. Shushanik is now on lineSalpy0734
The Seven Anglican Martyrs of Melanesiaozgeorge81265
Blessed feast day of St. Ghevont!Salpy31529
Icon of soldier beheaded for not taking off his cross gives myrrh in Penza churcOrthodoc11123
Holy Forty Martys of SebasteGregoryLA1290
Was St. Thekla a martyr?samkim302457
Egyptian student killed for wearing crucifixbiro313836
Q about MartyrdomAnastasia12328
Orthodox priest martyred in SyriaFatherGiryus291535
A poem for the Tunisian martyrTheophilos7811593
Alleged Story about Syrian Orthodox Bishop and Assistant Beheaded in SyriaAntonis526588
Persecution of Copts in EgyptSalpy40129059

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