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Results for Poland
Subject Started by Replies Views
Metropolitan Kallistos will visit Polandmike1555
Western SaintsDerekMK72054
Propozycja dla znających polskimike275317
Metropolitan Hilarion comes to Polandmike11013
Irmologion of Supraślmike51450
Feast of Transfiguration at Holy Mountain Grabarkamike274350
The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom in Portuguesemike11223
Supraśl's Icon Museummike91109
Apply with your choir for the festival of Orthodox church music in Poland!mike0565
Primate of the Polish Orthodox Church in CyprusHandmaidenofGod0623
Polish Orthodox 'face problems of acceptance' in their countryOrthodoc366959
30th anniversary of Metropolitan Sava's ordinationmike71065
The church of Poland?trevor72694191587
Info on Polish Orthodox persecution?Robb202471
5 anniversary of the services in Polish in Warsawmike71299
Polish sub-section?anastasios31067
Poland: Government open for "Free the Christmas" proposalmike91219
St. Maxim Sandovichemmanuelmelo194480
Polish: documentary about www.Cerkiew.plmike11036
Archbishop Miron died in a plane crash in Russiamike162538
Western European Orthodox saints?trevor7269492107
I International Orthphoto Workshopmike0592
Orthodoxy in Polandtrevor7269482462
HAH has arrived in Polandmike13875
Ad mike: pobożni prawosławni a diabelscy, jezuiccy LiachivsynLeszka8848
official bible of the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox ChurchsynLeszka5703
Archbishop Miron of the Polish Orthodox ChurchEleos81165
Polish bishops slam in vitro fertilisationsynLeszka0285
MOAR virtual tours in Polandmike3423
Tribute to Lech Kaczyńskimike4673
Mourning with my Polish friends. Marylia Radowicz+Valeriy LeontievHeorhij111418
Giant Jesus statue completed in Polish townmike82572
Explosion in Białystokmike3505
Rebuilt Church Dedicated in Polandpodkarpatska6626
Polish/Russian surnamestrevor72694186236
Have you ever been to Poland?mike22936
Russian Orthodox and Polish Catholic churches eye major reconciliation...trifon1616
Bishop George in Afghanistanmike0258
Komorowski meets with the Polish Orthodoxmike1397
Orthodox churches in southern Polandjerzy183696
Pictures from the Polish Church from the interwar eramike387230
PL: DL in Kenyamike2571
Polish missionary priest found stabbed and throat slit in Tunisialubeltri5652
Fr.Xavier(Ksawery) Knotz OFM: Catholics and sexsynLeszka71629
Jerzy Nowosielskimike9586
Polish diversitymike11695
Man is missingmike10701
7th anniversary of OrthPhoto.netmike0373
Działalność misyjna i charytatywna Kościoła w okresie międzywojennymmike0912
Cerkiew.pl goes Russianmike1519
Hajnówka's holiday of singingmike4463
Looking for an icon.Andrew210913491
Duuużo filmów o prawosławiu w Polscemike32734
Explore Polish Orthodoxymike541284
PNCC and OrthodoxyAlpo1568
Alberta priest charged with fraud relieved of dutiesmike1351
Narodowy Spis Powszechny. Białorusini wykreślenimike0352
Our Lady of Czestochowa tropariasearn7724133
Polish Members... Question! (music related)88Devin126496
UOC KP in Brazilmike155445
Night of the Transfiguration on the Holy Mountain Grabarka / Poland: Orthodox gather at Holy Hill of Grabarkamike9860
Africa in Siemianówkamike0260
Feast in Gorlicemike0218
Orthphoto has a new lookmike3300
Nineteenth anniversary of the transfer of the relics of St. Gabrielmike2386
New Orthodox church to be built in Warsaw, Poland- first in a centurybiro291470
Vernisage of "Colours of Orthodoxy. Poland"mike3567
Warsaw international airport resumes flightsElijah2506
Quite good interview about the monasticism in the POC...mike0310
Inauguration of the Museum of Iconsmike0202
Skete in Poland vandalisedmike8492
Православие в Польше mike71282
PAOC Yearbook 2012mike11422
Wooden Churches of Podlachiamike8512
Podlachian languagemike41220
St. Maximilian Kolbe and the "quasi"-incarnationOrtho_cat1054404
"POLSKA PRAY TO ALLAH" stashko2526
A riddle.mike0135
The Whisperers mike1204
Archimandrite (English subs)mike131257
Paschal Banner in Białystokmike0210
What is "Sto lat"?mike3549
Cerkiew.pl goes 10mike0246
Polish linksmike503989
St. George daymike0185
Churches in UEFA Euro 2012 host citiesmike1244
Soccer threadSchultz1083507
Gavriil of Belostok and blood libelLucasG133884
Небо над Вислойmike0398
Primate of Russian Orthodox Church will visit Polandmike9660
Orthodoxy in Podlachiamike13622
Kayak pilgrimage to Supraślmike2313
20th anniversary pf the return of St. Gabriel relicsmike1394
Those Crafty EuropeansSlave of Christ3272
Ukrainian (or Ruthenian - you prefer) bishop visited ROCOR cathedralmike331226
Orthodox Church of PortugalAntunes373231
Man arrested after throwing paint at a holy icon in PolandEastern Mind342110
Moscow on the Seine: The Controversy Over Russian Cathedral Plans in ParisJetavan892938
US Embassy in Warsaw wishes "Merry Christmas"mike3210
Theft at Holy Mountain Grabarkamike6453
Icon-writing, a path to recovery for prisoners in Polandmike4292
Sixty Seventh anniversary of tragic events in Zaleszanymike13488
[RU] More boasting about familymike0315
Best "Many years" evermike2342
[PL] Wywiad z członkinią forummike3465
The Lost Town of Switezmike9916
American's impression 'bout my churchmike4286
Polish Follow Proper Vampire Burial ProcedureSlave of Christ21549
Polish Census of 1931ialmisry135253
Byzantine Rite Under Roman Pontiff Understanding of Their Religious AffiliationBTRAKAS291353
More Than 50,000* Christians Ascend the "Holy Mountain" of Polandmike7439
Do you want a photo exhibition?mike1542
White singing (more-less Slavic Sacred Harp / Shaped Note) + electronicmike391768
21 years agomike1268
Call Them LARPers At Your Own PerilSlave of Christ6391
The Rebuilding of Michal's City that Never Was in the Country that Isn't Hisorthonorm2267
XVII/XVIII century Rusyn/Ukie printsmike1199
Colours of Orthodoxy. Poland Dominika1177
RIP Wojciech KilarArachne1138
Belarus Still Clings to Its Soviet PastStrelets172812
Union of Brest and Persecutionfrjohnmorris231477
Pope Francis honors Saint Josaphat, Martyr of Unitygriego catolico2175179
Josaphat KuntsevichSerge3614651
Orthodox and Catholic views of Ioasaphat Kuntsevichialmisry16418842
Polish Orthodox Church returns to Orthodox Calendarvasily401203
Discovery of Polish Scientists in a Medieval Monastery in SudanSlave of Christ7280
Solemnties at the Holy Mount Grabarka in Poland 2014Dominika7441
August 6 - Holy Hieromartyr Maxim, intercede to God for us that we may be saved.Maria3103

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