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Results for priests
Subject Started by Replies Views
Do the Orthodox disobey God in their practice?yeshuaisiam23010611
Bishop Kallistos On Female PriestsSlave of Christ9116729
Clerical Celibacyminasoliman71367
Romanian Church Denounces Formation of Clergy Trade UnionSlave of Christ1854
How do Coptic priest greet each other?BasilCan21666
Man leaves priesthood to get marriedzebu6810435
Clergy Reception of CommunionTwenty Nine91556
Retired Clergy Living Beneath Poverty LineSlave of Christ295476
Why can't a priest marry after ordination?TruthSeeker212776
Ordination of Women in the Orthodox ChurchBrigidsboy1468176185
I am not a personality worshipper, Bishops and PriestsIrenaeus07283359
Canon Re. DisabilitiesTinaG202924
Priests and Personal SpaceRowan6935
The Priesthood of All BelieversSlave of Christ8947
Titus 1:5Slave of Christ2624
Did St. John Chrysostom try a priest for begetting children?ialmisry112090
Priests and family and church servicesscamandrius21188
The orthodox therapistt0m_dR0791
Priests, Shepherds, Elders and Bishopstruthstalker162309
To whom does a priest confess?simplygermain172697
Why do priests take Communion in the altar?Thomas042904
The Orthodox Priesthoodmctaviix332132
Orthodox Priests with Secular JobsSinner Servant234116
What are the different 'ranks' of Clergy?Pilgrim125527
Kissing Priest's Hand Rosehip413177
Did you feel/experience a differance after ordination?HandmaidenofGod5735
Who Performs the Sacraments/Mysteries?NewOrtho72035
Touching the priests vestmentsOrtho_cat233295
Blessed feast day of St. Ghevont!Salpy31494
Widower PriestsStGeorge9724
Going Through PriestsRosehip151156
Archbishop tells priests to stop asking for money from faithfulIrish Hermit121162
assignment of priestsDart1256837
Priest or Presbyter?Alveus Lacuna181658
Priestly migrationSeamus112860
Celibate parish priestsmctaviix8844
Call no man Father?neon_knights8923
How Priests LivePoppy613784
Priest remunerationkodiak6443
Help me out, Ladies... Understandings of male priesthood.KBN1502761
Orthodox priests using weaponsVolnutt282475
Spiritual Father vs. Confessor vs. Regular Old PriestOrthoNoob231471
Priest in Oberlin, PA retires after 37 years biro2187

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