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Results for priesthood
Subject Started by Replies Views
Defense of Doctoral Thesis in the Mother See of Holy EtchmiadzinSalpy145324
Bishop Kallistos On Female PriestsSlave of Christ9116821
Man leaves priesthood to get marriedzebu6810514
Ethiopian Holy OrdersOrthodox1131336
Clerical Celibacyminasoliman71372
Romanian Church Denounces Formation of Clergy Trade UnionSlave of Christ1857
Retired Clergy Living Beneath Poverty LineSlave of Christ295540
Why can't a priest marry after ordination?TruthSeeker212797
Ordination of Women in the Orthodox ChurchBrigidsboy1468177956
The Priesthood of All BelieversSlave of Christ8951
Titus 1:5Slave of Christ2631
Did St. John Chrysostom try a priest for begetting children?ialmisry112105
Priests and family and church servicesscamandrius21244
No Indelible Mark of the Priesthood in Patristic TeachingIrish Hermit193415
The orthodox therapistt0m_dR0809
Priests, Shepherds, Elders and Bishopstruthstalker162325
Do we kiss a deacons hand when one meets one????stashko354702
Orthodox Priests with Secular JobsSinner Servant234258
Who Performs the Sacraments/Mysteries?NewOrtho72094
OCA Late Vocations Program QuestionStGeorge23241
any priests on the forum?trevor726946691
Divorced, Remarried, Widowed Clergy - Romanian Decisionsmike215983
Widower PriestsStGeorge9732
Do monastics ever serve as parish priests?Super Apostolic Bros.262827
Priesthood: Laity vs OrdainedAzurestone18954
Must a Person be Married to Become a Priest?Antonis10732
Fr. Marcus Tawfik of Kensington, Australia, marks 30 years in priesthoodbiro1361
Thought Provoking Article on the PresbyterateSecond Chance8542
what's the difference between priests and archpriests?trevor7269461440
Call no man Father?neon_knights8939
Feeling Called to the Priesthood.RAR_PadrePio442234
Help me out, Ladies... Understandings of male priesthood.KBN1502811
Called to the priesthood or just smalltalk?JungleMan5462
"Discerning the [Coptic] Call"? (Priests/deacons)CopticDeacon7462

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