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Results for Petrine Primacy
Subject Started by Replies Views
Supremacy of PeterCleopas45644884
The Supremacy of Peter....Crucifer191047
Canoncial validity of Patriarchatesjmkora203519
Oriental Orthodoxy and PeterAthanasios223548
Petrine Primacyjmkora518141
Primacy of Petrine Papacy proved through Patristicsprodromas43059193
The Supremacy of Peter Piper PizzaHeracleides182342
The Supremacy of Peter Andréozgeorge141525
Supramecy of Peter Jacksonprodromas151736
The Supremacy of Peters Ice Creamozgeorge131394
The Supremacy of Peter SamprasPeterTheAleut232015
The Supremacy of Peter Panozgeorge212100
Primacy of Honor vs. Primacy of AuthorityAthanasios6612420
The Supremacy of Peter Parkerytterbiumanalyst131618
The Supremacy of Peter SellersSolEX0181245
Supremacy of PeterTheAleutRobert W141311
The Supremacy of Peter GriffinSolEX01111411
The Supremacy of Peter GabrielSolEX01161864
Primacy - Christ is the Head and all Apostles are equal.paul20047511356
The Suprimacy of Peter GillquistOrthodox Bagpiper4893
"Thou Art Peter"ByzantineChristian35542884
The Supremacy of Peter BradyJibrail Almuhajir101276
The Supremacy of Peter Paul ReubensSolEX0181196
Apparent pro-Petrine Easterners...ByzantineSerb1097947
Papal Infallibility vs Ecumenical CouncilsMarat11720801
Apostle St. James, the Church in Jerusalempaul200441022
Three Day Episcopal Synod Of The Malankara (Indian)Churchdaniel_reji406540
How can Rome fall?earlychurch43034941
Church Fathers?Papist21377
Did St. Leo have monarchical ambitions?Symeon324460
Pope of Rome Questions: Christ/God on earth, representative of Christ, etc?JoeS5511706
Early saints and the supremacy of the popeOrthodox Bagpiper182499
You Are Peter by Olivier Clementignatius51149
Pope Gregory Dialogos' quoteantiderivative31022
Some questions from an inquirer of OrthodoxyShlomlokh142958
Popes Primacy before the Schism (quotes)antiderivative497351
Why write to Rome?Athanasios506512
Best Reference for Orthodox View of the Petrine Office?ignatius101915
David Newman and the PopeDavid Newman13912705
Syrian Orthodox Priest Attacks Oriental Orthodox Churches theorthodoxchurch114229
Primacy or Supremecymilitantsparrow352786
What can you say about this? (its about the Papacy)yochanan8932
Orthodox and St. Peter's PrimacyWyatt423312
Petros is Aramaic for First Born therefore Jesus does not say Peter is the rockAlfred Persson11310312
Coptic Popesprtslvr1973201495
Church Fathers against the Papacymilitantsparrow14310474
Western Supremacy Vs. Eastern CollegialitySlave of Christ623983
"The Primacy of Peter", history questions??NMHS1798787
Is the Holy Spirit bound to the Sacraments?Wyatt40121255
The Papacy: Reading RecommendationsGregoryLA8829
St. Leo the Great and Papal PrimacyOtherguyLB291437
Pope Leo's 445 letter to Dioscorus of AlexandriaSalpy131687
The primacy of Peter.Nuckle1146472
Sees of Petermontalban2287
Pope Leo/Papacy/Oriental Orthodoxygueranger29889

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