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Results for diversity in practice
Subject Started by Replies Views
Why is OO more diverse than EO?_Seraphim_262795
Are there any Traditionalist Oriental Orthodox Groups?OrthodoxSitkan102398
Liturgical DifferencesIan Lazarus61922
Communing in the OOIan Lazarus91734
Oriental Orthodox Colours?IS61183
Oriental Orthodox - Armenian liturgymarlo356749
Should the WR come up with their own liturgy?collin_nunis1110999
Syriac Orthodox liturgical questionsAddai92390
OO's Eastersminasoliman4923
Photos - Consecration of chruch in U.K.paul2004233414
What Calendar?Athanasios143106
Ethiopian Orthodox Church confused about some thing'sstashko73417
Reception of the Holy Hostsurajiype111922
How Do the OO Make the Sign of the Cross?drewmeister252311
Pascha Datepaul20042982
Infant Dedication?StGeorge263142
Liturgy of St. Jamesholdencaulfield81997
Use of Unleavened Bread..sohma_hatori338604
Celebrating Global Orthodox Christianity – icons / chant from over 70 cultures!_Seraphim_203774
Consecration of Gifts: Is it just the Amnos, or the entire Proskomide?serb1389929372
Liturgical Practices of New SketeLBK457847
Do they have the same Liturgy?Papist71103
Orthodox icons and chants from 100 cultures around the world!!!_Seraphim_499878
calendar issue in OOCdeusveritasest8770
Any other differences between EOs and OOs?Alpo151204
An Oriental Orthodox Empire?ialmisry332059
Most like the Byzantines?deusveritasest221076
OO Eucharistic Practices and EO-OO ReunionSeverian715857
Why is there less unity among the OO Churches than the EO?MichaelArchangelos131045

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