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Results for bishops
Subject Started by Replies Views
Bishops Consecrations in AntiochChtets Ioann1195944
Addressing Orthodox ClergyMsGuided174757
Out of Curiosity (Relationship Dynamics With Parish Priests)...Slave of Christ142450
If Peter Married Why Can't BishopsIrenaeus07132037
I am not a personality worshipper, Bishops and PriestsIrenaeus07283352
C of E Approves Women "Bishops" (link)ComingHome9311738
Bishop's crown stolenDerekMK315013
Bishop's CrownsRosehip173163
Discussions on the need of Antimens or Antimensionialmisry92400
Why don't Bishops marry?thetruth111588
Throwing flower petalsLizaSymonenko72738
What makes a group canonical?Marc1152616172
Was Christ a Bishop to His Disciples?serb1389373772
Should a Bishop first be a monk?Eugenio585268
Following the BishopsSlave of Christ151584
Episcopal Funerals (and the Orthodox view on Death)cleveland82721
Convert hierarchs?mike848906
Titus 1:5Slave of Christ2622
Russian True Orthodox Church?Remie175136
Miscellaneous Split from Russian True Orthodox Church threadGOCTheophan262072
House Churches And BishopsSlave of Christ2594
alexandrian mitresamkim388219
Episcopal Church officialy finds the way to HellRemie609543
Mantiya's colorsmike133431
Must one receive the Holy Spirit from a bishop's hand?SolEX01172883
heretical bishop conferring sacramentsmarlo605411
Enthronement of His Grace Bishop DanielLizaSymonenko232134
Should laymen criticize bishops and patriarchs?EkhristosAnesti152454
Seven New Bishops for the Orthodox Church of the Easttheorthodoxchurch102312
New Metropolitan for Malankara Knanaya Diocesedaniel_reji01994
Archbishop vs. Bishop of RomeIrish Hermit102177
Decision of the Holy Synod of AntiochBasilCan1004118762
Can just one Bishop consecrate?OrthoNoob4271
Oriental Orthodox Ecclesiastical titles, terms, positions, etc. serb13896310236
Bishop at a DLQuinault211992
Have you ever walked out on a Hierarch?SolEX01222558
Priests, Shepherds, Elders and Bishopstruthstalker162295
Which Communion?Pilgrim7111781
Are you ok with our Bishops directing our concerns from OC.net?alexp4uni191785
What are the different 'ranks' of Clergy?Pilgrim125480
Episcopal Church Elects Lesbian as "Bishop"bkovacs34629704
Non-monk Bishopsmike5633
Bishop Matthew of Aspendosmike0408
Two new Bishops ordained for the Malankara Syriac Orthodox Churchdhinuus11510
history of episcopal sakkossamkim141621
MP US Parishes got a Bishopmike252194
are monks,and bishops allowed to eat meat?question71931
From OCA News: Bishop-elect Michael tonsured to Lesser SchemaSecond Chance3846
assignment of priestsDart1256669
Thought Provoking Article on the PresbyterateSecond Chance8530
Epsicopal Equalitydcointin231120
Bishops and Celibacy Jibrail Almuhajir312407
Vestments of Bishop VideoStGeorge11923
Bishops and CrownsAlveus Lacuna252856
Candidates for Antiochian Bishopsmike845134
Could these scriptures apply also to a EO Bishop?yeshuaisiam601697
HH Pope Tawadros ordains 8 new bishops and enthrones 3 moreminasoliman212891
Bishop EmeritusAnsgar23796

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