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Results for liturgical languages
Subject Started by Replies Views
Keeping Alive the Language of JesusMor Ephrem82486
Are Coptic Liturgies Sang in Coptic or Arabic?Irenaeus0772456
Comparing the Syriac and Greek versions of the Lord's PrayerSamB81892
English in Our liturgiesprodromas698873
So, I walked out in the middle of services yesterday...Gabriel449354
Understanding CopticEkhristosAnesti11179
Video about the ArameansRomaios1902
Learn the language of Jesus from its origin and keep it alivedaniel_reji0758
Coptic LanguageSetFree142792
Dialects of Old Slavoniclellimore12035
Dormition Vespers in MontanaKeble0580
"Lord have mercy" in all Oriental Orthodox languages_Seraphim_126361
I need ancient language sitejmell43075
Oriental Orthodox MusicPsalti Boy932161831
indian titles for various things...samkim173708
Traditional Liturgical LanguagesCatholig243525
Jesus Prayer in Greek?evyenios24121
Liturgical Languages/ModernizationRosehip264258
Attempts by Turkish authorities to confiscate Mor Gabriel Monasterydhinuus599483
Question for our Slavic bretheren...Eugenio253226
Russia's prospective church leader says opposed to reformsIrish Hermit13911974
text on seraphim rose iconsamkim21471
Liturgical languages in your Churchesmike8716153
Ancient Syriac Bible found in Cyprustheorthodoxchurch72404
English translation for Ethiopian Timkat hymns?PJB83286
Engish Translation of the Ethopian Orthodox BibleIrenaeus071512180
I will go to my first Coptic liturgy this sunday (some advices)Remie244637
Feast of the Georgian Language?Schultz33069
Oh.. Morth Mariam Yoldath Aloho (Mother Of God) Pray For Usdaniel_reji0978
how to say “Glory to the Father, Son, Holy Spirit” in all OO languages_Seraphim_104149
Beautiful Armenian tile manuscript of the Lord's Prayer_Seraphim_21112
Use of Language in OrthodoxySuper Apostolic Bros.181490
Peshitta Resources & English TranslationsNazarene33960
OO languages - Agape vespers Gospel reading_Seraphim_51697
"Jesus Christ" in Syriacsamkim51605
Trisagion Prayerssamkim96067
Slava Tebje Gospoditrevor7269491763
learning Old Church Slavonictrevor72694504583
May I offer advice to potential converts who feel frustrated w/ liturgy languageBlissfully Unaware202647
Syriac Liturgy in EnglishShanghaiski22513
some confusing Syriac Orthodox figuresdeusveritasest6729
Sick of seeing people leave Orthodox due to language barriers... *Rant*88Devin12976962
Faith Crisis Due to Language IssuesIoannes784351
How do Ethiopians pronounce the name of Jesus Christ?Michał3497
Syriac Prayer Book: What do these words mean?Trevorthodox62699
The Transition from Coptic to Arabicminasoliman0325
Orthodox Missionpeterfarrington353598
being European and less importanthenrikhankhagnell412999
Beth Mardutho offers Syriac and Coptic Summer CoursesCoptoGeek212576
Coptic Language Summer Schoolpeterfarrington0430
Teach yourself Slavonic?Eugenio424141
A New Identity for Middle East ChristiansSuryoyutho261060
Liturgical languages in the Diasporalord doog17597
Tips and Resources For Learning Bohairic Coptic?Severian93185
Aramaic vs Coptic: Language Survival vs FossilizationCoptoGeek8429
Phasing out the liturgical languageAlpo811339
God speaks Classical ArmenianSalpy12683

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