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Results for Indian Orthodox
Subject Started by Replies Views
Syrian and Indian Orthodox Christians on the ACE?minasoliman143171
Help Need from my Indian Orthodox Friends!Raouf51351
A New Hope for the Indian (Malankara) Orthodox Church theorthodoxchurch0995
More on Indian Church History (split from "Rome creates parallel...")paul2004509993
Year long celeration ends in Jacobite Syrian ChurchOrthodoc11712
Reason for splitnstanosheck336113
Visitation of His BeautitudeMikho133088
OO InteractionMikho Zouro91823
St.George Indian Orthodox Church in New York Vandalizeddhinuus101887
Malankara Orthodox bishop in critical conditionajomattackal91947
Indian Orthodox Church ordains expelled Syriac Orthodox Monk as Bishopdhinuus1911980
Indian Orthodox practisesSpecs143097
Question about OO in India_Seraphim_152522
H.G Stephanos Mar Theodosius passed awaypaul200441498
Primacy - Christ is the Head and all Apostles are equal.paul20047511810
Oriental Orthodoxy and PeterAthanasios223589
Jacobite Celebrations In Honour of Mar GregoriosMor Ephrem184229
The Faith of our Fathers - book by Metropolitan Paulos Mar Gregorios of NewDelhipaul200411006
Malankara (Indian) Orthodox Church elects 4 new bishopspaul200421493
Indian (Malankara) Orthodox ChurchBen52836
Mar Gregorios of ParumalaMor Ephrem21102
APOSTOLIC VISIT TO INDIA 2004daniel_reji255086
The Ancient "Church of the East"Doubting Thomas14823577
Origin of the Syrian Church.paul2004274267
Which Indian/Syrian/Malankara Church Communes with the rest of the Church?EkhristosAnesti8417182
Canoncial validity of Patriarchatesjmkora203588
Petrine Primacyjmkora518441
Problem between two OO churches turning violent in INDIAajomattackal41056
Malankar Orthodox ChurchOrthodoc458908
Fasting of Ninevehpaul20042413197
Photos -Indian Orthodox church dstroyed in Tsunami, Andaman & Nicobar Islandspaul200442359
Help with Orthodox Christian FellowshipCyberSponge61483
The History of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian ChurchMatthew7770770
PHILOKALIA, The Great Christian Classic released in Indiapaul200483301
How is the date of Pascha calculated?serb138971660
A brief history of the Indian Orthodox Church theorthodoxchurch11516
aradhna -- hindi christian musicsamkim62213
Syriac Orthodox liturgical questionsAddai92390
Visit of H.H. Catholicos of the East and Indian delegation to the Holy Landpaul200491869
Rome creates parallel Catholicate in Indiapaul2004538734
Confession in Oriental OrthodoxyGhazaros53712
Life of Catholicos Mar Baselius Augen 1 - Catholicos of the East (India)paul20040819
What Bible do Oriental Orthodox Christians read? Matthew777275640
A Large Number Of Syrian Orthodox Families Establish Independent Syrian Orthodoxpaul200441937
Hosanna: Palm leaves and flowerspaul200453184
Photos - Consecration of chruch in U.K.paul2004233415
Indian Saints?Kristophoros121903
Thousands to go on pilgrimage to saint's tomb at Manjanikkara daniel_reji11225
Eternal rest of Valiya Bava His Holiness Mar Baselius Mar Thoma Mathews 11paul200453228
Are there any Traditionalist Oriental Orthodox Groups?OrthodoxSitkan102402
Documents related to the division in the Indian ChurchMor Ephrem162702
Enthronment of HH Mar Baselios Mar Thoma Didymus 1 as the Catholicos of the Eastpaul200401080
Hudaya Canonminasoliman287146
Indian Orthodox Church embraces Hindu ritual Kefa112146
"Catholicos of the Ancient See of St. Thomas since it's restoration in 1912." Kefa102229
Reception of the Holy Hostsurajiype111924
History thru pictures.Kefa0877
Mother Mary's birthday and Oriental Churchesajomattackal0789
Pentecostal churches flourish in Kerala.... (Ever thought why???)Kefa207876
Book/Article ReferencesEkhristosAnesti1855
Church to withdraw from official dialogue with RCpaul20042845
Kerala: Church feud takes violent turn; cops resort to lathichargenstanosheck12027
Answers to questionspaul2004375569
Scarves Worn During Communion and no shoes a Must for Women??Timos164750
A century-old deceit and double-mindedness Kefa91600
Where can I find Oriental Orthodox liturgical texts online?Arystarcus63184
Three Day Episcopal Synod Of The Malankara (Indian)Churchdaniel_reji406683
Differences between Oriental Orthodox ChurchesArystarcus266511
Holy Qurbono in Malankara Syrian Orthodox Churches on Holy Friday 2005daniel_reji0984
History of OO churchesStavro41093
Possible Good News from IndiaMikho71772
Splinter OO groupsSchultz286581
The Sign in Oriental OrthodoxyGhazaros334047
Deaconess in Coptic and other oriental churchesAddai527832
Holy Fathers of the Ecumenical Councilspaul20040663
Apostolic Church of the Eastpaul20040849
The Kiss of PeaceSetFree102422
Pascha Datepaul20042982
Do all Oriental Orthodox Churches reserve the Eucharist?griego catolico62799
Kneeling during the liturgysurajiype11009
Is the Cherubic Hymn in the Oriental Orthodox Liturgies?_Seraphim_325005
St. Thomas's wifeytterbiumanalyst51180
OO Churches and Lentserb1389517742
The Malankara Church: Orthodox Syrian or Syrian Orthodox?Matthew777649694
OO's Eastersminasoliman4924
Mar Thoma Syrian ChurchAklie Semaet72560
Oriental Orthodoxy and the Toll houses.GOCTheophan437777
The Malankara Syrian Christian Association theorthodoxchurch0740
Russian Met. Kirill presents Philokalia to the Indian Orthodox Acolyte11114
"Lord have mercy" in all Oriental Orthodox languages_Seraphim_125972
indian titles for various things...samkim173664
Blessing of the Holy Muron to take place on 9/28/08Salpy265854
His Holiness Karekin II to visit india theorthodoxchurch0641
Armenian Catholicos to visit Indian ChurchSalpy101963
The Parumala Perunnal-2008theorthodoxchurch0545
Birthday Wishes to the Sucessor of St.Thomastheorthodoxchurch0579
Question about Armenian OrthodoxyJennifer62097
H.H. Abuna Paulos visits the Indian Churchpaul20041720
Church leader Calls For FastOrthodoc21183
Indian Churcheswelkodox111697
H.G. Mar Eusebius of Thumpamon Diocese, Indiapaul200431113
‘Orthodox Church of the East in the 21st Century:Challenges and Opportunitiestheorthodoxchurch1970
interview with an Indian Orthodox doctoral studentSalpy41186
Seven New Bishops for the Orthodox Church of the Easttheorthodoxchurch102354
Blessing of the Holy Muron - Orthodox Church of the Easttheorthodoxchurch41128
H. E. Mor Severius Mushe Görgün - Metropolitan of Syrian Archdiocese in Europepaul200402821
Metropolitan appointed for the Diocese of U. K. Europe & Africapaul20043856
Oriental Orthodox Ecclesiastical titles, terms, positions, etc. serb13896310555
Preperation of the Holy Myron Begins in India theorthodoxchurch0480
Consecration of Holy Moorontheorthodoxchurch0684
Syriac & Indian ChurchMardukm61327
The Brahmavar Orthodox Christian Community in India theorthodoxchurch01874
Oriental VestmentsAlveus Lacuna73988
jurisdictions in full communion?deusveritasest323687
Re: Use of icons in the Oriental Orthodox Churchdeusveritasest479456
Inauguration of the Southwest American Diocese- Indian Orthodox Church theorthodoxchurch2975
Looking at Churchesfleur-de-lys51308
Need help translating a Syriac-Indian hymn (Jananee Parishudha) into English_Seraphim_62269
flashing lights in churchAlveus Lacuna31149
Syrian Orthodox Priest Attacks Oriental Orthodox Churches theorthodoxchurch114371
Who is allowed to receive the Holy Eucharist in the Coptic Church?Gorazd288950
Syrian Orthodoxy in India and casteismCRCulver91808
Mar Julius I ( Fr Alvarez )surajiype1650
OO Calendar with Fasting Schedule?Gebre Menfes Kidus194479
Oriental Orthodox Sermons and LecturesSalpy7918423
Catholicos of Sis on a visit to Indiasurajiype0447
Peshitta New Testamentsearn77252029
Third Oriental Orthodox Jurisdiction in India ?dhinuus132419
An Open Letter to the Sunday School Department of the Indian Orthodox Church theorthodoxchurch0671
Indian Orthodox SaintsChristianus11614
Nestorians in IndiaShanghaiski141844
Mar Dioscoros Welcomes Donation to Build a Student Chapel at CoimbatoreElijah0376
Oriental Orthodox iconographydeusveritasest233759
Orthodox Family Conference Commences at DublinElijah0275
His Holiness Dydimus I celebrates his 90th birthdaySalpy7794
Birthday Greetings to His Holiness Baselius Dydimos Itheorthodoxchurch1413
100-year anniversary of prayer book for Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Christiansbiro11773
identify this malankara churchJason.Wike121108
Metropolitan Geeverarghese Mar OsthathiosPredanijeSP1462
Sorry to fan the flames of hatejobin2190517
Differences between OO and EO spirituality?Ortho_cat194120
Caste SystemJamesRottnek2382
St Dioscoros in Other Oriental Orthodox ChurchesSeverian111588
Knanaya Orthodox Church?Xenia1918402987
Indian Orthodox parish in Bronx, celebrates 40th anniversarybiro5490
St. Thomas christians and iconsAnsgar31882
Interactions between Orthodox and Church of the East Saint Thomas ChristiansKostaC261970
Kerala govt. against Indian Orthodox ChurchxOrthodox4Christx201883
Throne of St. ThomasAntoniousNikolas25752
Malankara Church uses Protestant Hymns?Alveus Lacuna371925
Visiting a Malankara Syrian Church!CopticDeacon451015

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