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Results for Scripture
Subject Started by Replies Views
Orthodox and Catholic Canon of ScriptureBrigid of Kildare103057
Philippians 3:21Heorhij71274
Isaiah 19:25minasoliman62000
Romans 8:3Heorhij232247
Psalm 139:10-20Shamus2786
Trouble Finding Inspiration in the Old Testament?raskolnikov151722
When St. Paul talks about being predestinederracht132371
Scripture And TraditionSlave of Christ61162
Mark 4:24Slave of Christ3882
Question about Matt. 15:5-6MaryCecilia61882
Question About Inerpretation of HebrewsKeble3989
OT Help...Lavis Knight204719
The point behind such exhaustive (and exhausting) analysisSophie142050
The early circulation of ScriptureDoubting Thomas71394
The Millenium in Revelation 20Doubting Thomas182677
Prophecy and TonguesDoubting Thomas223776
Hebrews 3:7-19 and prayers for the deadRosehip437982
God-inspired, but....Myrrh23403666
Psalms or prayers to combat pride?NorthernPines132867
land of IsraelMyrrh23332680
Is the canon Dogmatic?idou747111202
Should we let the Orthodox teach Heresy?idou74710912450
The Afflictions of ChristSlave of Christ2639
"And Prevail When Thou Art Judged"Slave of Christ61331
Question re. 1 Corinthians 15:28Heorhij61136
Question about Lossky's take on human body after resurrectionHeorhij151685
Concerning Is. 45:7Slave of Christ151387
Jesus Was In All Points Tempted Like As We Are?Slave of Christ62982
Observing Holy DaysSlave of Christ4680
Jonah 3Mickey4709
Divinity of the Holy Spirit in ScriptureSlave of Christ4819
Parable Of The Unjust StewardSlave of Christ82806
"Almah" in Hebrew, "Parthenos" in Greek: The Case of Isaiah 7:14minasoliman6415017
Did They Hear A Voice?Slave of Christ171565
scripture and traditionJonny101473
Question about Psalm 50HandmaidenofGod91289
Genesis Reading need explaination??Byzantine2008413245
Matthew 21:41 "He will put those wretches to a miserable death" (NRSV)serb13895991
Mark 13 fulfilled? josh7964
Ishmael's age and Sara's departureTheophilos78102463
What was Christ writing on the ground?Jetavan192380
"Prima Scriptura"EkhristosAnesti93202
so called ignorance of christ Matthew 24:36marlo252746
Biblical Infallibilityfalafel333312991
What Do You Think of Textual Criticism?Slave of Christ332557
Inerrancy and Infallibility PollSlave of Christ252559
"Kecharitomeni" in Gospel of St. LukeShlomlokh2624
Prayer of ManassehSlave of Christ42130
Scriptural ReferencesAlveus Lacuna13943
Interpretations of John 6:50-56 (Eucharist and our Salvation)Ortho_cat91202
Genesis 14 and Melchizedekminasoliman0468
A Question About I John 5:11-13Gebre Menfes Kidus11938
Interpretation of John 10:16NickthePaladin82962
Capital Punishment, War, and Romans 13Gebre Menfes Kidus182048
Patristic commentary on "subdue the earth... have dominion" (Genesis 1:28)_Seraphim_51605
The Church's take on Exodus 34:7ironsiderodger91276
Peter calls Paul's epistles 'Scripture' (2 Peter 3:16)deuteros23609
Bible Verse QuestionSlave of Christ4512
Early Dating of JamesSlave of Christ9571
Catholic and Orthodox: Appeal to Teaching Authorityelijahmaria19511024
Revelation 13:8deusveritasest7745
The Inner Tie Between Christ's accomplishment and of what the Scriptures speakrakovsky10863
Confusion In Proverbs, Book of Wisdom and Sirach - Wisdom quietmorning92661
Who Is The "One Who Is Weakest Among" Jerusalem And Is "As David"?rakovsky5598
Should Psalm 22 be played on the "Morning Star" or to the "Doe of the Morning?"rakovsky75057
Old Testament readings in the Divine Liturgybiro61190
Bible, Church, TraditionSlave of Christ2558
My crazy interpretation of John 10:31JLatimer1355
Misconceptions about Ephesians 2:8-9JLatimer142351
Requirements for the Messiahandrewdodd3569
Does Isaiah 51-52:5 describe Israel's return from Babylon, or the Resurrection?rakovsky4606
2 Maccabees 12:44Michael_Gerard5506
What does this verse mean?android0247
Psalm 6:5Michael_Gerard9941
According to the Scriptures, the Messiah Would Riserakovsky4741
Is there an agreed upon Canon of Scripture in the Church?Walter Skold282001
Ebenezer's QuestionsEbenezer633444
St. Stephen was mistaken?Theophilos7814991
Scripture and the "word of God"Ortho_cat162004
Does Isaiah 53:12 say the Servant poured or exposed himself to death?rakovsky151913
The Spirit and the ScripturesVolnutt321823
God Breathed or God Inspired??Poppy251188
On-line Orthodox BibleGammaRay315873
How and when should one exegete Scripture oneself?Volnutt3355
Ten Reasons Why the Bible Is LiteratureArachne28840
A neccessary traditionNicene28976

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