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Results for asceticism
Subject Started by Replies Views
Secession of the appetites...ignatius2756
Giving Up Anything Else for Lent?AmatorDeus122707
Abstinence from sexual relationsHypo-Ortho81970
Orthodox "struggle"javamama101852
Music and Ridding things from your life?88Devin1210528678
Ecclesiology and Asceticism in Saint Justin PopovichSlave of Christ11165
do we have to be miserable to be saved?erracht141917
why fast?Jonny302270
Which is the Greater Feat?ozgeorge171299
The Use of Physical Pain in Orthodoxy?PoorFoolNicholas322394
Extreme Pilgrimage videoDouglas131842
"Extreme Pilgrim" BBC SeriesEkhristosAnesti296135
Fasting ProblemsApotheosis332687
Documentary on Coptic Hermit Fr. LazarusEkhristosAnesti95954
Syria and her particular type of religiosityJetavan7966
colossians 2:20 questionbeliever7481325
"The Last Anchorite"samkim51228
Stylites and Huts?Thanatos111972
Ostrov and The Silent MonkEkhristosAnesti1958
Point of fasting for others, how does it help them?ninalea31884
Pope John Paul flagellated himself, new book saysstashko13810226
Do Orthodox monks shower?Christianus5015915
some ways to have more humility?trevor72694111001
"Lay Monasticism", "Crazy Convertisim", being an Orthodox Christiankansas city739827
To live as a modern styliteIrish Hermit5883
Life of a StyliteIrish Hermit11073
Documentary on the Coptic Hermit Fr. Lazarus St. AntonyFr.Kyrillos305838
Monk in country of Georgia searches for solitudebiro101484
People Who Enjoy the Sayings and Lives of Desert Fathers/Mothers...Slave of Christ1472
(Video) Coptic Hermit - Fr. NofrFr.Kyrillos71000
'anchorites' (sowah) in the coptic tradition - from 'invisible mysteries' threadmabsoota51312
A Monk's Life with Fr. Lazarus ElAnthony at St. Anthony's Monastery in EgyptJude1:32721

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