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Results for conversion
Subject Started by Replies Views
Protestant pastor ConvertingSeeker736536657
What leads to Orthodoxy?lubeltri479321
Cradle Orthodox vs. New ConvertsDennyB305013
The move from Rome to the East.JoeS31714
For AmatorDeusBobby51534
long, egocentric convert issuescancerbike172852
Oriental family receives Eastern Chrismation_Seraphim_558458
Thank you, everyone.Gabriel314407
So, I walked out in the middle of services yesterday...Gabriel449414
Superiority Complex?Dismas8491497
Converts to OODavidH31195
Coptic Calendar and Liturgies (in Britain)Remie51661
Is Ecumenical Dialogue Really About Conversion?ozgeorge6810761
Re: Downsides of ConvertingEtheldritha577324
Telling Friends of Conversion & a RelativeIS142452
Confession Only?Timos193767
Having and Raising a family in an Ethic Parish, how is it???Irenaeus07122553
Questions about nature and duration of the Catechumenateathanasios2668243
Considering the Orthodox ChurchJohannes Blomberg111612
Conversion Storiesrwprof7820008
Why did you want to convert?Myrrh23394797
Why I became Non-Chalcedonian OrthodoxArystarcus396757
Mass Migrations to Orthodoxy?88Devin12784274
A difficult but honest choice: I have become a CatholicRemie24713770
Wish to Convert... how to begin? What do I do? What do I tell my Family?Truthseeker1946806
Has anyone been in this situation? Any Advice on how to handle itTruthseeker1947939
Outline of the conversion processandrewdodd41358
Naomi Campbell to become Russian Orthodox and marry Vladislav Doroninbiro161392
Converting to orthodoxy from RC- Hostility from RC priest normal?finbar282091
Personal Conversion - Is it necessary?sprtslvr197312838
Choosing an Orthodox Church? Personal struggles and constraints.dgd71715930
Why do I still feel hesitant?St_Domnica241402
converting for faith vs. converting for lovekaterina23586
Please Convince this Roman CatholicShayneSwenson261200
I just wanted to share this with you!andrewlya5198

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