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Results for Church Fathers
Subject Started by Replies Views
Looking for works by St. Ireneus of Lyon and of St./Bl. Augustine onlineHeorhij71463
Criteria for an ecumenical council?Evlogitos7510859
Can Heretics be Church Fathers?StGeorge132127
Early Church FathersSabbas32639515
Wisdom of the Oriental Orthodox FathersEkhristosAnesti24564413
Post Chalcedon Oriental Orthodox saints.Gabriel9157581
Church MothersChristodoulos4015868
Modern Church FathersDerekMK29538901
Online Texts Concerning Church HistorySlave of Christ288165
Resource on St. EvagriusSalpy41741
Two Questions About Two 4th Century HierarchsSlave of Christ2721
patristic definition of pridesamkim4846
Orthodoxy of the Church FathersAthanasios242489
Is the Philokalia O.K. for Oriental Orthodox Christians?Gebre Menfes Kidus233732
Clark Carlton: When The Fathers DisagreeJibrail Almuhajir92263
Early Church fathers who knew the apostlesOrtho_cat142204
St. Basil and the Cappadocian FathersPapist61421
Armenian Fathersdeusveritasest303674
Where does St. John Chrysostom say...Mivac131187
List of Key Orthodox Fathers/TheologiansAlveus Lacuna232862
Compilations of Early Christian Writings?Alveus Lacuna81369
Letters of Ignatiusdeuteros4587
The Orthodoxy of the Great St. Augustine of Hippoagustinus323000
Patristic Comments on These Passages?Slave of Christ211536
The Fathers in the orginal GreekGisasargavak3822
St. John Chrysostom and Our Lady the Virgin St. MaryGebre Menfes Kidus31986
Clement of Alexandriadeusveritasest331497
Does the Orthodox Church view St Augustine as a 'bad' influence?Achronos363375
Shared Church Fathers between OO, EO, and Catholic (?)Gisasargavak4568
Icons and the Church Fathersneon_knights9599

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