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Results for Protestant Christianity
Subject Started by Replies Views
Scholastic Orthodoxy?meenas395976
God-Who ? What do we mean by "God" ?Steve Dennehy437428
Western-rite OrthodoxyPravoslavbob18946965
Evangelical Leader Returns To CatholicismBJohnD1838
Why do Anabaptists reject a Ministerial Priesthood? Why do Orthodox claim one? Riddikulus143098
The view of marriage in different Christian churchesThe Iambic Pen915306
Protestants' View of Bible and ChurchSt. Christopher366113
Help Understanding ProtestantismStGeorge609531
Are Protestants Christians?pathofsolitude12420247
Any Protestants?prodromas10226738
Protestant “cross-missionization”_Seraphim_213921
Protestants and IconsDennyB15518753
Just how Splintered is American Protestantism?Ebor718967
Jesus hated Religion??Timos356330
Pagan Christianity - is anyone familiar with this??PrincessMommy557725
Jacobite Church Forbids All Unauthorized Prayer Groupsdaniel_reji172582
Three bible-readers on one city bus_Seraphim_1011883
Canadian Revivalist claims hundreds of healings_Seraphim_75683
Historical Studies at Protestant SchoolsSlave of Christ46088
Protestants Unveiled at the Conference of Middle East Churches Stavro314067
non-Orthodox "infiltrating" a churchSalpy91615
Coptic to LutheranFotina02154197
Pentecostal churches flourish in Kerala.... (Ever thought why???)Kefa207605
A Coptic Orthodox Christian turned Protestant Ian Lazarus42715
Evangelizing to Native Peoples: Orthodoxy and Protestantism_Seraphim_41703
Sovereign Grace Ministriesaserb132872
Any Favourite Protestant (or other) hymns?Riddikulus4620953
The infamous MANUAL TO CONVERT ORTHODOX to Protestantismanastasios52558434
Orthodox view of Martin LutherTony5411342
Jack Chick On The Attack!AntoniousNikolas152637
Changes in liturgy since the Apostolic timesjmell685604
Evangelics in GreeceByzantine2008223355
Eusebius Stephanou & PentecostalismAntoniousNikolas448749
Four-Square ChurchesElisha108631
Jan Huserracht398086
Could the Prosperity Gospel have helped bring on the mortgage crisis?Salpy101225
Info on "charismatic" Orthodox?Crazy Diamond102712
A Challenge to you Orthodox (from an English Baptist)David Young12521514
"Protestant Teachings" found in Scripture???DennyB1853
Sola Scriptura - A Diversion From the True Word of GodDennyB20523911
Jesus Sellssinjinsmythe91772
Armenian Apostolic Church/Armenian Congregational/Evangelical...Church?serb1389112323
Internatinal Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal ChurchOrthodox Bagpiper71886
"The Greek Orthodox Church is nothing less than diet-Catholicism."Orthodox11142024
Hindu teahouse protects Orthodox icon, then Protestant “preacher” trashes it_Seraphim_717300
Emergent ChurchTinaG183684
The Canon and the books that were left outDoubting Thomas404454
Does this verse apply to Protestants?sodr2292475
What's up with the disdain for the "Born Again" Experience?Cleopas32626218
A Personal Relationship with Jesus ChristAlveus Lacuna304108
My encounter with two radical ProtestantsPapist16217633
PBS Video on the Emergent Church MovementAlveus Lacuna182554
Lutheran Church of Sweden to Offer Same-Sex MarriagesCrucifer966216
Soli Deo gloria ("glory to God alone")Ortho_cat201293
Prosperity GospelSuper Apostolic Bros.141834
What are the Main Protestant Heresies?Gebre Menfes Kidus93428
Exhausting EvangelicalsRosehip968465
Sunday MorningHandmaidenofGod352201
Protestant Missionariesaugustin717894176
The Christian FishSalpy171282
Oriental Orthodox Adopting Protestant/Evangelical PracticesGreg C462934
Do the Orthodox disobey God in their practice?yeshuaisiam23010716
Serpent Handling Pastor dies from rattlesnake biteMaria12590

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