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Results for nativity
Subject Started by Replies Views
Feast of the Nativitywelkodox2967
Why I Hate ChristmasSlave of Christ0653
Have a blessed Nativity ( old calendar christmas )Macarius21088
A Nativity MessageBobby1824
Another Nativity MessageBobby0809
More Nativity MessagesBobby0816
Advent, Preparation for the LordAthanasios333573
Nativity Icons please?IS41269
Merry Christmas in different languagesAthanasios6126693
Nativity Lent is Coming- What do you do?Thomas174317
Nativity FastJustinianus152880
Daily Divine Liturgies for 40 Days before Christmasfilipinopilgrim123672
What Calendar?Athanasios143126
Dating of the NativityGhazaros32525
Need help with describing this iconJibrail Almuhajir4878
Evangelical Christmaszebu7632495
Blessed Eve of the Nativity of our Lord, everyone!Heorhij122380
Alternative Christmas Food Ian Lazarus121610
2007 Nativity Messages of Orthodox Heirarchsozgeorge51195
Merry Christmas !!!msmirnov256283
Beautiful Serbian Christmas song and an Arabic Byzantine Chant from YouTubeTamara123507
Nativity Lent for ChildrenThomas1415424
El noche before ChristmasCrucifer58240
Merry Christmas!Salpy425509
Nativity Treat for your kidsThomas11158
Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas??MaryCecilia487583
Date of Christmasyitbsal1783
Christmas on 7th or 8th?Jonathan21363
Celebrating Theophany and Nativity TogetherSamB31296
Merry ChristmasSaintShenouti51856
Christmas Message, 2005 - H.H. Pope Shenouda IIIdaniel_reji11044
Advent Traditions...francis-christopher104816
Coptic Calendar and Liturgies (in Britain)Remie51656
Byzantine Nativity FastMor Ephrem92751
Coptic Christmas in EgyptJoeS01117
Beautiful Serbian Christmas Song/VideoSouthSerb9952275
Nativity Advent calenderQuinault21233
Advent FastAngloCatholic1969
Nativity Fast or Advent?Tikhon29605356305
LEGO Nativity mosaicRobert W102400
Advent FastMyrrh23122249
Family Christmas TraditionsSlave of Christ252462
Worst Christmas SongsPeterTheAleut574888
Interesting article regarding the Nativity fastLily2662
History of Nativity FastBasilCan122998
Great Vespers on Nativity Evescamandrius142417
Christmas vs. Theophany: Which is bigger? Eugenio292899
Christmas Celebrationmarlo7982
Christmas in LalibelaElisha11040
Need help with proper pronunication of Arabic Christmas Greeting...Tamara23264
Pascha or the Incarnationadmiralnick432971
Orthodox Christmas CarolsThomas237517
Santa Claus???Eugenio518953
Veni Veni EmmanuelAlveus Lacuna131805
OO calendar issuesdeusveritasest101244
Nicholas of Myra... THE MOVIERobert W284615
Orthodox Nativity and Theophany Celebrations Worldwide(2010) - Snapstheorthodoxchurch0579
Protests mark start of Orthodox Christmas in BethlehemAlveus Lacuna121136
Old Calendar Armenian Christmas (Jan. 19) celebrated in Hollywood, CASalpy113392
Orthodox Christmas CarolsSecond Chance131603
Oriental Orthodox Christmasiliyaisd82421
Coptic Nativity (Christmas)J11129
Do orthodox christians celebrate christmas on 7th January?hema1999517885
Nativity FastOrthophoria1295453
Orthodox Nativity/Christmas traditionsJibrail Almuhajir192155
East Meadow, NY parish holds Christmas concertbiro3466
Preparing for NativityJLatimer6628
first Orthodox Christmasclarinet36857940
Orthodox Christmas PageantsOrtho_cat7775
What day does your tradition celebrate Christmas?Ortho_cat161213
Have a blessed Nativitymike292309
Orthodox Nativity Celebrations Worldwide – Snapstheorthodoxchurch202846
Here comes the Nativity Fast!: Bulgarians, among others, embark on traditionbiro1531
Is this an acceptable Nativity icon?Volnutt336722
Share Nativity Images/Icons from your Jurisdiction :)HabteSelassie41600
Celebrating Christmas early?mtmamma301922
The Wise Men (or Kings, or Magi) of the Nativitylord doog162956
Merry Christmas!Anastasia1381509
The Magi (Wise Men) in OO TraditionShanghaiski132911

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