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Results for Tradition
Subject Started by Replies Views
Will the 21st Be the Orthodox Century?dantxny122025
Re: Pomp and CeremonyLandon77465618
Do You Want an American Orthodox ChurchOrthodox Bagpiper20121717
Beards and TraditionPeterTheAleut40843401
Was Rome an "appellate court" in the early church?trifecta61478
Are Orthodox Seminaries in the Orthodox Tradition?StGeorge273338
Pagan Christianity - is anyone familiar with this??PrincessMommy557310
Scripture And TraditionSlave of Christ61050
Dogma, Canons, and OpinionsDoubting Thomas697764
Should a Bishop first be a monk?Eugenio585104
Tradition and traditionsSlave of Christ61041
scripture and traditionJonny101359
My Journey as a "Born-Again" Christian (please help)lostandelirious629507
The Canon and the books that were left outDoubting Thomas404330
"Prima Scriptura"EkhristosAnesti92291
Is the Divine Liturgy as Inspired as the Holy Bible?Gebre Menfes Kidus242834
How do we know the traditions of the church are authentic?deuteros101070
What Do You Think of Textual Criticism?Slave of Christ332318
How long does it take to be confident in the Orthodox Church's teachings?Kaste947305
Traditions of Men vs Traditions of GodFountainPen772953
Orthodoxy, Tradition and Critiques of HeterodoxyGregoryLA212423
Why we do things the way we doTaylor4383
Catholic and Orthodox: Appeal to Teaching Authorityelijahmaria1959776
The Seat of Moses and Oral TraditionAlveus Lacuna7721
Bible, Church, TraditionSlave of Christ2505
Ebenezer's QuestionsEbenezer633165
Big-T and little-t TraditionsSlave of Christ91739
Do Not Add to This Booksprtslvr197312665
Are Traditions infallible?wolf904095
Get rid of the Designated Hitter!!!!Pravoslavbob342937
New Vatican Questionarre may reflect the Vatican's changing stance on traditionxOrthodox4Christx7255

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