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Results for music
Subject Started by Replies Views
Rock and Metal Music the Work of Satan?Slave of Christ488062
Ethiopian Dancing and DrumsJustinHesychast237995
Oriental Orthodox MusicPsalti Boy931157561
Coptic Spiritual/Liturgical Hymns in English (relevant to Pascha Week)EkhristosAnesti74328
Mezmur, Ethiopian Church GÇ£musicGÇ¥Aklie Semaet01479
Need music recommendations (Byzantine chant)cholmes133286
Chants of the Dormition of Virgin_Anna_L0737
Our Lady of Sitka Akathist- Help?Tsarina51370
Christian RockPhosZoe15939543
Coptic recordings of PsalmsThanatos73055
Frustrating Timescopticorthodoxboy294145
Poll: Byzantine Chant vs. Russian four-part HarmonyPravoslavbob546788
Metal Music, Satanism, SinNtinos223442
Music from the heterodox, do you listen?TruthSeeker212847
Questions on Orthodoxy and musicProtestant seeker155122
Znamenny Chantboilerguy72607
Congregational SingingBobby93447
Esta bien escuchar la musica cristiana???SetFree135263
Links for Byzantine Musiccleveland8824044
Orthodox worship in Kenya incorporates Kenyan cultureEkhristosAnesti2715477
Western Orthodox Musicsamurai333295647
Rap Video on the Armenian GenocideEkhristosAnesti0660
English translation for Ethiopian Timkat hymns?PJB83256
Music and worshipBr Max OFC649715
Angelic musicMyrrh23173663
Habaytak Bisayfma200094980
Favorite Lenten sacred musiclubeltri102677
Byelorussian Chantfrost153324
Cymbals in Coptic liturgyanastasios83307
musical instruments demonickmm487712
Links for Slavonic MusicHeorhij6822888
Music and Ridding things from your life?88Devin1210527794
Any Favourite Protestant (or other) hymns?Riddikulus4621084
Study: Gregorian chant "can reduce blood pressure and stress"lubeltri113112
Hymns of Saint YaredRastaman0868
Beautiful Serbian Christmas Song/VideoSouthSerb9952230
Congregational participationalexp4uni212557
Orthodox Music Recommendations.pawnraider41456
Artsy treatment of liturgical musicSalpy162277
Evlogetaria in GreekAndrew2109161970
Worst Christmas SongsPeterTheAleut574858
Byzantine Chant in English by Subdeacon Karim El-Farkelfar203432
Musical Settings of the Divine Liturgy?Sophia3193942
Songs to make dogs happyQuinault0531
Paul McCartney to tour? Órëlaurëa201787
Death Magneticprodromas111935
Orthodox Folk/Death Metal?Alveus Lacuna14218905
Music for the Megalynarion for Liturgy of St. Basilscamandrius21324
Byzantine Music (Instrumental, not Church)? Suggestions?88Devin1221346
Music of the Divine Liturgy in EnglishMark of Ephesus2957
Melody for OdesOrthodox11101437
The Ethiopian Begena (Harp of David) is Awesome!_Seraphim_54280
Attn: Ethiopian Orthodox members - Translation NeededEkhristosAnesti61863
Any jazz fans here?cholmes352947
Orthodox chantingAristocles81616
The Historical Origins of the 'Western Musical Tradition'EkhristosAnesti61368
Should a video on Ethiopian icons be set to Ethiopian music?_Seraphim_255693
Is country-western music evil?Crucifer515628
Favourite Metal SongsIan Lazarus577608
Oriental Orthodox PrayersPoorFoolNicholas203960
Favourite guitaristsscamandrius599656
Favourite drummersscamandrius224320
Black SpiritualsBrotherAidan322399
Which was the best Lutheran composer of church musicscamandrius3391
Irmologion of Supraślmike51452
Some Syro-Byzantine Chant at Holy Crosspensateomnia312676
Use of "Carol of the Bells" in Orthodox Churches?88Devin12291985
Favorite Peter, Paul, and Mary SongsPeterTheAleut3649
Albums Put Out Before You Were Born That You Love?Slave of Christ2318484
Favorite Cheesy Eighties Pop SongsBrotherAidan907861
Byzantine Chant In GeorgianOrthodox1121253
LeLe YamanSalpy0504
Orthodox Christmas CarolsThomas237420
Worship Music Stumbling Blockfaithcmbs9172665
"Stairway to Heaven": is it about Marilyn Monroe?Heorhij4768
Apply with your choir for the festival of Orthodox church music in Poland!mike0565
Death Metal MusicRosehip17917690
English translation -- Armenian Resurrection hymn "Havun, Havun"_Seraphim_22635
Old Believer SingingOrthodox110454
Cherubic Hymnmalfunkshun61185
Chants - Theophany Hymns by Sbd. Karim El-Far.kelfar0691
Arabic Chant CDsAlveus Lacuna333865
Makris CD's Now Availabledrewmeister23662
Music with swearingsodr2563948
Love is a burning thing. Ring of fire Johnny Cash.Christianus71304
Secular Music - Yay or Nay?AntoniousNikolas944902
St. Athanasius Church is a uniting factor in Arlington, MAbiro0304
Good Christmas music_Seraphim_0248
How Do I Post Music from a CD?Gebre Menfes Kidus162377
Iconography vs. Western Artxariskai41609
Music Compostion/Orthodox Piano MusicThe Anti-Nietzsche1894
Punk CabaretAnastasia13335
Horror PunkAnastasia1202339
Connecticut church presents music seriesbiro0263
Rock group Foo Fighters pokes fun at Westboro Baptist Churchbiro6650
I said, it's not really loud in here!: 'silent club' the latest trend?biro22901
Producer and Sugar Hill Records co-owner Sylvia Robinson dies at 75biro0206
Music festival in Kabul, Afghanistan, first in 35 yearsbiro0163
Former Weezer bassist dead at 40biro0340
Cappella Romana to Sing Rachmaninoff All-Night Vigil in JanuaryPeterTheAleut4426
Whitney Houston has died, aged 48GTAsoldier16756
Orthodox Believers Stand Up For Jailed Anti-Putin Punk Rockers / Members Of Female Punk Band PUSSY RIOT On Trial For Church Protest / Aleksandr Dugin on "Pussy Riots" global blackmail nstanosheck51219501
Beautiful music: Tucson performers to end season with Rachmaninoff's "Vespers"biro0171
Jim Marshall, maker of Marshall Amplifiers, has diedbiro2175
About Classical musicpengupk913790
Inquiring Catholic; Music in Orthodox Churchtkirn17749
Christian musicDpaula281091
Delta Blues vs. Bluegrass Salpy81180
Orthodox Chant Indetification God Bless32321239
RIP Wojciech KilarArachne1138
The Music of Byzantine Popular PietyJNS2174
Arvo Pärt, Orthodox composerbiro3326
What's everyone listening to?Jibrail Almuhajir6333631518
RIP Magda OliveroArachne380
An Orthodox Philosophy of MusicAntoniousNikolas060

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