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Results for persecution
Subject Started by Replies Views
Monks as a light to men... DerekMK101865
Patriarch Bartholomew vs Esphigmenou MonasteryBizzlebin14114413
Minorities Living Tormented Days Under Sectarian ViolenceSlave of Christ2925
Crisis at Mt Athosjarednicholas546389
More news from Athosscamandrius1850
What is the Prince of Wales doing there?scamandrius173298
Illinois churches barred from "gay discrimination"Matthew777203170
Updates to the Official ROAC USA WebsiteKyrie Eleison0873
Is Something Cultish Going on with ROAC?Keble6911345
website suggestionsJoeZollars41109
More Nativity MessagesBobby0828
Of your Christian mercy, please pray!nstanosheck142179
Tattoos and Leviticus 19:28 Yes or No?Sloga4010019
Cross tattoofennik7818671
Article on Turkish and Soviet atrocitiesSerge31354
When Minorities speak out in Turkeyalexp4uni2900
To Kill a CoptEkhristosAnesti11107
Modern Miracles?IS203883
Kosov - Orthodox Church of Christ The Saviour Turned into a public toiletOrthodoc132935
The L.A. Times and the Armenian GenocideSalpy152882
Iraq’s Christians Flee as Extremist Threat Worsens BJohnD12570
John the Bulgarian - From Christian to Moselm to Christian MartyrOrthodoc31742
Pascha In Dauchau - 1945Orthodoc21082
Turkish Persecution of Oecumenical Patriarch Intensifies.ozgeorge1211941
Bishop Filaret excercising absolute fast, not a hunger strikeorthodoxlurker0964
Rev. Fr. Boulos Iskander (SOC priest in Iraq killed )daniel_reji73029
Another Syriac Orthodox Priest Killed in Iraqdhinuus102166
Serbian Church in Kosovo desecratedscamandrius3957
Computer Teacher at Armenian School Murdered in IstanbulSalpy3354
Syrian Orthodox Church LootedOrthodoc42824
Coptic DemandsAklie Semaet11303
St.George Indian Orthodox Church in New York Vandalizeddhinuus101979
Islamic Aggression against the Holy Monastery of Abu FanaEkhristosAnesti153257
English Translation of His Holiness' WordsFortunatus31087
Murder of Family Coptic Christians in NJ recentalexp4uni294124
Iraqi Christians flee to SyriaIbrahim42119
Syria and Iraq-RepressionIbrahim0900
Coptic Christians Attacked AgainAntoniousNikolas111961
Prayers Needed For The Coptic Orthodox ChurchOrthodoc142533
Serious Prayers for Our Church and Father: Egypt update.Fortunatus61869
Update on Coptic Orthodox ChurchSaintShenouti61390
Orthodoxy and IslamStGeorge364835
Christians Begin Exodus From IraqBen263535
Copts Demand Equality!Ibrahim517427
American Embassy in Cairo investigationStavro1938
3 Day Fast: Important!EkhristosAnesti91781
10,000 Lay Seige On Coptic Church In EgyptOrthodoc1998
Church of Cyprus to Take Legal Action Against Turkeyozgeorge1845
Egypt attempts to close Copt churchMor Ephrem1972
Greek New martyrsBasilCan2928
Armenian Orthodoxdjrak6912421
Jew trys to sort out Orthodox-Armenian tiffMBZ21433
The Wounded Torturerozgeorge21077
Coptic Orthodox problems?PrinceMarko41193
Makeshift AltarsAthanasios122406
Pray for the Copts of EgyptFortunatus92290
Coptic Christmas in EgyptJoeS01130
Islamic Radicals Threaten to Kill H.H. Coptic Pope Shenouda IIIEkhristosAnesti193811
Chaldean Catholic Archbishop of Mosul is deadlubeltri82049
How late was there Soviet persecution of Christianity? StGeorge355799
Turks Say No to Reopen Halki SchoolOrthodoc152695
Orthodoxy and inquisition?88Devin12314847
"The Day They Began Killing Christians"josh243637
Suffering, Persecution, Secularism etc... Does it come to bring us back?88Devin1251027
Karekin II Psalti Boy101598
Turkish nationalists disrupt Epiphany dive in IstanbulTomS2992
Is leaving the Orthodox Church punishable by Death???Irenaeus07608391
More persecution in Iraq Salpy51073
Vatican investing gold of Orthodox died in death-camps in wars against Orthodoxorthodoxlurker14723227
How Long Will the Persecution of Assyrians Be Ignored?Slave of Christ4875
Christians Arrested, Shops Looted in VillageSlave of Christ151953
Thousands of Muslims Attack Coptic Church in CairoSlave of Christ506004
Attempts by Turkish authorities to confiscate Mor Gabriel Monasterydhinuus599690
Bartholomew I: Turkish Bureaucracy Is Trying To Make Us Disappearmike132123
Esphigmenou Monks Acquitted by CourtIrish Hermit1778
Attempts by Turkish Authorities to Confiscate 1600 year old St.Gabriel MonasteryLeb Aryo101845
Should the Hierarchs under Islam Speak out More?ialmisry61020
Greek anarchists attack church building and beat christians in ThessalonikiElpidophoros434090
Orthodox priest killed in IraqMarat142944
swine flu as excuse to further impoverish Coptic minoritySalpy151938
Persecution of the Coptic Orthodoxdeusveritasest2476
U-[forbidden] backed up by local authorities tried to seize an Orthodox churchorthodoxlurker101359
Patriarch Kirill: Courage and faith of the Solovki camp prisoners are benchmarksmike1605
Persecution of Christians in the West?Riddikulus2688
More atrocities against Copts in EgyptSalpy112005
Christians in Egypt - Please Watch and PrayFr.Kyrillos91060
Syriac Orthodox Churchs in Mosul, Iraq attackeddhinuus91917
Two more Churches attacked in Mosul, Iraqdhinuus61121
Attacks on Christiansjayjay71195
Egypt: Drive-by shooting at church kills at least 7Orthodox11292979
Video pertaining to the Christmas killings in EgyptSamB0729
Pope Shenouda III on the killingsSamB0477
New Martyrs of Naga Hammadi Tamara5903
Declaration issued on Iraq by the Syriac Orthodox Patriarchatedhinuus3787
Nigerian Military Accomplices in Massacre Against Christians?xariskai1636
April 24Salpy6975
Christians Tortured & Brutally Murdered in Turkey trevor726946849
Another Muslim Convert to Orthodoxy persecuted in Egyptialmisry101425
N.H. town defeated in court in attempt to punish ChristiansIrish Hermit8658
Jesus descends Mekki20114035
Turkey Approves Muslim Prayer Service In Armenian Church raffisx7876
Muslim fundamentalists demonstrate against Coptic Pope Shenoudabiro4891
Al Qaeda threatening the Coptic Churchcopticmind81327
Widespread Persecution of Copts: Reality or Hysteria?Seth84142320
Car bomb at Coptic Church in Alexandria kills at least 21Ortho_cat292472
Al Qaeda website calls for attacks on Coptic churches in Hollandbiro6942
Coptic Christian priest killed in southern EgyptCoptoGeek7933
Thousands of Christians Displaced in Ethiopia After Muslim Extremists Torch Chursainthieu7763
More violence against CoptsSalpy342670
(Video) Coptic Hermit - Fr. NofrFr.Kyrillos71028
Orthodox Church desecration - 2 min. Video / Al-Qaeda in the BalkansSloga82074
Christian women in Egypt being converted to Islam by force, Witness SaysSalpy4589
More attacks on Coptic ChristiansSalpy5593
Is 'Christianophobia' growing in the Middle East?: Met. Hilarion speaksbiro0252
Violence breaks out at Cairo protest against church demolitionbiro211585
Persecution of Copts in EgyptSalpy40232731
Egyptian student killed for wearing crucifixbiro314262
Christmas in Gaza: faith amid trying timesbiro3338
Ayaan Hirsi Ali: The Global War on Christians in the Muslim WorldCoptoGeek51347
Copt Naguib Sawiris given 6 years jail for 'insulting prophet' in Egyptbiro9900
Islamists Nearly Wipe Out Christians in Syrian City / Christians expelled from Homs arimethea151169
Commission on Religious Freedom: "Christians most persecuted group in the world"Salpy4578
St. Matthew Syriac Orthodox Church, Baghdad attacked.dhinuus161183
Bombing raids on Christian areas in Sudanbiro0207
muslims behead christian convert in tunisiaJason.Wike1327608
Russian Church Is a Strong Voice Opposing Intervention in Syriadhinuus612964
Saudis release Ethiopians arrested for praying in homeSalpy2500
Lawyer Requests Exclusion of Copts from Constitutional Committee for being "PolyBalthasar13749
Muslims crucifying Christians and other opponents Maria291164
Christian Boy Mutilated KilledZenovia421412
Christian Child Arrested in Pakistan For BlasphemyZenovia16928
Coptic Priests Held for Converting MuslimSalpy10784
Teachers in Mosul Schedule Exams on Christmas DaySalpy6354
Update on the Situation of Christians in Syria – Exclusive Report and Snapstheorthodoxchurch5598
Bomb explodes in Coptic Church in LibyaPharaoh7148540
Funeral of Murdered Armenian Woman in Istanbul Evokes Memories of Earlier Cover-CoptoGeek1281
Pakistani Christian accused of blasphemy moves to Canada biro0131
Armenian Church in Turkey Demands List of ‘Categorized’ ArmeniansSalpy12573
An Armenian tells his story of being kidnapped by MuslimsSalpy1258
Armenian village of Kessab attacked and emptied of its peopleSalpy464140
Now even Christians in Europe are under threat.Raylight17802
Sudanese Christian woman, pregnant with her second child, is sentenced to deathMaria841942
Prayers and petitions for Ethiopian Orthodox woman sentenced to deathxOrthodox4Christx11426

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