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Results for baptism
Subject Started by Replies Views
Back In Church after Baptism. Need Advise?kzofm19716
Emergency Baptismprodromas102002
Is non-Orthodox Baptism valid?Truth_or_Bust525405
What does baptism do?LaoudenSwain51380
Attendance at Protestant ServicesJSOrthodoxy134330
Regarding BaptismDoubting Thomas385755
Baptism for the remission of sinsIntrigued Latin81304
Baptism and confessionTruth_or_Bust101693
Guidelines for BaptismSouthSerb99162331
something about infant baptism that confuses meerracht61554
The necessity of baptismMatthew777192452
The fate of unbaptized infantsDoubting Thomas102262
Baptism and my special needs daughterTruthSeeker1580
Baptism for the deadTruthSeeker61140
Baptizing converts - why not?Rilian151830
Non-Orthodox BaptismsSlave of Christ142641
Baptisms by non-priests...ByzantineSerb615769
Tradition and traditionsDoubting Thomas41504
Baptism of childrenjayjay193790
Child Baptism QuestionMo the Ethio111538
How To BaptizeShamus1703
Southern Baptists Report Decline in Baptismspensateomnia41314
Baptized and Chrismated this SundayRowan212391
Orthodox Recognition of Catholic BaptismsMarat547552
catechumen practicetexasgypsy152235
For Orthodox: how should Catholic converts be received?lubeltri596475
why is re-baptism contradictory in Orthodox Faith?ChristianLove9014011
Adult Baptismtruthseeker25183671
Baptism and SalvationShamus161842
Order of infant Baptism, Chrismation, Communion?Eugenio61930
Believer's BaptismCleopas27652494
baptize only on easter?pathofsolitude152329
Oriental OrthodoxTheCultureWarrior234232
Why did Jesus Baptize Noone?grov51201
Cloned babies and BaptismOrthodoc41118
Question about pre-baptismal customRosehip161821
Womb BaptismMyrrh23122032
is my Chrismation Valid???celestial chi273515
Baptismal/Chrismation certificateQuinault61747
Baptism CrossesRLNM51578
Orthodox Patriarch to Baptise 50 New ConvertsOrthodoc103063
Confession Only?Timos193767
Infant Dedication?StGeorge263178
Baptism Of Former Beslan Hostage & His MomOrthodoc41026
Baptism as part of the Divine LiturgyMattheos212786
What Can't Non-Chrisitans Baptize?ialmisry222283
Liturgical practise of antiochian parishElpidophoros658103
When should babies be baptized and why?BasilCan122578
What is the fate of heretics?ignatius10011498
Baptized twice ?KostaNY205369
New conversion concerns (baptism, Eucharist)coC2O142552
'Baptism of desire' / or perhaps something called 'baptism of the spirit'?paradoxy53046
Washing of Original Sin in Baptismcristian84161520
Orthodox in Germany now recognize heterodox baptismsscamandrius214147
Is the Eucharist "like" a second baptism?88Devin126879
question on baptizing new grandson :)Helena9481596
Coptic Baptism for the dead?NewOrtho94379
Things you wish you'd known about getting baptized?Cassiel263921
Chrismation/Confirmation and Commuion?Liz121921
Baptism Questionleveck172235
Baptism through pouring?Sleepyhead142732
Who Performs the Sacraments/Mysteries?NewOrtho72481
Choosing to Be Orthodox After Infant Baptism?NewOrtho4860
Do Orthodox Rebaptize Trinitarian Christians?Kaste386870
Ex-Mormon Looking for a new HomeDivinus515577
Multiple baptismsmaxval51438
Do all Orthodox Churches recognize converts received by chrismation?Layman Dan182376
Infant BaptismNewOrtho201273
The Holy Spirit and Baptismdeusveritasest12812266
Why Not "Open Communion"?PJ16019556
St Constantine the GreatMickey647463
Sacramental reception irregularities in the OO Traditiondeusveritasest806525
Uncomfortable with ChrismationThomasino694519
Hundreds participate in Georgia mass baptismstashko71223
De-baptism... with a hair-dryerFatherGiryus242184
Recognition of Catholic and Protestant Baptism?stanley123755094
Conversion and get all new sacraments?Dave in McKinney311721
Baby drowns during baptismQuinault696787
What is the new nature?john_morcos2364
Correction of BaptismShanghaiski161165
Can and should I be baptized again?Theophilos7823310140
Coptic and ArmenianAnastasia1163019
does the all holy theotokos needs christian baptism?marlo291507
Requesting adviceTheophilos7811830
Validity of baptismmaxval8587
Effects of Re-BaptismCarefree T7641
The Historicity of Infant BaptismNucleicAcid111134
Proper use and disposal of Baptismal WaterJLatimer9728
Godparent dilemmamike211105
divorced and then remarried.....can't get baptized?trevor72694282777
Prayers for Baby Hosanna's BaptismGebre Menfes Kidus452913
what will happen if an infant dies un-baptized?trevor7269415973
Baptism, history, and the facts: column by Fr. Barnabas Powellbiro31224
"salvation by works"?trevor72694342166
Baptism in the name of the Holy Trinityabdedaloho141471
Decline in Marriages - GOASolEX01271884
Oriental Orthodoxy and infant baptism, chrismation and communionnew_abc51542
Site of Christ's Baptism reopened after landmines cleared from areabiro2388
Baptism of other denominationsSauron13619
Is this a baptismal Cross?zekarja2423
Baptism - Validity and FormulaAndrew - The First Called12776
Baptized again?kurtismjohnson2365
Jewish idea of baptismMaria24888
Receiving the Holy Spirit?JenniferF302820
Baptism QAnastasia111487
One True Church?GreekChef55450827
Godfather of an adultAnastasia12289
Gifts for my Priest and the congregateMichaelofSN8542
Old believers?Ansgar1038421
Method of BaptismxOrthodox4Christx511066
Symbolism in BaptismsPoppy26564
Baptism outside the Orthodox ChurchRegnare2423953
Question regarding reception of convertsAaron61275272
What is meant by the new person after baptism?TomTorbeyns36678
Norm of Roman Rite Baptism and Early ChurchKmon2333688
Ancestral Sin, death, baptismKmon23294
Significance of charms on baptism pin? (Greek orthodox)hamster024172

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