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Results for saints
Subject Started by Replies Views
Concerning the Ecumenical PatriarchateSilouan374300
RC Saintscrocodilina142087
Unity and our SaintsIsaac539280
St. Stephen's DayTinaG2841
Post Chalcedon Oriental Orthodox saints.Gabriel9157749
St. Moses the EthiopianSalpy3810564
Indian Saints?Kristophoros121852
Holy St. Philopateer MercuriosSetFree82849
Feast of Saint Antony the GreatStavro21009
St. Gregory of Narek (951-1003)daniel_reji22402
Modern SaintsRaouf41450
St Severus of Antiochpeterfarrington133817
The Tenth Day of Kiahk in the Coptic Calendarminasoliman0989
Catholic Recognition of Orthodox Saints post-schismBl. Leonid Feodorov536411
From another list: St Ahmed the Calligrapheranastasios91947
What's this Icon all about?Andreas142561
Oh Holy Martyr Yevgeny Pray Unto God For Us!Orthodoc2999
St. Yevgeny RodionovLinus7155955
The OO , EO and Catholic common saint Macarius212577
Icon of St. VarusDonna Rose82191
St. Yevgeny RodionovAndreas31028
Venerable Shio Mgvimethomas c.4997
could there be more recognition of non-Orthodox saints?erracht71636
Praying to saints?starboss213144
To give Saints name to an animal is wrong.xls534909
Saint "Titles"Friul373600
Orthodox devotion to Catholic saintsgriego catolico369251
Orthodox saints vs.Catholic saintsqueen63772
New Glorification-St. Pahomieaugustin7171931
Catholic to Orthodox - Question about SaintsCarole213976
Question about the Rmanov family saints...ByzantineSerb6010234
Stylites and Huts?Thanatos111929
St.Ioasaf of BelgorodCuirassier0762
A Prodigal SaintJennifer163331
Oriental Orthodox Signs of Sanctity?isaakios112482
Pray to the Saints....confusion in orthodoxy?TruthSeeker132690
St Nicholas slapped AriusMattheos23002
John the Bulgarian - From Christian to Moselm to Christian MartyrOrthodoc31680
Praying to the SaintsTomS133028
Symbols of the EvangelistsAmatorDeus134111
Western SaintsDerekMK72022
Mary, Saints, and IconsDoubting Thomas264290
Guardian AngelsJustinianus102529
How are Orthodox Saints Decided UponJustinianus51404
Holy Innocentsmoronikos41196
St Panteleimon Shrine Consecrated for all (see website)Orthodoc0761
Patron Saints?Andreas173096
What's your favorite Saint?JoeZollars656788
July 2: St. John Maximovitch of Shanghai and San Franciscostgregorynazianzen1946
The Departure of Mother IriniEkhristosAnesti1112310
Icon of the 12 American Saintsstgregorynazianzen41686
A theological problem involving St. HermanCosmoline233785
Prayers of the Saints in Judaism?Augustine182297
Finding a Patron SaintLabosseuse468163
St. John the Baptist being identified with Elijah.erracht61768
Ranking The Prophets?OrthodoxAndrew121997
ST PARASKEVI - miracle vasilisl42279
Saints and PrayerSir Sundae81998
St Marina - A true Storyvasilisl126266
Going by the name of your Patron SaintMarat284593
Could Lady Godiva be an Orthodox Saint?ozgeorge131859
Vladyka Ivan (John) MaximovichHeorhij183678
The saints choose you?Rowan122716
By The Power of Thy Cross...ozgeorge132493
Russian soldier dies for his faith (refuses to remove Cross)Orthodoc85000
Sainthood of the Romanov Family?Addai304628
Modern Day Female SaintTrudy82506
Book on lives of the saints?Labosseuse106050
Question about a patron saintOrthodox Bagpiper41735
Saints and their salvationprayingserb243323
Orthodox patron saints? Eugenio12324
OuraniaPsalti Boy4856
western orthodox saintsChristodoulos307231
saint vs. blessedSalpy162703
The Writings of St. Simeon the Stylitetroy41116
The Bible and Venerationminasoliman8653867
Icon of St. ConanSalpy254163
Saint Joannicus the GreatMor Ephrem51750
St. Anthony of the DesertLinus711073
St. Pontius Pilate Day?mathetes479573
Orthodox Priest from California canonized a Saintarimethea83929
Icons of Celtic SaintsIrish Hermit124945
Lives of the Saints - an Information Only Threadcleveland17483658
Lives of the Catholic Saints - An Information Only ThreadAthanasios387266
Early Church FathersSabbas32639918
Wisdom of the Oriental Orthodox FathersEkhristosAnesti24664761
Favorite Saintsarjuna3110333549
Happy St. Stephan's Day!Salpy415361
St. Stephan's DaySalpy11034
Orthodox on post-1054 Catholic saintsStGeorge98237
St John the Baptist -- Above the Cherubim and the Seraphim?EkhristosAnesti0552
Truth Or Irish Folk Lore? - Happy Saint Bridget's Day!Orthodoc71554
St. [any saint] DayRowan4825
Cyril--"saint" or despot?Doubting Thomas61289
Looking for Orthodox books about depressionGreekChef103680
Ayios Nektariosjude0905
Apostle Matthew in EthiopiaFelipe Ortiz196239
Saint Patrick's Daysinjinsmythe295951
Incorrupt SaintsHadel155433
Movie about St. Vartan?Salpy213579
Icons of Saint Onesimus?Heorhij31596
What is the biblical basis of Saints having the ability to hear our prayers???Irenaeus07234663
How do you pick an icon of a Saint?Irenaeus0761603
St. Patrick and Coptic Orthodox ChristianityEkhristosAnesti299639
Let's play Saint/Not-A-Saintdonkeyhotay142334
Are there Saints who are not canonized???Irenaeus07363938
Pope DioscorusSaintShenouti0854
St Isaac of Ninevahsurajiype82029
Prayer to St. MichaelShamus53141
St John CassianCassiel162704
Saints Jacob and DionysiosMor Ephrem01000
An Armenian saint increasingly popular in Ethiopia!Hiywot7426624
John of DalyathaEkhristosAnesti52519
Year long celeration ends in Jacobite Syrian ChurchOrthodoc11672
Saint Gregory of NarekMor Ephrem01101
Are there any living saints today?Unique118815
Readings from under the Grapevine: Inspirational Stories for Children (AFR)Tamara52632
Prophet Elijah DVD for children in spoken Arabic and English kelfar12034
Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas??MaryCecilia487326
His Holiness Patriarch Pavle in hospitalIrish Hermit345195
Saint Sebastian and the Orhtodox churchOrthodox Bagpiper0871
Saint Jacob of SarugMor Ephrem01025
Seraphim of SerovPapist41075
St. John of EphesusSalpy41408
St. Thomas's wifeytterbiumanalyst51165
Saint Alexei Trupp: A Roman Catholic glorified by ROCOR griego catolico258354
Offer Candle To St Gregorious of KeralaOrthodoc21087
Abune Petros: A Martyr of the MilleniumMor Ephrem21088
Oriental Orthodox Saints commemorationStavro123098
Mar Gregorios of ParumalaMor Ephrem21080
Mor Athanasius Paulose canonized as saintdaniel_reji0930
Canonization as Saints.charly01368
Patriarch Pavle 'retired' by the Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church!?paradoxy334260
St. Philomena an Orthodox saint?StGeorge11383
Father Seraphim Rose and saintsDerekMK53145
Favorite Modern Saints?Slave of Christ354591
Intercessions of the SaintsCDHealy21405
Icons depicting beardless SaintsOrthodoc459558
The Departure of His Holiness Pope Saint Kyrillos VIEkhristosAnesti913131
Information needed on St. Moses of Hungarysinjinsmythe62442
Pray Nareg for the Great FastGhazaros0919
Feast Day of Mor Hananyo (St. Ananias) 21 Novemberdaniel_reji01031
Practical and Mystical: Patriarch St. Kyrillos VI (1959-1971). EkhristosAnesti11684
Greek New martyrsBasilCan2874
The Man Possessed in Markdantxny0608
Is he a saint?arjuna31102904
Edward Michael Cardinal Egan on Orthodox SaintsMarc1152122951
Hail to Saint George, Prince of Martyrs!EkhristosAnesti123599
The Departure of St. Severus of AntiochEkhristosAnesti81870
Thousands to go on pilgrimage to saint's tomb at Manjanikkara daniel_reji11198
Moran Pray For Usdaniel_reji0635
St Isaac the Syrian was from the Assyrian Church of the East?_Seraphim_153219
Not Only Had a Monk Become Patriarch, But the Patriarch Remained a MonkEkhristosAnesti31586
Feast of St. Mark the Evangelist, the first Patriarch of the See of AlexandriaFortunatus31075
Yara??kansas city1796
The body of new martyr found in RussiaOrthodoc01587
The Prophetic Gift in Oriental OrthodoxyNtinos334844
Studying the Letters of St. Severusminasoliman102475
Kosovo New MartyrsSilouan71535
Relic Of Two Of Orthodoxy's Saints To Be ReturnedOrthodoc8010797
Orthodox martyrs - possible nowdays?_Anna_L314068
St. OuraniaPsalti Boy21357
Saint Brigid of Kildareprodromos3972
Which Byzantine Emperors are saints?Tony11134
Saints on Vespers Service (Esperinos)Mattheos0858
modern OO monasticismpathofsolitude41328
Nearly 500,000 Honor Romanian SaintOrthodoc01084
How can the saints hear all of us?benbriggs244387
Mary, the Saints, and IconsHank254155
A famous Russian orthodox iconpainter's offericonpainter0781
Can Heretics be Church Fathers?StGeorge132129
Prayers to St. Thomas the Apostle?NorthernPines63182
Getting To Know The Saintscherokeerose91779
St. Jacob NetsvetovOrthodoxAndrew1855
The Parumala Perunnal-2008theorthodoxchurch0531
Serbian Patriarch resignedmike202524
All Saints funlubeltri2684
Church MothersChristodoulos4015934
Modern Church FathersDerekMK29539128
Fr. Seraphim Rose?Papist102946
Fr. Seraphim (Rose) to be a Saint?Andreas424326
New Icon of Fr. Seraphim Roseozgeorge63426
Another patron saint?tuesdayschild111877
Saint Nektarios of Aeginakelfar51325
What's this about St. Theodora?erracht384200
The canonization of StalinCRCulver244655
Resource on St. EvagriusSalpy41748
Saint Cyriacus (Kyriakos)Athanasios11314
Sanctity of All BelieversSlave of Christ81177
Local Veneration of SaintsSlave of Christ111509
St Constantine the GreatMickey646816
St. Demetrius of Kievmike3899
hematite icon braceletsSalpy2610336
St Francis of AssisiMickey15116267
Egyptian Monks Help Muslims Banish DemonsMor Ephrem72545
St. Thaddeuscothrige41426
St. Anthony the Greatignatios41188
Hymns of Saint YaredRastaman0850
St David/Dewi Sant/AquaticusBrigid of Kildare62527
Saint NinoQuinault1792
St. Peter the Aleutantiderivative162797
Not-so-saintly Saintsmike304396
Should Haile Selassie be Canonized?Gebre Menfes Kidus13724155
St. Budimir - Newly Canonized Serbian Saintaserb41298
Saint SAVA, patron Saint of Serbia and First Archbishop of Serbian Churchsin_vladimirov11983
Icon of Patron Saint and something liteIan Lazarus111606
Holy RelicsFotina0292420
Saints relics found in British MuseumSchultz172646
Who are those Saints? :)Myrrh23162424
Modern Saints with Fantastic Miracles?Alveus Lacuna116030
Church Fathers/Saints and falling down? (and getting up again)88Devin121571
Historicity of St George the MartyrEkhristosAnesti222547
Holy Myrrhbearers Sunday - Orthodox Women's Daymike71431
Hilary of Poitiersdeusveritasest9816
Gebre Menfes KidusPoorFoolNicholas619573
The Beheading of St. John the BaptistCarpatho Russian2637
Icon QuestionDavid Young273349
Prayer to Saints: Epistemic BarrierCudgel223705
Writing Icons for Saints which Previously have not been PortrayedAlveus Lacuna61119
Saints and Righteous Ones of North Americamonkvasyl51339
Is Augustine of Hippo an Orthodox Saint?PeterTheAleut515295
A question regarding sainthoodHeorhij303987
Feast day of Cyril of Alexandriadeusveritasest51028
Witch Hunts of the West/Clairvoyants of the EastAlveus Lacuna9934
Abouna Youstos of St. Anthony's MonasteryAndrew210911673
What's wrong with offering incense to emperors?samkim595882
All Saints of Britain and Ireland ~ 28 June 2009Irish Hermit92042
Which date to celebrate an Orthodox saint of recent repose?griego catolico1606
St. Vartan is awesomeSalpy11458
Icon of Fr. ArsenySinner Servant0992
St. Tikhon of ZadonskDionysus31241
Theology of Ambrose of Milandeusveritasest3655
Identity of the Oriental Orthodox Fathersdeusveritasest122081
Hilary of Poitierstruthstalker41040
Learning about Saint HermanAndrea2555
St. John the ForerunnerOrtho_cat51357
Name the saintRobert W172705
Why do we revere Czar Nicholas ?spiltteeth443972
Wearing Saints BraceletsRosehip113961
Canonization of Ruthenian bishops?StGeorge0458
St. Nicodemus of PalermoShlomlokh0434
Heretic Patriarch made Saint?ialmisry122066
Saints Sergius and Bacchus, Martyrd Gay SaintsJoisephBReyes156217
Eastern Saints in the Catholic ChurchSlave of Christ51115
The Passion of St. Shushanik is now on lineSalpy0723
Bilocation, Levitation, Supernatural Energy, etc.Gebre Menfes Kidus388705
Good websites for Saints?mersch91324
Patriarch Varnava of Serbiajosh92516
Non-Martyr Saints In The Early ChurchSlave of Christ41331
Recent Miracle in Romania!mctaviix265709
Image not made with hands/Veronicas veilVlad81503
Serbian Orthodox Church head Pavle dies at 95Apostolos292807
Diodore of Tarsus and St John ChrysostomRomans13x106969
Presbytera Olga Michael will be canonisedmike61311
Santa Claus???Eugenio518535
Orthodox Patron Saint of Animals?Knytshade13639
St. Dionysius of Zakynthos and St. Spiridon similarityStGeorge62485
Questions on the role of saints in our lives...KBN181213
How does prayer to the Saints work?Super Apostolic Bros.81424
Stephen IIIsamkim5954
St. Symeon and Ancestral SinStGeorge151711
are there really some saints who's bodies never decomposed?trevor72694377506
World Orthodoxy without gracE?pathos353256
Patron Saint of Jordan (person, not the country)anastasios143574
Nicholas of Myra... THE MOVIERobert W284356
Praying to the Saints.Christianus12210689
Pseudo-Dionysius the AreopagiteOrtho_cat363012
Kontakion for Dionysius the AeropagiteSchultz2945
Ostrov and The Silent MonkEkhristosAnesti1909
Online encyclopedia of orthodox saints?forevervegan41863
Russian video on Saint Seraphim of SarovQuinault31278
the choice to whom to pray-believer745675
Is Maximus the Confessor a Saint? Gebre Menfes Kidus554974
The Cult of St. Nicholas in OrthodoxyAlveus Lacuna61123
List of Spanish saints venerated in the orthodox church.Christianus32560
Blessed feast day of St. Ghevont!Salpy31512
Saint Nicanor of Mount Calistratusma20001751
Nonsense in the Prologue from OhridAlveus Lacuna153712
Icon of soldier beheaded for not taking off his cross gives myrrh in Penza churcOrthodoc11114
Where does St. John Chrysostom say...Mivac131188
A Most Blessed St. Patrick's DayJibrail Almuhajir182006
Happy St Patrick's Day - Irish Orthodox icon and chant from the 8th century_Seraphim_24216
Where can I find an icon of the Romanovs?trevor72694304190
St. GenesiusAltar Server151645
Letters of Ignatiusdeuteros4590
Is becoming a Saint in the world nearly impossible?88Devin121095291
Western European Orthodox saints?trevor7269492039
Orthodox veneration of St Roch/RoccoRobb111332
Saints and corruptionandroid41660
Patron saint of gardening?Schultz92816
Modern Day Saints?Lauren_Elisse164928
Indian Orthodox SaintsChristianus11578
A Miracle in the Life of Saint SeverusEkhristosAnesti2508
From the Life of Saint DioscorusEkhristosAnesti121445
A Beautiful Icon of the Holy St. SeverusEkhristosAnesti4836
What is the proper way to address a saint?David Carroll31460
National or Jurisdictional Saints' DayHeorhij151623
St. Xenia of St. Petersburgtrevor72694112424
First Century Icons and Prayers to SaintsGregoryLA91428
Portuguese Orthodox SaintsFabio Leite81252
can I venerate these?trevor72694121570
St. Timothy and the neighbor's catdeusveritasest342254
Orthodox and Roman Catholic saints?trevor72694101878
saints of North Americatrevor72694302216
Recent Saints?android61824
St. Anastasija of Serbia?trevor726943899
St. ConstantineScott262129
Holy Forty Martys of SebasteGregoryLA1288
Was St. Thekla a martyr?samkim302420
The sinlessness of the Theotokos, John the Baptist, and the Old Testament Saintsakimel1128360
The 24 Patron Saints of Koreasamkim262986
Praying to Patron Saintschaplain7692044
Orthodox Saint William?Andrea71887
Saint(S) for Animals?Gamliel3590
Father Seraphim Rose IconAntonis232788
St. PhanouriosStGeorge132918
who is your patron saint?trevor7269411216779
Sixteen saints from the Pittsburgh, PA area (Orthodox and otherwise)biro0314
Who Were the Most Important Saints After the 6th Century...Slave of Christ272177
Need help finding the sourceHeorhij5912
Will The Real Prophet Please Stand Up?tomowapig5983
What's in a name?: baptismal names and saints in Orthodox Christianitybiro0526
Orthodox Western Saintspeterfarrington221354
Are All Christians Saints?Gebre Menfes Kidus281427
Saint Debra?Russell102032
Lesbian Saints of the Orthodox Churchozgeorge212526
Asking the Saints to pray for usKuriakose5864
venerating saintsAltar Server161226
Has someone discussed this somewhere?Volnutt23954
Are Adam and Eve Saints?Volnutt302537
Blessed Mother Theodora of AlexandriaCBGardner5575
Venerating Chalcedonian Saints?Severian744286
Is St. John the Baptist Equal to Our Lady the Virgin St. Mary?Gebre Menfes Kidus161046
Does anyone know where to find an icon of St. Olaf of Norway?celticfan188881592
Incorrupt Non-Chalcedonian saints?jah777241543
The IncorruptiblesAthanasios263716
Saint John of Damascus is everywhereorthonorm371680
Who is a saint?lost341085
Canonisation: Could there be errors made? FountainPen23904
What saint is this?AZCatholic10462
Important questions about praying to SaintsGhassanid12594
Primary Sources Concering the Personality of Saint Athanasius of AlexandriaSeverian71077
Saints We Hold in Common...Slave of Christ11633
Do OO and EO venerate the same saints?walter123414953
Where was prayer to the saints in the first 300-some years of the Church?chrisiacovetti241459
Earliest Evidence of the Veneration of Saints?Sam G12371
Mistrust of anything not from a saintjohn_mo10594

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