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Results for Islam
Subject Started by Replies Views
Muhammad Atta vs. Malcolm X: Who is the true exemplar of Islam?Matthew7778010243
Cartoons protester found guiltyDerekMK415105
Future U.S. Religious Trends - From Catholic To Orthodoxwelkodox396516
Christian, Muslim Leaders in Cyprus Call Off Meeting Over RemarksSlave of Christ1998
Is Islam prophesied in the Bible?Irenaeus07243277
John the Bulgarian - From Christian to Moselm to Christian MartyrOrthodoc31747
Iraq’s Christians Flee as Extremist Threat Worsens BJohnD12570
Muslim Meeting Draws 90,000 Followers, Calls For Islamic StateSlave of Christ61600
Do Muslims worship the same god as Christians?rosborn547759
Oriental Orthodox input on Islam_Seraphim_81943
Islamic Salat and non-Chalcedonian OfficesTheCultureWarrior71827
Muhammad's Orthodox Uncle?AntoniousNikolas123608
Cross in the Crescent-good articleIbrahim0852
Arab Christianity and Islamic PhrasesJ62852
Orthodoxy and IslamStGeorge364839
Christians Begin Exodus From IraqBen263540
Copts Demand Equality!Ibrahim517453
American Embassy in Cairo investigationStavro1941
3 Day Fast: Important!EkhristosAnesti91784
10,000 Lay Seige On Coptic Church In EgyptOrthodoc1999
Islamic Aggression against the Holy Monastery of Abu FanaEkhristosAnesti153260
Minorities Living Tormented Days Under Sectarian ViolenceSlave of Christ2926
Tattoos and Leviticus 19:28 Yes or No?Sloga4010034
Cross tattoofennik7818706
Article on Turkish and Soviet atrocitiesSerge31359
When Minorities speak out in Turkeyalexp4uni2901
To Kill a CoptEkhristosAnesti11109
Kosov - Orthodox Church of Christ The Saviour Turned into a public toiletOrthodoc132939
Turkish Persecution of Oecumenical Patriarch Intensifies.ozgeorge1211941
Rev. Fr. Boulos Iskander (SOC priest in Iraq killed )daniel_reji73032
Another Syriac Orthodox Priest Killed in Iraqdhinuus102167
Serbian Church in Kosovo desecratedscamandrius3959
Syrian Orthodox Church LootedOrthodoc42825
Coptic DemandsAklie Semaet11304
English Translation of His Holiness' WordsFortunatus31088
Iraqi Christians flee to SyriaIbrahim42119
Syria and Iraq-RepressionIbrahim0900
Coptic Christians Attacked AgainAntoniousNikolas111964
Prayers Needed For The Coptic Orthodox ChurchOrthodoc142535
Serious Prayers for Our Church and Father: Egypt update.Fortunatus61873
Update on Coptic Orthodox ChurchSaintShenouti61392
Church of Cyprus to Take Legal Action Against Turkeyozgeorge1846
covering the hair in front of Muslims...Myrrh23324303
Egypt attempts to close Copt churchMor Ephrem1972
From another list: St Ahmed the Calligrapheranastasios92048
Greek New martyrsBasilCan2932
Learning about Islammontalban212221
Albanian Youth Urinate of Church RuinsOrthodoc234247
Coptic Orthodox problems?PrinceMarko41194
Pray for the Copts of EgyptFortunatus92296
Coptic Christmas in EgyptJoeS01133
Icons of Islamgreekischristian443583
Islamic tacticsBr Max OFC16221752
Chaldean Catholic Archbishop of Mosul is deadlubeltri82052
Turks Say No to Reopen Halki SchoolOrthodoc152697
Islamic Radicals Threaten to Kill H.H. Coptic Pope Shenouda IIIEkhristosAnesti193814
Islam and Orthodoxyjohnmac6511834
More persecution in Iraq Salpy51073
Taliban Blamed for Acid Attack on Afghan SchoolgirlsSlave of Christ4971
Christians Arrested, Shops Looted in VillageSlave of Christ151957
Thousands of Muslims Attack Coptic Church in CairoSlave of Christ506008
Should the Hierarchs under Islam Speak out More?ialmisry61020
An Armenian tells his story of being kidnapped by MuslimsSalpy1259
Islam Critical movies - which are best?Elisha51931
Orthodox priest killed in IraqMarat142945
How do you give an Orthodox perspective on Islam?88Devin12575052
Ishmael's age and Sara's departureTheophilos78102789
The nazi-muslimsStefano31219
Is the Orthodox Church Anti-Muslim?faithcmbs9463471
More atrocities against Copts in EgyptSalpy112008
Why are people converting to Islam?Remie815899
Christians in Egypt - Please Watch and PrayFr.Kyrillos91061
Islam - a religion of peace???simplygermain0528
Attacks on Christiansjayjay71196
New Martyrs of Naga Hammadi Tamara5906
Nigerian Military Accomplices in Massacre Against Christians?xariskai1637
Another Muslim Convert to Orthodoxy persecuted in Egyptialmisry101428
Islam and ChristianityBr Max OFC344773
Islam and the BeastTheophilos78554181
Jesus descends Mekki20114051
Essential Islamic knowledgeMekki705142
Quran texts appear on baby's body in Dagestanmike16814922
Requesting adviceTheophilos7811866
Turkey Approves Muslim Prayer Service In Armenian Church raffisx7879
Al Qaeda threatening the Coptic Churchcopticmind81327
Have More Children and Go Back to Church or Europe Will Become Islamicized: synLeszka523242
Catholic-Islam AllianceJetavan492486
Widespread Persecution of Copts: Reality or Hysteria?Seth84142327
The Qur'an and the Apocryphal Gospels of InfancyTheophilos78152217
Car bomb at Coptic Church in Alexandria kills at least 21Ortho_cat292475
Al Qaeda website calls for attacks on Coptic churches in Hollandbiro6943
Are Muslims/Buddhists/etc saved?TryingtoConvert11710495
Was Jonah alive in the belly of the fish? Theophilos78153058
Thousands of Christians Displaced in Ethiopia After Muslim Extremists Torch Chursainthieu7765
More violence against CoptsSalpy342676
(Video) Coptic Hermit - Fr. NofrFr.Kyrillos71030
Christian women in Egypt being converted to Islam by force, Witness SaysSalpy4591
More attacks on Coptic ChristiansSalpy5597
Muslim Sect Bombs Catholic Churches on Christmas in Nigeriapodkarpatska472074
156 dead in terrorist attacks on Kano, Nigeriabiro2229
Ethiopian Christians to be deported from Saudi Arabiatheorthodoxchurch13658
"All Churches in the Arabian Peninsula Must Be Destroyed" -Saudi Grand Muftixariskai824212
Islamists Nearly Wipe Out Christians in Syrian City / Christians expelled from Homs arimethea151176
Commission on Religious Freedom: "Christians most persecuted group in the world"Salpy4581
St. Matthew Syriac Orthodox Church, Baghdad attacked.dhinuus161186
Bombing raids on Christian areas in Sudanbiro0208
muslims behead christian convert in tunisiaJason.Wike1327619
Saudis release Ethiopians arrested for praying in homeSalpy2502
Muslims crucifying Christians and other opponents Maria291164
Christian Boy Mutilated KilledZenovia421416
Christian Child Arrested in Pakistan For BlasphemyZenovia16929
Islamic Anti-Trinitarianism and Monophysite Philiponian Tritheismminasoliman171233
Coptic Priests Held for Converting MuslimSalpy10788
Teachers in Mosul Schedule Exams on Christmas DaySalpy6354
Bomb explodes in Coptic Church in LibyaPharaoh7148542
Murder of Family Coptic Christians in NJ recentalexp4uni294140
How many Shia' songs are too many?Aedificare261019
Anselmian Christianity declines in England; Islam risesxOrthodox4Christx671977
Islamic blasphemy concerning Virgin MaryTheophilos78752242
Library owned by a Greek Orthodox priest is torchedSalpy22879
Has anyone ever been like "hmm har" about Islam?Poppy98118761
Sudanese Christian woman, pregnant with her second child, is sentenced to deathMaria841949
Prayers and petitions for Ethiopian Orthodox woman sentenced to deathxOrthodox4Christx11426
How serious is this...?andrewlya14749
Is Salafism/Wahabbism the most authentic Islam?john_mo971585

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