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Results for fasting
Subject Started by Replies Views
Cows Kill?Slave of Christ141760
What is your favorite beer?anastasios9110429
How often do you attend Church?Carpatho Russian517570
Visiting a Coptic Monasteryhowdydave243546
Fasts to be shortened? JustinianPrima303771
Another fasting questionspiros111947
Fasting in the Coptic TraditionBrigid of Kildare41537
Fasting and Non-Orthodox CompanySlave of Christ304897
Skipping Breakfast before LiturgySimayan344560
Fasting for someone's benefitKaminetz22051
Repression vs Indulgencefalafel333151910
Giving Up Anything Else for Lent?AmatorDeus122688
Abstinence from sexual relationsHypo-Ortho81957
Nativity FastJustinianus152858
Help - shortening and gelatinerracht2866
Fasting from Sexual Relations and Eating Animal Productsanastasios324706
Saturday FastsDavidH51626
Fasting for Communioncopticorthodoxboy406426
Development of Great Lentcholmes122618
Fasting RulesSeanMc41970
"strict fast"Donna Rose112903
When to start one day fast?zefciu71160
My Lutheran Husband's Harrassment about Lentaurelia131692
Apostle's Fastnickg3815
Effects from fastingDemetrios G.101636
Fasting in the Western Ritedantxny21686
Poll: Do you brush your teeth before communing?AmatorDeus304591
Nativity Lent is Coming- What do you do?Thomas174283
Not a recipie, but a question about cakeaurelia203394
Children Fasting?Ghazaros135488
Lenten Recipe ExchangeAristocles101830
fast-friendly recepies for cake, anyone?erracht31169
Fasting from marital relationsMickey28917683
Advent, Preparation for the LordAthanasios333545
Why no oil or wine in fast?Athanasios404953
How is fasting supposed to work?Cassiel102339
Fasting/mortification Dismus51169
Spiritual Contemplation for the Fast of JonahEkhristosAnesti02836
Saint Patrick's Daysinjinsmythe296037
What's on the Lenten Dinner Table TonightTinaG283950
Fasting of Ninevehpaul20042413200
Uh oh, another fasting question...Cassiel61518
The Fast of Jonah the ProphetEkhristosAnesti101797
So how's your fast going?Jennifer122663
Secession of the appetites...ignatius2721
Fasting as a Familysparrowshell112291
OO Churches and Lentserb1389517744
How to think about fasting...JohnC313905
Pray Nareg for the Great FastGhazaros0945
St. Mary's FastEkhristosAnesti62107
Fasting Recipeseleni7627062
3 Day Fast: Important!EkhristosAnesti91734
Byzantine Nativity FastMor Ephrem92701
Fasting - Cultural ObstaclesCekulevich41282
More Questions on Holy Kiss, Fasting, etc.cre8ivmind3726
Fast Foodboilerguy122238
oil in fastingsedan41042
Fasting rule explained?tuesdayschild231962
Advent FastAngloCatholic1955
baptize only on easter?pathofsolitude152311
Advent FastMyrrh23122189
Antiochian Paschaltide practicesBasilCan437183
History of Nativity FastBasilCan122954
FastingDavid Young485284
"Fast-Free Days"?Myrrh2341001
why fast?Jonny302246
Brush those teeth...or not.Twenty Nine586831
Is It Necessary to Abstain from Meat for One Week Before Communion?PeterTheAleut23419757
Lenten FastingShlomlokh151633
I found a reference for fasting and pregnancyQuinault263428
Online OCA Calendar?Elisha62688
Why Certain Foods Prohibited While FastingBTRAKAS333891
Wednesday and Friday fastsJonny92118
Anglican learning about Orthodoxy - please help me!Liz444279
Fasting ProblemsApotheosis332676
Ending the fast with a lamb burger and hookaharimethea171767
Fast for the Falling Asleep of the Most Holy TheotokosBTRAKAS0397
Dietary Restrictions?fleur-de-lys182379
How do arctic peoples fast?CRCulver271701
Yogurt, antibiotics and fastingRussell273880
Do You Keep the Marital Fast?homedad765467843
Fasting in Eastern OrthodoxyAlveus Lacuna172276
Whey protein powder during fast?android203947
colossians 2:20 questionbeliever7481314
Fasting questionandroid71325
Orthodox Lenten Website Up and Running!lkritchey12902
Why do Orthodox fast before the Eucharist when even the Apostles didn't?Kaste213500
Gaining weight during the fasts...samkim373719
OO Calendar with Fasting Schedule?Gebre Menfes Kidus194482
Nursing Mothers, Infants and Small Children Fasting before CommunionAlveus Lacuna103305
Lenten Fastingmctaviix1512
Lenten Foodsmctaviix131033
Point of fasting for others, how does it help them?ninalea31859
Please explain fasting to me. Feanor2668
I have some questions about Syriac Orthodox fastingBlissfully Unaware183196
Wednseday and Friday fastingRussell81027
Patriarch Bartholomew: Convening the Great CouncilIrish Hermit29419273
some ways to have more humility?trevor7269411970
"Lay Monasticism", "Crazy Convertisim", being an Orthodox Christiankansas city739664
This fasting seasonElijah5560
Fasting on Sundays?Papist15987
Fasting RulesMattheos261393
Drinking Water before Holy CommunionAlveus Lacuna425928
Nativity FastOrthophoria453952
Russian Orthodox Church issues statement about the use of condoms biro28216010
Origin of specific food restrictionsGregoryLA251638
Preparing for NativityJLatimer6621
Orthopraxy for complete idiotsClancy Boy372917
a question about fastingtrevor726949763
Differences between OO and EO spirituality?Ortho_cat194126
silly: Hummus is lenten?orthonorm635291
Is it better to break lent or let spoil?yeshuaisiam281749
meat and convertinghenrikhankhagnell5535
Bishops in England and Wales re-establish fish on FridaysIrish Hermit1116426
The discipline of fasting/abstinence: traditional norms outdated?Robb1094903
Not allowed to fast this week?Sauron7471
What are the OFFICIAL rules of fasting in the eastern orthodox church?loser181570
Fasting before the DLVolnutt12788
Fr. Powell column: fasting encourages gratitude, self-controlbiro1383
Jacobite and Orthodox Church dispute in India ends with a fastbiro1337
For Roman Catholics of England & Wales, Friday abstention from meat beginsbiro11810912
Fasting calendar for Coptic ChristiansAllison21056
Orthodox fasting...kurtismjohnson633286
fasting and low blood sugar.Isadore10569
Orthodox laxity in Syria and Lebanonsamkim893492
Paleo Fasting for LentMarc115237411250
Modern science confirms what we already know about fastingLizaSymonenko1207
Fasting, and baptismal crossicecreamsandwich5404
Can I still receive communion if I don't keep the fasts?Alveus Lacuna552096
Fasting on Feast DaysLizaSymonenko10311
Ancient/Original Fasting PracticesAlveus Lacuna681531
If fasting all the church fasts is necessary is owning a restaurant wrong?mikeforjesus21400
do you keep the Wednesday and Friday fast?liefern961778

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