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Results for ecclesiology
Subject Started by Replies Views
Oriental Orthdoxoxy and the Catholic ChurchPapist234261
One Church, many autocephalous Churchestuesdayschild131783
Patriarch Bartholomew is ready to accept the Pope's primacymsmirnov27528395
Are Catholics Christians?Papist485597
The Pope must be commended for his efforts to clean out homosexuals Aline283630
Orthodox Recognition of Catholic BaptismsMarat547068
For Orthodox: how should Catholic converts be received?lubeltri596125
TheosisDemetrios G.9012765
Orthodox Recieving Catholic CommunionSimayan13314639
what's wrong with Transubstantiation?idontlikenames759127
Peter not a bishopearlychurch323735
Supremacy of PeterCleopas45642607
Criteria for an ecumenical council?Evlogitos759721
Question about canonical churchest-bone192418
Orthodox ecclesiology and being "in" communion ...IrishByzantine162192
Canoncial validity of Patriarchatesjmkora203385
Oriental OrthodoxTheCultureWarrior233986
Do we kiss a deacons hand when one meets one????stashko354388
Orthodox EcclesiologyHypo-Ortho6110135
True Churchpatricius154381
Universal vs. Eucharistic Ecclesiologydadof10375319
Oriental Orthodox Do Not Believe Church is Infallible?chris51845
Ecclesiology and Asceticism in Saint Justin PopovichSlave of Christ11078
The Nature of the ChurchMor Ephrem202810
Early Affirmations of Apostolic SuccessionSlave of Christ91187
One True Church? (Is it prideful for us Orthodox to believe we are?)Rosehip304307
One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Churchtheosis282988
Differences in EcclesiologyAthanasios121785
Believer's BaptismCleopas27647463
One True Church?GreekChef55445915
How do we know what church is right?Ary_girl312786
Concerning Apostolic SuccessionCleopas489652
Ny Supreme Court - All Orthodox governed by EP?Orthodoc373771
One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church & Ecumenical Ideasserb1389151942
Decision of the Holy Synod of AntiochBasilCan1003113694
Which Communion?Pilgrim7111573
Old Calendarist Churches ,"World Orthodoxy", and Maximos the ConfessorPravoslavbob14221070
The See of Carthage autocephalous?John Larocque141779
Vatican II, the good, the bad the uglyNMHS8811319
What is an Ecumenical Council?pensateomnia372313
Do Christians really need the Eucharist?Kaste312465
Rowan Williams: Anglican future looks 'chaotic and uncertain'Jetavan334085
True church? Visible AND Invisible?sprtslvr197310751
invisible church? umm....I can see it.simplygermain392866
Episcopal Church Elects Lesbian as "Bishop"bkovacs34627700
The Visible and Invisible ChurchSlave of Christ4648
Schism: from the Body or in the Body?deusveritasest25890
Vatican II and the Orthodox BishopsSecond Chance2415
What Separates Catholics and Orthodox the MostIgnatius II685599
Thought Provoking Article on the PresbyterateSecond Chance8453
Where is the Orthodox Church?Azurestone20909
Is the Holy Spirit bound to the Sacraments?Wyatt40120680
The Papacy: Reading RecommendationsGregoryLA8787
`Salvation is only found in the Orthodox Church`: what does this mean?Pravoslavbob182395
Primacy - Christ is the Head and all Apostles are equal.paul20047510827
One True ChurchAzul5313
The rules of preparation for Communion Serg-antr241616
Is it a church or a temple?scamandrius27447
Is it appropriate to use the word "temple" when describing a church building?Pravoslavbob343636
On the issue of primacy MP vs EPPJ261532683
Position of the Moscow Patriarchate on the problem of primacymike45982
The Holy and Great Council will be held in 2016 in Istanbulag_vn56510184
Covert to Orthodoxygueranger1381697

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