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Results for Holy Cross
Subject Started by Replies Views
Old Believer CrossSalpy4112482
Oriental Orthodox Symbol?Slave of Christ53471
True Cross Foundsinjinsmythe01031
What is the meaning behind the triple bar cross???Irenaeus07225996
Baptism CrossesRLNM51569
blessing of a crossRPConover41383
zoe phos crossManuelo1709
Daughter's Cross...ignatius172269
Happy Holy Cross Dayscamandrius71226
Exaltation of the Holy Cross in EtchmiadzinSalpy31431
Celebration of the Holy Cross in Lentserb138961684
Prayers to Inanimate ObjectsLBK112512
Latin Crossbkovacs373037
Eve of Feast of Holy Cross "Lord have mercy" chantJohn Larocque3868
Feast of the Cross 14 SeptemberDan-Romania121315
Exaltation of the Holy CrossSalpy91333
Protection against evil...ironsiderodger13928
Strange crossesmike285172
Orthodox Cross?NickthePaladin4608
Is the three bar cross used in Eastern Orthodoxy but not Oriental Orthodoxy?Blissfully Unaware406900
Centrality of the CrossDavidH2414
Different crossesIsadore3426
what is the meaning behind this cross?trevor72694202426
Praying to the CrossApples151068
Hand Crossesbkovacs3803
Blessed Meskel! (Feast of the Holy Cross)Gebre Menfes Kidus52690
Meskal (Founding of the True Cross) celebrated in Eritreabiro2392
wearing a crosstrevor726947876
what's the difference between priests and archpriests?trevor7269461617
The Wood of the CrossVolnutt6735
The Crosswolf12768
Is this a baptismal Cross?zekarja2421
Bulgarian faithful mark Holy Cross Daybiro0210
meaning of the Ethiopian Coptic cross. rasta crosscesar lara1513086
What does the top of the Ethiopian Orthodox Cross mean?zekarja293927
UK bans wearing crosses to workLizaSymonenko21819
text on back of an armenian crossJason.Wike91045
Ethiopian Blessing CrossesAZCatholic111033
What is the big feast thing I am missing today?Anastasia16569
Piece of the Holy Cross discovered in SinopSalpy13593

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