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Results for Eucharist
Subject Started by Replies Views
Need some literature/online sources for my unclethismanisdan2405
Orthodox Recieving Catholic CommunionSimayan13314639
Passover CelebrationCleopas102532
Receiving CommunionRastaman457485
Lutheran eucharistic theologyArystarcus123568
The EucharistShamus1748
Holy CommunionMickey262386
Question on Holy Communion (aka Eucharist)SolEX012878
Eucharist Spirituality?Papist31181
General ThoughtsOrthodoc0915
Universal vs. Eucharistic Ecclesiologydadof10375318
Marriage and the EucharistAklie Semaet2904
The Holy EucharistLinus7629733
Transubstantiation or ConsubstantiationBen7910610
respect for particles of the Eucharisterracht172079
Eucharistic ministerQuinault152663
The Blood of JesusSlave of Christ91125
Can a Layperson Receive Communion Twice in One Day?PeterTheAleut154925
Use of Unleavened Bread..sohma_hatori337850
Miracle of Lanciano - Eucharistic Miracle of Orthodox WestLenexa329403
Consecration of Gifts: Is it just the Amnos, or the entire Proskomide?serb1389928817
Concerning the Eucharist as sacrifice.Peleg242374
Interpretations of John 6:50-56 (Eucharist and our Salvation)Ortho_cat91105
Do Christians really need the Eucharist?Kaste312465
The Eucharist is our union with ChristAlveus Lacuna2424
The Eucharist?Christianus968500
The flesh profiteth Nothingsprtslvr19732385
Make God's path straight by being born again Alfred Persson163355098
Scott Hahn (Roman Catholic theologian): The Fourth CupJLatimer253629
Augustine and the Eucharistsprtslvr197314909
Fasting before the DLVolnutt12704
Orthodox vs. RC Eucharistkurtismjohnson511945
warm Eucharistnrse361526
Metousiosis: Do the Bread and Wine Remain?Benjamin the Red161835
Communion in the Syriac ChurchSeverian171605
Eucharist questionJLatimer392944
Roman Catholic EucharistBenjamin the Red10554
Orthodoxy vs. Transubstantiationgueranger351211
Why do Orthodox claim that Jesus didn't use unleavened bread at the last supper?Catholig7112542

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