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Results for Coptic Orthodox Church
Subject Started by Replies Views
OO Book of the Hours?Gebre Menfes Kidus41097
Movie About Egypt's Christian Coptic Minority Raises EyebrowsSamB32106
20th Century African Orthodox churchesEleos0795
Happy New YearIS21142
What form does the Coptic Holy Gifts take?Loukas132810
Coptic Liturgy onlineSerge01394
Mubarak Announces Christmas As A Day OffOrthodoc21150
The Flight into EgyptBrigid of Kildare92415
Coptic DemandsAklie Semaet11253
Fr. Zakaria Boutrus: Coptic Priest Evangelizes Muslimsarimethea317979
Not Only Had a Monk Become Patriarch, But the Patriarch Remained a MonkEkhristosAnesti31609
Ettiquette questionQuinault131930
How do Coptic priest greet each other?BasilCan21798
Coptic Church and Evangelical ChristianityOrthodoxSitkan448869
Monastery near Sydney?Salpy121777
Are Coptic Liturgies Sang in Coptic or Arabic?Irenaeus0772437
Coptic Orthodox and Eastern Orthodoxantiderivative229514
St. Patrick and Coptic Orthodox ChristianityEkhristosAnesti2910064
Oriental and Latin TheologyAthanasios759893
Happy 1724 :-)minasoliman294703
Relationship between Ethiopian church and Coptic church?serb1389185015
The reunity between the Coptic Orthodox church & The Ethiopean OrthodoxMacarius202944
Christmas on 7th or 8th?Jonathan21331
coptic calendardemetrios31372
Coptic Communion Inside Behind the IconostasisSamB62304
Coptic Orthodox Church established in MexicoRemie41270
The Diptychs and the Coptic LiturgiesSamB42377
Cymbals in Coptic liturgyanastasios83302
Ancient British OrthodoxyAntoniousNikolas71422
Absolution Before Coptic Qud'dasSamB51620
Coptic use of the AnkhGhazaros73313
Pope Shenouda visited Houston last weekend...Beayf51233
What in particular do you like about Coptic christianity?Slotte153293
The Coptic ChurchBen5912283
Icon ExplanationAthanasios115131
H.H. Pope Shenouda in critical conditionEkhristosAnesti153139
Entry of the Lord Christ into EgyptIS21084
Short Video of an Ordination to the Priesthood EkhristosAnesti82159
New Hegomen Videocopticorthodoxboy1956
Aghapy TV: The Coptic Orthodox Church's First Satellite TV StationEkhristosAnesti15832
Fasting of Ninevehpaul20042413190
Murder of Family Coptic Christians in NJ recentalexp4uni293816
Coptic Christians Attacked AgainAntoniousNikolas111891
Prayers Needed For The Coptic Orthodox ChurchOrthodoc142466
Serious Prayers for Our Church and Father: Egypt update.Fortunatus61773
Update on Coptic Orthodox ChurchSaintShenouti61339
Have You Ever...mikhail90253457
Liturgical DifferencesIan Lazarus61920
Coptic recordings of PsalmsThanatos73046
new monastery in TexasSalpy122383
HH Pope Shenouda and HB Pope Theodorus common statement on Max Michelminasoliman82339
Coptic prayers & EOSakranMM1836
Hope Center at the Coptic Hospital in KenyaEkhristosAnesti21256
Repose of Fr. Antonious Heneinozgeorge21243
How is the date of Pascha calculated?serb138971656
The Departure of Mother IriniEkhristosAnesti1112825
Practical and Mystical: Patriarch St. Kyrillos VI (1959-1971). EkhristosAnesti11867
Egyptian Monks Introduce Modern Touch To MonasterySlave of Christ11110
Islamic Aggression against the Holy Monastery of Abu FanaEkhristosAnesti153202
Coptic IconsOrthodox Wannabe31340
Coptic Mission in FijiAddai01626
Watch Coptic Palm Sunday and Pascha Services Live!EkhristosAnesti11289
The aggravating of schism in Coptic ChurchSamB103152
Understanding CopticEkhristosAnesti11164
Please Educate me on Coptic Engagement!Addai02117
Could someone explainDismus101971
St. Mary's FastEkhristosAnesti62104
A question for the Ethiopean OrthodoxMacarius103221
What to expect at a Coptic Orthdox Church?Truth_or_Bust314570
Going to a Coptic church this weekend.Gabriel3918
An Explanatory letter from H.H. the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of AlexandriaMacarius0823
Eucharistic Miracle and Apparition in Assuit - 2006!!EkhristosAnesti84740
Coptic Spiritual/Liturgical Hymns in English (relevant to Pascha Week)EkhristosAnesti74324
A Study of Fr. Bishoy Kamel by a Western Priest/TheologianEkhristosAnesti45399
Question on Coptic VestmentsLance267074
Confession in Oriental OrthodoxyGhazaros53675
Apparition of the Theotokos in ZeitounEkhristosAnesti183345
What Bible do Oriental Orthodox Christians read? Matthew777275625
The Departure of His Holiness Pope Saint Kyrillos VIEkhristosAnesti913568
Protestants Unveiled at the Conference of Middle East Churches Stavro314190
Great Lent ResourcesEkhristosAnesti32346
"Extreme Pilgrim" BBC SeriesEkhristosAnesti295980
Hosanna: Palm leaves and flowerspaul200453164
Photos - Consecration of chruch in U.K.paul2004233412
Copts Demand Equality!Ibrahim517049
Coptic iconsAndrew2109121338
Visiting a Coptic Monasteryhowdydave243543
The Apparition in Zeitounstashko112135
Are there any Traditionalist Oriental Orthodox Groups?OrthodoxSitkan102390
H.H. Pope Shenouda III's Visit to EthiopiaHaileAmanuel22253
Coptic sign of the CrossBen5311436
Does anyone go to St. Paul's Monastery in Egypt?Unique81458
Orthodox worship in Kenya incorporates Kenyan cultureEkhristosAnesti2715468
Coptic Calendarnstanosheck32200
Feast of St. Mark the Evangelist, the first Patriarch of the See of AlexandriaFortunatus31093
American Embassy in Cairo investigationStavro1889
Oriental Orthodox Churches' 8th Meeting Kefa0876
Coptic Reading (in English)Addai01957
Coptic to LutheranFotina02154338
Video Commentary of the Holy LiturgyEkhristosAnesti81481
Unity of Triune Love by Abba SophroniusEkhristosAnesti0914
Beware of False Humility by H.H. Pope Shenouda IIIEkhristosAnesti235531
"Calmness" by H.H. Pope Shenouda IIIEkhristosAnesti22220
3 Day Fast: Important!EkhristosAnesti91729
10,000 Lay Seige On Coptic Church In EgyptOrthodoc1966
Frustrating Timescopticorthodoxboy294120
Coptic View of Contraceptiondrewmeister2436999
To Kill a CoptEkhristosAnesti11078
Egypt attempts to close Copt churchMor Ephrem1944
Happy Nayrouz (Coptic New Year)EkhristosAnesti163598
Reception of the Holy Hostsurajiype111920
Coptic Calendar and Liturgies (in Britain)Remie51634
How Do the OO Make the Sign of the Cross?drewmeister252306
The Coptic Liturgydrewmeister2173961
New Coptic Orthodox Monastery NYTimos61801
His Holiness Coming to TexasSetFree4991
Coptic Orthodox Liturgy:What went wrong?Timos142779
Question about vespers (and midnight office)Beayf31466
A Coptic Orthodox Christian turned Protestant Ian Lazarus42859
Scarves Worn During Communion and no shoes a Must for Women??Timos164739
Where can I find Oriental Orthodox liturgical texts online?Arystarcus63169
Differences between Oriental Orthodox ChurchesArystarcus266482
The Sign in Oriental OrthodoxyGhazaros334040
Deaconess in Coptic and other oriental churchesAddai527818
Recommend me any Coptic-Orthodox bookSlotte81725
The Importance and Contribution of the Oriental Orthodox Churches todayEkhristosAnesti11368
BOC websiteSalpy2795
St. Mary and St. Moses AbbeySetFree22219
Coptic LanguageSetFree142753
The Appearance of the Holy TheotokosSetFree424471
The Kiss of PeaceSetFree102415
Does the Oriental Orthodox Church affirm theosis?idontlikenames2310636
The Prophetic Gift in Oriental OrthodoxyNtinos334928
Coptic Paschal GreetingMsGuided22264
What is "hanoot"?ozgeorge72463
Do all Oriental Orthodox Churches reserve the Eucharist?griego catolico62796
Are there any living saints today?Unique119054
Is the Cherubic Hymn in the Oriental Orthodox Liturgies?_Seraphim_325002
Library of AlexandriaEleos51857
Oriental Orthodox popeprodromas182210
Oriental Orthodox Signs of Sanctity?isaakios112528
OO Churches and Lentserb1389517735
Mix-Marriage OrdinationOrthodox1161534
Orthodox Christology in the TheotokiasEkhristosAnesti41411
Coptic Orthodox problems?PrinceMarko41153
Pray for the Copts of EgyptFortunatus92176
Coptic Christmas in EgyptJoeS01097
modern OO monasticismpathofsolitude41358
Copts and Russians: Discovering Each OtherEkhristosAnesti41392
Nonchal's Ecclesiatical Homenonchal151875
Confession Only?Timos193719
"Lord have mercy" in all Oriental Orthodox languages_Seraphim_125946
Prayer for Islam's "Public Enemy #1: Fr. Zakarya Butrusialmisry283169
Blessing of the Holy Muron to take place on 9/28/08Salpy265846
EO and OO Claims to Unbroken Succession to Antioch and AlexandriaSlave of Christ183271
Question about Armenian OrthodoxyJennifer62094
Liturgy of St. Jamesholdencaulfield81994
Christians Arrested, Shops Looted in VillageSlave of Christ151825
Thousands of Muslims Attack Coptic Church in CairoSlave of Christ505864
Desert MonasticismAthanasios134454
Modern Coptic IconsAthanasios184009
Where Can I Buy Coptic and Ethopian IconsIrenaeus0711002
Egypt's Coptic pope bans phone confessions stashko183128
Coptic ChurchJonny132631
Committee Formed to Field Pope Shenouda as Nobel Prize Candidatetheorthodoxchurch2813
Saint Athanasius and the Holy FamilyAthanasios41029
Egyptian Monks Help Muslims Banish DemonsMor Ephrem72572
Pope Shenouda receives Anglican primates in AlexandriaJetavan0723
Happy news from the British Orthodox ChurchSalpy81553
I will go to my first Coptic liturgy this sunday (some advices)Remie244506
Oriental Orthodox Ecclesiastical titles, terms, positions, etc. serb13896310547
Armenian vs. Coptic TheologyOrthodox11607043
Extreme Pilgrimage videoDouglas131828
Islamic Radicals Threaten to Kill H.H. Coptic Pope Shenouda IIIEkhristosAnesti193716
Icon QuestionDavid Young273449
swine flu as excuse to further impoverish Coptic minoritySalpy151861
Oriental Orthodox PrayersPoorFoolNicholas203957
Myrrh in liturgydeusveritasest101605
Abouna Youstos of St. Anthony's MonasteryAndrew210911691
Books and other stuffBen41808
Raising of IncenseBrigid of Kildare112329
Oriental Orthodox relations with the Catholic ChurchIrish Hermit152907
Coptic Success in EuropePilgrim91219
Did Jesus perform any miracles before turning water into wine? Orthodox Bagpiper104231
What is tasbeha?sodr2123198
Documentary on Coptic Hermit Fr. LazarusEkhristosAnesti95837
Coptic Baptism for the dead?NewOrtho93932
I am Coptic, therefore I love...EkhristosAnesti206855
Name the saintRobert W172797
Question about Coptic practiceAndrew2109172117
The Best of H.H. Pope Shenoudah Pilgrim131213
More atrocities against Copts in EgyptSalpy111901
Who is allowed to receive the Holy Eucharist in the Coptic Church?Gorazd288938
Archbishop Derderian Lectures at St. Mark Coptic Church in Los AngelesSalpy151437
Ex-Mormon Looking for a new HomeDivinus515433
BBC Documentary on Coptic IconographySalpy12358
Number of adherents?MichaƂ132683
Female CircumcisionDivinus153228
Christians in Egypt - Please Watch and PrayFr.Kyrillos91019
Video of ancient monastic cells under Coptic monastery in EgyptSalpy31733
"The Last Anchorite"samkim51218
Eastern Orthodox Papacy of AlexandriaAlveus Lacuna162655
What calendar does the Coptic and ETOC use?simplygermain92241
The Holy Virgin Appears in EgyptEkhristosAnesti12617000
Hand Crossesbkovacs3787
OO Calendar with Fasting Schedule?Gebre Menfes Kidus194471
Life of the Coptic MonksAthanasios26015
Egypt: Drive-by shooting at church kills at least 7Orthodox11292886
Video pertaining to the Christmas killings in EgyptSamB0711
Video: Amr Adeeb interview with Pope Shenouda IIISamB02305
Strict Coptic restrictions on drinkSamB61941
Egypts Coptic Christians: Quinault1813
New Martyrs of Naga Hammadi Tamara5869
Oriental Orthodox Sermons and LecturesSalpy7918348
The Reason for Coptic Marian Apparitionsminasoliman131940
How to go about contacting St. Anthony's in Egypt?Patriarch Noah I1575
Mass Migrations to Orthodoxy?88Devin12784147
Coptic Liturgy RecordingOrthodox1171207
OO languages - Agape vespers Gospel reading_Seraphim_51665
Coptic Church pulls out of MECC Orthodox11112915
Oriental Orthodox Festival in the UKpeterfarrington192626
Cross tattoofennik7817779
Coptic Orthodox Church and capital punishmentdeusveritasest61903
Persecution in Egypt brings church members to TNHandmaidenofGod171957
Where do Copts commune?Gorazd51131
Coptic prostrationssamkim41620
Another Muslim Convert to Orthodoxy persecuted in Egyptialmisry101335
The COC Openly Defies High Court RulingHandmaidenofGod2412136
Kyrillos IV an iconoclast?Iconodule191493
upcoming excitement in Southern CaliforniaSalpy493702
Abba Seraphim to speak at Eritrean Conference in USApeterfarrington0476
Baptizing the dead?Jetavan1422
Art historian returns ancient Egyptian church to living colorCoptoGeek1537
Engaged to be Married but I have a problem.mocca121061
Alcohol and the Coptic Orthodox ChurchJamesRottnek519961
Strange QuestionComingHome4604
Copts, Catholics, and CircumcisionJetavan324966
Coptic and ArmenianAnastasia1162711
Coptic ConversionLauraRuth52294
Orthodox Education Day - UKpeterfarrington6723
Coptic Popesprtslvr1973201588
St. PatrickJamesRottnek171499
Egyptian BibleElijah3545
Coptic Orthodox church near Atlantasprtslvr197391102
boat shaped churchSalpy82117
Persecution of the Coptic Orthodoxdeusveritasest2438
Muslim fundamentalists demonstrate against Coptic Pope Shenoudabiro4860
Oriental Orthodox Adopting Protestant/Evangelical PracticesGreg C462975
Coptic Nativity (Christmas)J11113
Al Qaeda threatening the Coptic Churchcopticmind81292
Documentary on the Coptic Hermit Fr. Lazarus St. AntonyFr.Kyrillos305736
where to get Coptic (and Ethiopian) icons?trevor72694114454
Widespread Persecution of Copts: Reality or Hysteria?Seth84142169
Peaceful Coptic Demonstration, Tuesday Dec. 14minasoliman7988
Car bomb at Coptic Church in Alexandria kills at least 21Ortho_cat292406
Al Qaeda website calls for attacks on Coptic churches in Hollandbiro6910
"Pope" of AlexandriaBenjamin the Red332126
Coptic iconography - symbolism of coloursSleepyhead41298
Listing of OO churchesmtmamma171226
Just BoughtComingHome3503
learning about coptic church henrikhankhagnell231863
Differences between OO and EO spirituality?Ortho_cat194102
Orthodox Missionpeterfarrington353479
My visit to the Coptic Church and some Questionsmtmamma172131
Dress Code for Visiting a Monasterymtmamma72582
Converts to the Coptic Churchmtmamma395070
Coptic Agpeya recording in EnglishSalpy41200
Icon CornerSeafra41243
Coptic Old Testament (deuterocanonicals)?Ortho_cat71677
More violence against CoptsSalpy342573
Beth Mardutho offers Syriac and Coptic Summer CoursesCoptoGeek212360
Coptic Orthodox Archbishop Moussa speaks about recent violence in Egyptbiro2493
Copts, Muslims Form Coalition in Qenakijabeboy033450
Pope Shenouda III asks Copts to cease protestsbiro4583
Coptic OrdinationAndrew - The First Called71557
Pope Shenouda speaks by phone with Abune Paulos of Ethiopian Churchbiro0375
Coptic Church tower to replace sauna site in Australiabiro2397
(Video) Coptic Hermit - Fr. NofrFr.Kyrillos7987
Pope Shenouda and Field Marshall Tantawi Meetkijabeboy030259
Coptic Orthodox Church Calls for Investigation of Former Interior Ministerkijabeboy030231
Muslims Surround Church in Upper Egyptian Villagekijabeboy031388
No dogs used at remarriage protest, says Coptic Churchbiro0335
Christian women in Egypt being converted to Islam by force, Witness SaysSalpy4532
More attacks on Coptic ChristiansSalpy5540
'Right to Life' organization says it will leave Coptic Church over divorce biro6591
When do Copts do the Sign of the Cross?zekarja191230
Coptic Orthodox Church in California offers popular 'King Tut Festival'biro1318
Entering a Coptic churchAndrew - The First Called6744
Violence breaks out at Cairo protest against church demolitionbiro211526
Persecution of Copts in EgyptSalpy40129647
Hatfield Township, PA: new Coptic church to be builtbiro1334
I love the CoptsGorazd473957
Coptic Orthodox of Melbourne, Australia to hold vigil for peacebiro0314
Fire breaks out during service at church in Annville, Pennsylvaniabiro0225
Coptic Orthodox theological college in Australia receives accreditationbiro0287
'The Forgotten Christians': Copts' struggle in Egypt continuesbiro4378
Copts ordered to leave homes; youth union publishes statement of rejectionbiro0239
Copt Naguib Sawiris given 6 years jail for 'insulting prophet' in Egyptbiro9864
American Orthodox Church parish to be opened in CaliforniaSalpy603468
Church too tall: priest in Egypt gets six months in prisonbiro11712
HH Pope Shenouda III has Reposed in The LordCoptoGeek24424867
What Replacing Pope Shenouda III EntailsCoptoGeek10670
Three year sentence for Coptic Christian with 'anti-Muslim' cartoon postsbiro1310
History of Patriarchs also a history of EgyptCoptoGeek0248
Some questions about Coptic traditionFotios13038914
Predict the final three names for Patriarch of Alexandriaqawe301707
New Coptic Pope Chosen: Anba Tawadrosdzheremi838629
Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Alexandria greets New Coptic PopePharaoh7149836
Coptic Priests Held for Converting MuslimSalpy10724
Altar Etiquettekijabeboy038638
Visiting a COC in Seattle?rebecca.ann10554
COC dress code for womenrebecca.ann121469
60 Minutes piece on Coptic Orthodox Church.Avdima862825
The Golden Sensor [Tai Shori]Pharaoh714471635
Coptic Deacons & IncenseAntoniousNikolas1123912
Coptic Church opens in Michiganbiro5230
Union with the Holy Trinityaiernovi7651
Coptic practices in church.CopticDeacon191172
Coptic HorologionCopticDeacon361402

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