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Results for Egypt
Subject Started by Replies Views
Dating the Flood & Egypt?IS131899
The Reason for Coptic Marian Apparitionsminasoliman132029
Egypt's Naga Hamady shooting leaves sectarian scarsbiro0391
Al Qaeda threat to Egypt: more danger for Coptic Christians?biro0558
State of life for Copts as anniversary of Pope Shenouda's ordination nearsbiro0475
'Prosecutor questions Coptic priests over church demolition protests'biro2464
Coptic candidates and issues marginalized in Egyptian elections? biro1400
Second day of protest after Alexandria church bombingbiro0303
Coptic passenger shot on Cairo bus biro5673
Copts, Muslims Form Coalition in Qenakijabeboy033473
Coptic Orthodox Archbishop Moussa speaks about recent violence in Egyptbiro2529
Coptic Protesters Attacked in Cairo (2 Dead, 60 Injured)kijabeboy030288
Pope Shenouda III asks Copts to cease protestsbiro4608
Al-Azhar University Introduces Guidance Sessions for Copts Converting to Islamkijabeboy030383
Coptic Orthodox Church Calls for Investigation of Former Interior Ministerkijabeboy030254
Muslims Surround Church in Upper Egyptian Villagekijabeboy031417
Ancient Christianity and the African-American Conference (old video, but a gem)GTAsoldier0329
'Icons and religious objects found in Egypt'biro3423
One year after the massacre of Christians in Alexandria, Egyptbiro0174
The Nile ProjectCoptoGeek5454
'The Forgotten Christians': Copts' struggle in Egypt continuesbiro4432
Copts ordered to leave homes; youth union publishes statement of rejectionbiro0258
Copt Naguib Sawiris given 6 years jail for 'insulting prophet' in Egyptbiro9900
Church too tall: priest in Egypt gets six months in prisonbiro11799
Egypt Brotherhood candidate says sharia main objectivevorgos3350
Three year sentence for Coptic Christian with 'anti-Muslim' cartoon postsbiro1354
History of Patriarchs also a history of EgyptCoptoGeek0267
Coptic Funeral Sparks Muslim Protest / Violence after Coptic funerals in Cairo Luckster1242
Egypt's Sufi Muslims thrive despite attacks GTAsoldier6314
Northern Sinai jihadist group pledges allegiance to ISISMinnesotan191
Patriarch Abune Mathias of Ethiopia to Visit Egypt for the First timetheorthodoxchurch9284

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