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Results for deacons
Subject Started by Replies Views
Permanent deacons in Orthodox Church(es)?Eugenio133280
Women and the DiaconateMor Ephrem284050
Women Deaconesses in Orthodoxy?Friarmoo3281332
Female Sub-Deacons and ReadersXaira34227554
Deacons giving CommunionElisha253985
Eastern Orthodox DeaconsSaintShenouti639178
Subdiaconate- In the Greek Orthodox Churchemmanuelmelo54242
Duties of Deacons? Eugenio4975
What Do Altar Boys Do?Slave of Christ93408
Responsibilities of the DiaconateJibrail Almuhajir322709
Becoming a Deaconjmell81224
Happy St. Stephan's Day!Salpy415773
St. Stephan's DaySalpy11050
Deacons doing house blessingsBasilCan113352
Do we kiss a deacons hand when one meets one????stashko354801
Deacon Ordination of Amdetsion October 29, 2006Amdetsion153233
Are women permitted to be altar servers in western rite Orthodoxscamandrius93722
Questions on deaconsProtestant seeker41428
Ordination and tonsuring of serversCyprianus336414
Servers and Spiritual CommittmentRosehip101348
Diaconate Ordinationmonkvasyl131710
Deaconess in Coptic and other oriental churchesAddai528081
acolyte's sticharionsamkim11286
Flying deaconsSchultz2709
Ordination of Women in the Orthodox ChurchBrigidsboy1468187282
Does the ordained deaconess receive the sacrament of Holy Orders?danman916343708
Coptic ChurchJonny132678
Deacons in the Armenian ChurchOrthodox11133699
Giving the Deacon the "fans" at a Diaconal Ordination?serb1389325405
Serving with more than 1 deaconmonkvasyl192092
What do Orthodox deacons do?NewOrtho285120
Prayers for Upcoming OrdinationSakranMM171405
What are the different 'ranks' of Clergy?Pilgrim126097
Who Performs the Sacraments/Mysteries?NewOrtho72481
Use of the kamilavka by a Subdeacon.Patriarch Noah I82556
Non-orthodox ponomaryKrysostomos182452
Are there different types of deacons? Do they have the same roles each week?Blissfully Unaware82441
Confession to Deacon?kansas city63070
Ordination To The Sub-DeaconateTigran161986
Addressing a Coptic deaconAndrew - The First Called7811
Mitered Deacon?Benjamin the Red534186
Full Deacons in the Coptic Orthodox ChurchSeverian81122
New Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem?IXOYE232380
Oriental Orthodox and ordination of women.Apu5526
Orarion and Cassockliftsifter18966
Coptic Deacons & IncenseAntoniousNikolas1124244
Can Deacons (or the wife of a Deacon) re-marry?Sam G14357

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