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Results for Jerusalem
Subject Started by Replies Views
Irinaios of Jerusalem: "Church Schism in Ukraine an Internal Affair of the MPnstanosheck0896
Jerusalem Patriarchate- Here we go again.....ozgeorge81688
Orthodox Priests fight at Nativity Church in JerusalemROCORthodox223174
I think "Free-for-all" discribes this thread.JoeS293555
Question Re: Orthodox Pascha In JerusalemOrthodoc4811
News of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem and the EP in AmericaHeracleides12217941
Holy Fire in JerusalemQuinault344952
Chalcedon settled - the old fashioned wayDerekMK202686
Battle over the Holy FireGhazaros132424
Israel postpones acceptance of Jerusalem PatriarchOrthodoc71903
Holy Lightt0m_dR81868
Jew trys to sort out Orthodox-Armenian tiffMBZ21370
Did the Temple in Jerusalem exist or not?MBZ81923
Armenian Church CalendarSalpy63071
Jerusalem clergy dump patriarchmoronikos537401
Christians feud over Church of Holy Sepulcherstashko194042
Orthodox Church In Jerusalem Possible Land Sale FraudHadel5110419
Monks Brawl At Christian Holy Site In JerusalemSlave of Christ17113457
Re: Jerusalem Patriarchate/Relations of PatriarchatesJibrail Almuhajir768241
Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem demands that Israel returns Arab landsIrish Hermit0709
HELP! Local Priest supports Irineos. Can he baptize & chrismate me?johnnygtar202877
Holy Fire servicemike141811
The Miracle of the Holy Light: Testimonies and evidencet0m_dR172347
Regarding Holy Fire as an Apologetic for Orthodoxytruthstalker286821
This Year's Pic Of 'Holy Fire'Orthodoc213247
Israel blows up 4th Century Christain Church!!! ~ TO CHRISTIANS AND CATHOLICS OFutd0855
The Temple in Jerusalem to be Rebuilt?Dan-Romania41104
History of Orthodox Christianity in the Holy landsOrtho_cat3686
Christian Turf Battles over the Sepulcher in JerusalemAlveus Lacuna281952
Phyletism in the Holy Land?scamandrius91131
Palestinians to boycott Patriarch Teophilos IIImike223597
Oh Those Russiansozgeorge18517706
Catholicos of All Armenians travels to JerusalemSalpy1443
Would an Arabic Expression of Eastern Orthodoxy Resemble the Coptic Orthodox?HandmaidenofGod111678
Coptic Church pulls out of MECC Orthodox11112772
London: Orthodox Event: From Ararat to Zionpeterfarrington1650
Orthodox Site Destroyed in Jerusalemrakovsky406499
Was Saint Nicodemus martyred?rakovsky67360
The Discovered "Seal of the Church of Jerusalem" : Real or Hoax?rakovsky192639
State Set to Set Precedent Deporting non-Arab Christians in Jerusalemialmisry71025
Does Isaiah 51-52:5 describe Israel's return from Babylon, or the Resurrection?rakovsky4592
Beit Jala parish boycotts Patriarch Theophilos IIImike6566
Former Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem 'gets groceries by rope'biro6802
The Holy Light Altar Server483539
Greek Orthodox Christians renew calls for Arabising Church Leadershipmike392129
Jerusalem Patriarchateorthodoxlurker0596
Tiny box with possible icons found in Jerusalem; may be 1,400 years oldbiro6961
Priests spit on in Jerusalem's Old Citybiro2459
Armenian & Greek Orthodox priests fight each other (again) at Nativity Church ag_vn1064477
Vandals damage monastery and a school in Jerusalem / Jerusalem: Monastery of the Cross hit by vandalism biro8450
Upcoming Lecture About Newly-Discovered Armenian Mosaics in JerusalemSalpy3390
'Jesus Tomb' Controversy Rages as Archaeologists Explore Another 2K YearOld TombGTAsoldier11520
Was St Cyril of Jerusalem's Cross a parhelion or other normal phenomenon?rakovsky13447
The Church of the Holy Sepulchre divisions Wandile21026
The Arab Orthodox Faithful Removed the Picture of the Patriarch Theophilos III Orthodox Youth16489

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