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Hmmm, I'm pretty sure Islam wouldn't consider gays worthy of any human right.

It is not fair to judge more than one billion Muslim based on the actions of few.

So young Muslims are more religious and yet they support the Liberal Party of Canada whose social aims stand counter to the Islamic faith?

Religiosity is an interesting thing to measure. I know many Christians who could be said to be very observant of their religion, and yet still believe numerous things that stand in strong contradiction of it. I wonder if this is the same. Could "increased religiosity" be synonymous with "increased cultural/religious affiliation in a society which prides itself on pluralism" without a serious depth? A lot of "religious" people offer more libations to the god of multiculturalism and tolerance than they do to their own god.
Other Topics / Re: Picture of the Day
« Last post by RaphaCam on Yesterday at 10:03:27 PM »

I like this one. I think Holy Tradition gives us a complete chair. :P

The myth that Muslims are not loyal to their Western countries or that they are not integrating is debunked.

Wow. This ONE story debunks everything. 

BTW, Canada is not the only western nation. Perhaps you could shed some light on Trisagion's question as to why the integration isn't happening in other Western countries like those in Europe, particularly France, Belgium and the Netherlands. 
Possible? Yes. Probable?  Unlikely.  Just because society is moving in a different direction does not give us permission to abandon the precepts of the Church.  I would suggest that many people do not live by church teachings 100% of the time because they are simply unwilling and glory in their transgressions, however slight or major they may be.  Thus, I don't think there was ever a time that it was easier to live 100% to church teachings.  The fact that people don't is because we are a fallen race regardless of time and  location.  Even a  supposedly "Christian" society, where doctrine and teachings may have been enforced by the law, I would say that coerced virtue is not virtue at all.  Otherwise, places like Saudi Arabia and Iran would be the most virtuous places on the planet.
Religious Topics / Re: Orthodox understanding of End Times
« Last post by LenInSebastopol on Yesterday at 09:52:30 PM »
In a nutshell, thanks, MCE.
Any theories as to why they seem to integrate so well in Canada, but have such difficulty in Europe?
Faith Issues / Re: Lust
« Last post by Mor Ephrem on Yesterday at 09:44:28 PM »
As I said before Lust, in the dictionary, is defined as: very strong sexual desire

Do you get all of your theology out of "the dictionary"? 
The myth that Muslims are not loyal to their Western countries or that they are not integrating is debunked.
Convert Issues / Re: Lutheran to Orthodox Converts: Share Your Stories
« Last post by Shamati on Yesterday at 09:38:28 PM »
The orthodox church don't preach the gospel & celebrate the mysteries to the christian public of the area in which it exists, which is implied as a mark of the church according to the creed. Because of this I've ended up not converting yet.
What do you mean?
i mean that the only orthodox churches that exist where I live celebrate the Divine Liturgy & preaches the gospel in Slavonic languages. Most of the people at these churches speak Swedish but they also speak Slavonic so it's understandable why this is the case. But it's hard for a potential convert. Traveling an hour by car there is a Uniate Greek Catholic priest that celebrate the Divine Liturgy in Swedish, but that's not orthodox. Traveling 4 hours north there's Greek, Russian & Serbian orthodox churches ministering to the diaspora & their descendants & 3 hours north from where I am there is a Swedish speaking congregation.
Anyway, because of my own lack of steadfastness of will & faith, the lack of orthodoxy in a language I know increases my doubts. I have no doubts that the Orthodox Church is the most ancient form of Christianity that has kept the faith intact, inviolate, without ecumenically decided additions etc. it's just that the inconvenience of the situation places the Catholic Church in a more favorable light & thus I remain unconverted as I can't accept the universal papal monarchy & its Infalliability. So it becomes a doubt about the existence of a visible church that is One Holy Catholic & Apostolic. :/
I reckon an increasing number of Christian swedes are in the same position. The theology of Christianity has increasingly been steering towards the orthodox church for a century or so & this has resulted in large numbers of conversions to Catholicism while the Lutheran church has within it people who appear orthodox in faith, liturgy, prayer etc.

Ironically, in Finland there is a local Orthodox Church that celebrates the Divine Liturgy in Swedish & Finnish (because Finland was part of Sweden for 6-800 years until it was conquered by Russia).

I'm praying, asking God for guidance. Plz pray for me.
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