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 on: Yesterday at 11:01:04 PM 
Started by Jetavan - Last post by Justin Kissel
Dennett, Shermer, Tyson, Pinker...

 on: Yesterday at 10:59:19 PM 
Started by Raylight - Last post by Justin Kissel

 on: Yesterday at 10:58:36 PM 
Started by Raylight - Last post by Antonis

Punch, with all due respect....you don't know the true Russia apparently, and what they are capable of...and what they are doing to people this very day.

I understand where you are coming from....but, your loyalty is mislaid.  Wink

Is what they are doing worse than the country south of them shelling their own civilians?  Is Russia bombing civilians in any of its own cities?  Does Russia have the highest percentage of its own people behind bars of ANY nation like the United States?  Believe me, as a German I am very well aware of what Russia is capable of.  Was there a woman under 60 in East Germany after 1945 that wasn't raped by Russians?  I am also well aware of what Ukrainians are capable of doing since they were the German's best allies when it came to Jew hunting and brutality.  I also know what the police in this country are capable of doing . . . and getting away with.  I am well aware of what "Orthodox" Serbia and "Catholic" Croatia did to each other in the 1990's (not to mention what Croatia did under the guise of religion in the 1940's).  I study history, and the study of history is little more than the study of man's cruelty to other men.  I never said Russia is perfect.  I said they are no worse than anyone else.  So far, nobody has provided evidence to the contrary.  And for those counties that are supposedly superior to Russia in morality and Christ-like behavior, where are their Saints?  There are 196 countries in the world today.  Given how few are Orthodox (or even contain significant Orthodox populations), I am not prepared to sing the praises of heathens and heretics over my Orthodox brethren, in spite of their faults.  It is sad in these last days that even those that call themselves Orthodox war against those that try to be Orthodox and can't wait to find a Western rump to kiss.  It is truly the sign of the Antichrist.  My loyalty is toward what it has always been, Christ and His Church.  I am not seeing much of the Church anywhere else other than Russia - broken as it may be.  Remnants here and there maybe, but no attempt at an Orthodox nation outside of Russia.

 on: Yesterday at 10:55:40 PM 
Started by Ebor - Last post by Justin Kissel
Is anyone else having issues with oc.net today? Pages don't seem to want to load, or load properly (I get the bare/ugly version), the site is slow, etc...?

 on: Yesterday at 10:50:20 PM 
Started by Justin Kissel - Last post by SolEX01
I wonder if there's a story about Abba Hezekiah being deceived and overcoming the deception in a triumphant sort of manner....

 on: Yesterday at 10:48:41 PM 
Started by Raylight - Last post by SolEX01

 on: Yesterday at 10:47:59 PM 
Started by chrisgeo - Last post by SolEX01
Lord have mercy.

 on: Yesterday at 10:47:44 PM 
Started by Raylight - Last post by Raylight
They are both true.

But Peter doesn't equal Bishop of Rome.

They both are true! How ? And why Peter doesn't equal Bishop of Rome ?

They can both be true, there is no reason for one to be true and one to be false. Catholics believe this also.

Papal advocates always assume that the Bishop of Rome is meant when 'Peter' is mentioned in a text, even though Peter doesn't equal Bishop of Rome. Or at least, doesn't equal the Bishop of Rome only. Why should the Apostle Peter only be associated with the Roman Pontiff?

True, because Peter also established the Church of Antioch, so the Peter can also equal Patriarch of Antioch. But Catholics say that Peter has his "cathedra" in Rome not in Antioch.  Undecided

 on: Yesterday at 10:46:08 PM 
Started by Jetavan - Last post by Raylight
I happily welcome it! I hope it puts Wall Street Christianity out of business.

So you want Atheists to win rather than other Christians ?  

One word to describe such thinking " Treason ". To wish the fail of your Christian brothers and sisters while wish the success of Atheists is indeed a treason.

Lord Have Mercy.

PS: I wish Wall Street Christians go out of business, because they are wrong on every level, but I also wish the fail of this Atheist Channel.

I don't pretend to not knowing what Atheists believe about God and Christ, I don't ignore or try to ignore that Atheists mock God, that Atheists believe you xOrthodox4Christx and Me to be delusional, believing in fairytales, and all our beliefs are man-made nonsense. If you tolerate that type of thinking but not the Protestant thinking, then there is something wrong and really very wrong and I can see where it will end.

Again, Lord Have Mercy.

 on: Yesterday at 10:42:27 PM 
Started by Jetavan - Last post by Porter ODoran
It will probably focus more so around science and technology than disbelief in God. I imagine it will merely be more educational than anything--maybe like Science Channel but with ocassional interviews of renowned atheist figures--and try to promote critical thinking.

Possibly, although I'm reminded of a situation some months ago where some atheists wanted an atheist monument on public grounds ... the monument focused entirely on selected quotes from the Mosaic Law.

Oh gosh Religulous played on loop for hours and days. Just imagine.

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