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No because a pope can’t be excommunicated.

The Pope was excommunicated for almost a thousand years. Hence, the forum you are on. Try to keep up.
Religious Topics / Re: My thoughts summed up (mostly).
« Last post by Ray1 on Yesterday at 03:14:30 PM »
1. If we could see him or if God would do daily supernatural things, we were forced to believe in him. There would be no freedom anymore to believe or not to believe in him. But freedom is the most precious gift to human beings.

2. Before Abraham there were maybe some other persons over the world, whom God called to Himself. But nobody was ready to sacrifice everything(!) only to follow God and His will. But with Abraham he found then a good foundation.
And imagine, if there would be over the world - America, Australia, Asia, Africa - prophets who all received after Abraham also the same massages and wrote all the same books - would we have then still the freedom to believe? Because that would be like a sort of scientific proof of the existence of God and we were again bonded to become believers.

3. (Orthodox) Christians are convinced that they have to change the world. But our first task is to chang our own life, to get a good heart - full of love and to improve our spiritual consciousness. Only if you stop to foreground your Ego in everything we do, we're can really help and change the life of others.
Even before the rise of modern European states, the church was providing social services. When Constantine I legalized the Christian Church in the 4th century, the newly legitimised church set up burial societies, poorhouses, homes for the aged, shelter for the homeless, hospitals, and orphanages. These were often funded, at least in part, from grants from the Empire. By 580 AD the church had a system for circulating consumables to the poor: associated with each parish was a diaconium or office of the deacon. Monasteries also often served as comprehensive social service agencies, acting as hospitals, homes for the aged, orphanages, travelers' aid stations.

Innovation and progress didn't come from a pessimistic perspective, but from an optimistic one that wanted to make this world somewhat better.
The modern man/ company doesn't want to make the world better in the first place. He wants to gain money as much as possible. Our environment is destroyed more and more and I don't believe that the modern system of Innovation and progress is environmentally sustainable. Science is good - but it becomes more and more a weapon against the human race.

I also recommend the book "The Grand Inquisitor" - Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

Thank you Nathanael. Indeed, today a good deal of progress is guided by an ideology that seeks financial gains and treats nature and people as means to an end. But there is a rise in people's awareness about such issues and social responsibility of corporations that hopefully will manage to control some of the damage.

As for not seeing God because he wants us to have the free will, but isn't the existence of Hell diminish it? If I don't want to follow God, but I know if I don't, burning (whether literally or figuratively) will be one of the consequences, I may follow Him out of fear, and therefore, I'm not really free.
Faith Issues / Re: I loathe and fear going to church
« Last post by Porter ODoran on Yesterday at 03:14:29 PM »
Satan often does his best work in church.

It is the righteous who are helping him.

  If we feel smothered at church we have to consider satan using the legalism that Christ admonished the church leaders in his time for smothering the common parishoners .

Do not get caught up in rules is what I am saying, concentrate instead on Jesus love for us all. Try to love everyone , yourself included, this is following what Jesus did.

Jesus reminds us that God desires mercy and love, not sacrifice.

Jesus Christ , Son of God, Lord have mercy.

Commanding someone to "try" while expressing contempt for his coaches and their coaching -- now to me this seems cruel.
Christian News / Re: The Dictator Pope
« Last post by Porter ODoran on Yesterday at 03:12:16 PM »
The supreme universal bishop acting like a dictator? Incredible. I kind of bet a lot of these same people were begging Pope Benedict to be less collegial, or at least would have cheered him on if he were.

The point they are trying to make is that the pope is not a dictator. He does have limits to his power. There are procedures and processes in place to help the church run as to avoid a dictator state that has now taken over Rome. This has been done because Pope Francis bypasses all rules, regulations and precedure and just does what he wants. The church is in a mess right now because of this.

Right, lol, the author of the book just hates this kind of thing... oh, except when he happens to agree with what a former Pope is doing, in which case it's merely a situation that the poor ole Pope was forced into, the poor ole Pope has no choice because he has to defend the faith and the unchanging morals of the Church, etc. All dictators are bad, except the ones who aren't ;)

Pope St John Paul II was far from a dictator. Heck he appointed some of the men like cardinal Kasper other men who are the worst of modernists as bishops and cardinals because of pressure from the German Bishops and other modernists. Compared to the current pontificate Pope St John Paul II was as dictatorial as the queen of England.

You can choose to keep believing false caricatures of the papacy in order to continue your delightful assault on the church. If the words from the very pope who proclaimed papal infallibility and universal jurisdiction are not enough for you to show that papal power has limits , nothing will ever be enough

Wow this was a pathetic little dodge. He's alluding to the fetish for Pope Benedict, for the most part, and you know it. The point is the rank hypocrisy from Pope Francis's  conservative enemies. Altho I don't know that even John Paul II was such a saint -- wait. ;)
Other Topics / Re: What does everyone look like?
« Last post by Porter ODoran on Yesterday at 03:07:45 PM »

You're going to make a handsome, confident, much-loved grandfather.
Faith Issues / Re: Orthodoxy and Mental Illness
« Last post by RaphaCam on Yesterday at 03:05:16 PM »
I didn't know St. Mary of Gatchina was considered a patroness for mental health, this is good, I have prayed to her for my sister, since she suffers from the same condition the saint did (cerebral palsy). St. Dymphna is a patroness for mental health too.

I just found a good article of Fr. Stephen Freeman on, who is writing "ON DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, THE SOUL, YOUR BODY AND YOUR BRAIN":
I was going to post this one, it's very good. Fr. Stephen Freeman has some other interesting reflections on mental health. I heard he suffers from GAD (like I do).
Western Rite Discussion / Re: Orthodox Prayers of old England
« Last post by ROCORWRVUK on Yesterday at 03:05:07 PM »
Special Christmas sale on this classic WR prayer book. $35 each.

More info here:
Liturgy / Re: Yedinovertsy?
« Last post by RaphaCam on Yesterday at 02:56:20 PM »
I've heard rumours about a Edinoverie Old Calendarist parish in the hintlands of Mato Grosso, Brazil, but I'm not sure. There's a vivid community of priestless Old Believers in and/or near Ponta Grossa, and for some reason they seem to have a large volume of brand new copies of the Old Orthodox Prayer Book.
Western Rite Discussion / Re: Western Rite Radio (ROCOR)
« Last post by RaphaCam on Yesterday at 02:40:34 PM »
Awesome! May it thrive!
Other Topics / Re: What does everyone look like?
« Last post by RobS on Yesterday at 02:31:10 PM »
LOL West Coast. "JamesR from the future" - Agabus
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