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None of us is entirely good or entirely evil. I've found some of Fr. Joachim's video talks quite helpful. And since he works with good translators, listening to them is at the very least a good way to improve one's English or Russian skills.
Orthodox Family Forum / Re: Wonderful site: Orthodox ABC
« Last post by Alxandra on Today at 07:14:40 AM »
Awesome! Thanks for sharing, I'm sending it to someone who may make good use.

Wonderful :)
Faith Issues / Re: Parousia and Matthew 24:32-35
« Last post by rakovsky on Today at 06:04:15 AM »
Modern skeptics come at the text with a goal to prove it wrong, so IMO most of the time the things they point to are ambiguous, this being one such case. They are affected by their biases into imagining their case to be stronger than it is.

That said, I do think there are a few major problem texts in the Bible elsewhere, which is quite a long book. Consider the story of Creation in Genesis 1, where the plants are made before the sun and the heavens are a firm layer. One answer can be that it's a metaphor, but when you get into the details of allegorizing each verse in the Bible even referring to fantastic Creation story elements, that becomes a hard argument to make, considering that ancient civilizations actually believed the world was set up like that.
Man is created in God's image. What is god? A creator. Therefore man's Purpose in life is to create and be creative. I believe man can take that road instead of salvation. I believe all the greatest artists even though they were not Christians, like Ludwig van Beethoven, Goethe, Pushkin etc were saved. After what they have done to humanity I dont Believe they are damned. Otherwise the majority of mankind's great artists are in hell. If that is the case I wonder why hell is so bad.
Religious Topics / Re: Becoming all things to all men
« Last post by mikeforjesus on Today at 05:12:56 AM »
From now on I shall keep in mind the verse "Receive one who is weak in the faith but not to disputes over doubtful things"
If I avoid confession because my father of confession can not answer everything I will lose the benefit of all the knowledge and virtue he has. Perhaps some things are not too important but I can seek perfection from God and other things like books though I'm not sure perfection is necessary to be saved only repentance. He who is faithful over his confession father God may grant him knowledge of things Himself as He said he who is faithful over little is faithful in much because one virtue supports another because the spirit is strengthened
Orthodox Family Forum / Re: Holding kids back in school
« Last post by Arachne on Today at 04:14:12 AM »
Meh. Over here, kids start state-subsidised preschool at 3, get sorted into school at 4 with reception class, which is essentially preschool inside the primary school frame (full day, uniform, etc), and start graded classes at 5, cutoff being 1 September. In Greece, it's infant school at 4-5 for one year, then primary school at 5-6 (cutoff is 1 April). Anything before then is daycare, and completely academic-free. In my understanding, infant school, preschool and kindergarten are interchangeable. In any and all of them, kids are encouraged to learn to recognise letters and numbers, but not really pushed (and in the British system, I suspect generally not pushed hard enough even later).
Faith Issues / Re: Parousia and Matthew 24:32-35
« Last post by Lepanto on Today at 03:04:53 AM »
The credibility of prophecy depends on the prophet. If it is the words of the word become flesh, we should better trust! I don't think that scripture is contradictory here, I think that it may be that you and I, with our limited, human understanding cannot be sure that we have the 100% correct interpretation of those verses. Stumbled over another interpretation online: "This generation" also could refer to the people observing the first signs of the Second Coming. It shall not pass away till it actually takes place.
This interpretation would avoid the apparent contradiction, as the verse then only would  mean that the time span between the first signs (fig tree) and His return is relatively small. A different, but too far-fetched approach?
The negligence of bishops in cases like this is appalling.
Good people who are non Christians might also be saved I wish to teach they are because of being maybe an influence for their immorality because of no hope though I am not responsible for them
But I don't think a non Christian can ever fulfill the commandments of the Lord unless He chooses to give the Holy Spirit to them because without regeneration through the Holy Spirit we are children of wrath
The Holy Spirit convicts the whole world of sin and the need for a redeemer just as Job who was a gentile who never heard about Jesus trusted that God would come to redeem Him by coming to earth

Note I never said they can be saved I wished to but I know it is wrong. You can see by my posts after this on this forum and elsewhere I do not teach non Christians are saved

An insane person I believe is someone who can not control his actions or I guess is someone who has not been convincingly shown that he will probably go to hell.

I did not explain my guess well

Suicide if commited when you know the truth without being deceived is unforgivable.
The same is true if one does not really want to know the truth before and after he was deceived and commits suicide.
I don't know if one can remain deceived if he had any desire for the truth
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