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Convert Issues / Re: Discernment
« Last post by Sharbel on Today at 01:06:14 AM »
I think - for many good reasons - I'm going to take a break from these forums, which have been somewhat of an idol to my relationship with God.
More importantly, you need to talk to an Orthodox priest.  Try to call the closest parishes to try to find a priest who's willing to accompany you in your discernment, even if just by phone.

Quote from: LivenotoneviL
how do I discern between God and Satan, and I'm asking from those who have experienced God?
You shouldn't really frame your discernment between the Catholic and the Eastern Orthodox Churches as between God and satan.  Rather, it's between more God or less God.  More Catholic or less Catholic.  More Orthodox or less Orthodox.  Wherever you end up, by God's grace, you'll be a better Christian.

Lord, have mercy on your servant and guide him ever closer to You, who is good, all loving and merciful.
Prayer Forum / Re: Prayers for Gebre please.
« Last post by Asteriktos on Today at 01:01:14 AM »
Lord have mercy!
Prayer Forum / Re: Mom Hip Replacement Surgery Dec. 12
« Last post by recent convert on Today at 12:56:59 AM »
Lord, have mercy
Western Rite Discussion / Re: Lectio Divina
« Last post by Sharbel on Today at 12:56:00 AM »
EDIT: I found a sort of Carmelite explanation, but I don't know if that's the same or if it's Benedictine-plus since the Benedictines are the base for all western monasticism but the Carmelites are a separate order.
If you mean as written by a Carmelite friar, such as this, yes, it's the same as the Benedictine practice.
Prayer Forum / Re: Mom Hip Replacement Surgery Dec. 12
« Last post by RobS on Today at 12:50:41 AM »
Lord have mercy.
Prayer Forum / Re: The Very Rev and Mrs Alvian Smirensky
« Last post by RobS on Today at 12:50:25 AM »
Memory Eternal!
Prayer Forum / Re: Pray for Mor Ephrem in this thread
« Last post by RobS on Today at 12:49:43 AM »
In your charity, please pray for the success of an undertaking of my weakness, which will take place the day after tomorrow.  Thank you.

In your charity, please pray for the success of another, similar undertaking of my weakness, which is now out of my hands.  Thank you again.

Through your holy prayers and fasting, I was offered a new job, which I start, God willing, a week from today.  It will help me now and help make possible (I hope) certain bigger and better things, for which I eagerly look forward.   

Thank you and glory be to God forever.  Amen.
Glory to God! Congratulations!
Other Topics / Re: All Things Cats
« Last post by mcarmichael on Today at 12:39:20 AM »
I think maybe the second thing to the worst thing about my life is that I don't have a cat; and I can't help but think that maybe it's because I spat upon one as a youth. However, I have "sponsored" some stray cats since then. Not that that makes it okay.
Western Rite Discussion / Re: Stations of the Cross
« Last post by Sharbel on Today at 12:33:53 AM »
I'm not as "anti-Catholic" as you think - I don't feel comfortable commenting on Lourdes for example.
We need to watch ourselves to not become one of the most obnoxious creatures that haunt churches throughout the world: the anti-Catholic ex-Catholic.

While it's true that conversion to Orthodoxy can be uniquely painful to devout Catholics, we cannot let disappointment drive our discernment.  Rather, as the Lord reminded the Church in Ephesus, we must strive to recall our first love (cf. Rev 2:4). 

We we raised reciting the Four Marks of the Church that we found in Orthodoxy in their fullness: One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic.  Getting a glimpse of this fullness is what moved us to dare to honestly consider such claim by the Orthodox Church, knowing fully well that it meant questioning the same claim by the Catholic Church. 

So, at least for me and perhaps for you too, becoming Orthodox is more a matter of becoming more Catholic, not less.
Orthodox-Other Christian Discussion / Re: Living Saints
« Last post by Sharbel on Today at 12:10:42 AM »
I think that I personally know one person who is a living saint and perhaps all the many whose life he's touched will one day tell the whole world about his many godly deeds.  Or perhaps not.  Regardless, God is the judge of his deeds.
Can i ask, what makes you believe he is a saint? Can i ask who this person is and where he is residing? Thank you
No.  No.  In my home town.
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