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 on: Today at 09:06:28 AM 
Started by CoptoGeek - Last post by CoptoGeek
Which Macarius?
A painting of Saint Macarius has been uncovered at the Deir Al-Surian Monastery in Wadi Al-Natroun, reports Sherif Sonbol

The Deir Al-Surian Monastery in Wadi Al-Natroun boasts some gems of holy architecture and design, with the Church of the Holy Virgin, the Gate of Prophecies and the uniquely detailed gypsum altar. It also contains the relics of Mary Magdalen, and the famous Monk in a White Robe. Yet the newly discovered painting of “Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in heaven with the souls of the blessed on their bosoms” — in its simple, comics-like style — is arguably the most striking object.

It was uncovered in 2000, and even then it could be seen that the art continued to the left, together with Syriac inscriptions. Last month restorers were finally completing work on removing the 18th-century plaster concealing The Three Fathers under the management of the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo Professor Karel Innemée.


 on: Today at 09:01:56 AM 
Started by scamandrius - Last post by CoptoGeek

What a petty and awful mess.

 on: Today at 08:58:47 AM 
Started by GabrieltheCelt - Last post by Justin Kissel
Some comments on a recent thread reminded me of this one...

POD - Brown

 on: Today at 08:52:31 AM 
Started by Porter ODoran - Last post by Sakeneko
Wheeewww!!!  That was close!I mean, Glory to God!  Wink

Seriously.  This woman has probably lost her business and every bit of property she had to the "family" whose complaint caused this whole thing to happen.  But she's free, and she has the education and temperament to rebuild.  Leave her tormenters to God; He will deal with them.

I wonder if anybody has started a Kickstarter or other fund for her to help pay expenses?

 on: Today at 08:41:01 AM 
Started by JamesR - Last post by Ansgar
§4 gives no hint that Onesiphorus's household have died. There is no prayer for the dead in scripture, except in the Maccabees passage you cite.

How would you, as a protestant, respond to this interpretation of the passage?

[Because Paul speaks of Onesiphorus only in the past tense, wishes blessings upon his house (family), and mercy for him "in that day", some scholars believe that Onesiphorus had at this point died.[5] Towards the end of the same letter, in 2 Timothy 4:19, Paul sends greetings to "Prisca and Aquila, and the house of Onesiphorus", again apparently distinguishing the situation of Onesiphorus from that of the still living Prisca and Aquila. Paul's reference to Onesiphorus is sometimes cited by Catholics as an early example of prayer for the dead,[6] while some Protestants opposing this practice reject such an interpretation.[7]/quote]

 on: Today at 08:39:37 AM 
Started by JamesR - Last post by TheTrisagion
Mor and kelly both have bees in their bonnets lately. Ignore them!


I'm allergic to bees, wasps, etc.  I've been stung by them and almost died twice.  Are you wishing for my death?  If it is not a death wish, I'm not sure what this is, because I'm a man and do not wear a bonnet.  Asking for my death is a new low, even for you.  


Now I know that you have the curse of exaggerating.  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
How could  I have known that you must wear a bee bonnet to avoid being stung?

I also wear a bee bonnet when gardening, but even still, those miniature green sweat bees have gotten inside the bonnet and stung me. Nasty critters.


I'm not sure why you insist on dismissing and even ridiculing my medical condition and making me out to be a cross-dresser.  I do not wear women's clothing, and I really wish you would stop insinuating otherwise.  


Your exaggerations are something else. Are you under the influence of some substance?

Bee bonnets are not something that only females wear. Beekeepers wear those white wire mesh bonnets for protection. Those are definitely not a he/she issue, but unisexual. I also have an insect screen that I purchased from Sports Chalet. It has elastic in it and it slips over one of those boonie hats, that men wear.

Please get some sleep.
Geez Maria, I spent all night last night comforting a sobbing Mor Ephrem who had a mental breakdown from accusations transexuality and death wishes.  The only way I could comfort him was by processing around his room with the icon of St. Dioscorus, but now my own salvation is in peril for venerating a miaphysite heretic.  This whole thing goes from bad to worse.

 on: Today at 08:32:40 AM 
Started by Jetavan - Last post by TheTrisagion

Other than some people getting hurt feelings about the name, how is the team name "Redskins" causing injury?  If we revoked patents anytime someone got hurt feelings, I can think of a whole bunch of stuff that could suddenly have patents revoked. The purpose of patents is to protect intellectual property. Someone drew the Redskins logo. You may not like it, you may not agree with it, but someone is still entitled to protect their property. You can't just decide to withdraw patents on offensive items because deciding what is offensive and what is not is extremely subjective.

Since you  are bringing up the issue of injury, it seems you can look this up yourself. In regard to the rest of the post, how can Redskins be a patent? It makes no sense to me. Are we talking trademarks?

Off the cuff, I do think there is a distinction between Redskins versus braves, warriors and Indians, in that the latter have known, admirable, attributes. I have not seen this with Redskins, but you have the opportunity to correct me.
You are correct, I should have said trademark, not patent. The question is not whether Redskin can be interpreted in a positive light, the question is, does the federal government get to determine what is offensive and revoke trademark based on the premise. I have no problem with people criticizing the Redskins for maintaining the name even though I personally find it to be an argument in triviality, but I do have a problem with the federal government intervening in the dispute for what I can only presume to be an effort at scoring cheap political points.

 on: Today at 08:30:24 AM 
Started by scamandrius - Last post by Ekdikos

On a side note, does the OC recognize the validity of the other Anglican/Episcopalian sacraments?

No. Except baptism in most of cases.

Anyway, I think at one point Patriarchates of Constantinople and of Romania, recognised validity of Anglican orders, whatever they meant under that. None of Orthodox Churches, not even those who at one point recognised Anglican orders, ever accepted Anglican bishop/priest/deacon as ordained.

 on: Today at 08:07:26 AM 
Started by Porter ODoran - Last post by Maximum Bob
Glory to God,  indeed.

 on: Today at 07:39:50 AM 
Started by Raylight - Last post by Gebre Menfes Kidus
I think the blessed New Testament female saints set the precedent for all Christian women. The served Christ and labored for the Gospel, but not one of them made any demands to be ordained. The example of Phoebe seems a reasonable biblical case for Deaconesses, but I don't see any biblical precedent for female Bishops or female priests.

I also think that the natural, biological differences between men and women are a significant reason. It would be quite difficult for a pregnant woman to fulfill all of her priestly duties, for example. And the call of the priesthood is by no means a higher calling than the call of motherhood.


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