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Here is some background information about Metropolitan Epifaniy:
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« Last post by Sethrak on Today at 01:33:59 PM »
I'm finding it impossible to figure out where to start here.  Seriously.

Tzimis: I think you're missing a lot of points here.  It is possible to live a chaste unmarried non-monastic life.  I've met people who do so in nearly every place I've lived.  Monastic life isn't just about sexual abstinence - it is also about rejection of living in the world, so it's not always the right choice for those not called to married life.

Marriage should only be for the folks willing to grow into marriage, becoming obedient and self-sacrificial to the other.  Monasticism should only be for those willing to enter into total obedience for the sake of their soul and the community they're joining.

I think you're also missing a big point about sex within marriage - it's not always right.  Yes, our bodies belong to our spouses, but that "ownership" is predicated on the other principles of marriage, i.e. self-sacrifice in love for one another.  "Wives be subject to your husbands" is dependent on "Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her."  If the one isn't happening, the other cannot be demanded.  Yes, if the one spouse is more loving than the other, even in the face of abuse (and I use that term very broadly), then it's a credit to their soul - but that cannot be demanded of them, either by the bad spouse or by outsiders (like us).  So yes, we're only supposed to withhold sex within marriage "by mutual consent" per St. Paul, but he's also assuming that the one partner is willing to sacrifice everything including their life for the benefit of the other.  If the one partner is abusing the other, then they have withdrawn their right to demand marital rights, as they are not living up to the standards set by the Lord and His successors on the subject.  (A similar principle is seen in the concept of "Fatherhood" - per the Lord we have but one Father, and the rest of us called Father, whether for biological reasons or for honorific ones, only deserve to be called that insofar as we labor to imitate the One in whose Fatherhood we participate.  If we do not even attempt to imitate the Father, then we lose the privilege of being called by His title.)

We have Saintly examples of folks who lived in sexless marriages (like St. John of Kronstadt).  We have Saintly examples of marriages with children.  Saintly examples of single non-monastics, and Saintly examples of monks.  So all paths are possible.
A well written post. I however, on behalf of Elizabeth, must protest the example of St. John of Kronstadt, a saint in spite of the sexless marriage.
Memory eternal.
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« Last post by Orthodox_Slav on Today at 01:29:25 PM »
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« Last post by RaphaCam on Today at 01:29:22 PM »
Apart from the Orthodoxy or Death patch, this is all pretty much normal.
Religious Topics / Languages in Prayer.
« Last post by Orthodox_Slav on Today at 01:28:55 PM »
Could you please put what languages you pray in here.

I pray mostly in Slavonic occasionally in English.

and in the past i have tried praying in Latin,Greek,Ukrainian,Macedonian,Romanian,Finnish,Swedish
He can run things through his protege.
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« Last post by Luke on Today at 01:25:24 PM »
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