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Other Topics / Re: How are things going for you?
« Last post by derrickwilson on Yesterday at 11:37:04 PM »
Tired but employed.
Other Topics / Where is your podium on your church stage?
« Last post by derrickwilson on Yesterday at 11:36:22 PM »
Do you keep your podium to the side of the stage or in the center of the stage? Why is your podium where it is at? This article helps explain what where your podium is could mean:
Christian News / Re: Kirk Cameron's movie voted worst of all time
« Last post by derrickwilson on Yesterday at 11:34:45 PM »
So you don't like Kirk's teachings? I actually like the way he presents the Gospel. The banana thing is silly, true, but they are reaching a generation that is getting increasingly difficult to reach. The Left Behind movie reached me personally, but I was raised by a non-strict Christian mother. It got me interested in Revelations and the End Times. Oh well, to each his own I guess.  ;)
Oriental Orthodox Discussion / Re: Armenian question - Palm Sunday
« Last post by wgw on Yesterday at 11:31:40 PM »
The Copts have a book that contains all the services from the last Friday in Lent where they perform Holy Unction through to Pascha.  Do the Armenians have a book like that?  Or is there an English translation of the Directory, which I've read is the Armenian book comtaining instructions for the variable parts of all services somewhat like the Typikon?
but that is not the same as saying it is evil (nor have I mentioned it at all in this thread).

Fair enough.

I don't think it amounts to enough, altho it could continue on to become one. Critical thought is break down and dismissal and contraries, and has been the mode of the academy since at least 1800. It requires creative thought on which to work, and mostly takes that from the past or perhaps sometimes the naive present. Itself is infecund.

No, that's the caricature of critical thought pushed by premodern LARPers like you. One can hold certain principles like the dignity of human life and the importance of the freedom of the individual as axiomatic and still think critically.

I'm using a technical term in philosophy and logic. You're using a political or religious plaudit. They happen to be spelt the same.
Other Topics / Re: Picture of the Day
« Last post by hecma925 on Yesterday at 11:13:10 PM »
Oh, and Hecma, if you are not sick then have a better Lent.

Amen, amen, amen.  Let us all be sick so that we suffer more for the kingdom.
Other Topics / Re: Ban the person above
« Last post by hecma925 on Yesterday at 11:05:19 PM »
Banned for subscribing to violence.
Religious Topics / Re: Jesus' virginity
« Last post by hecma925 on Yesterday at 11:04:32 PM »
Over / under on the post when this thread becomes about JamesR's virginity?
JamesR is really Jesus?  This sheds a whole light on things.


Mary Magdalene did think He was the gardener.
I've been to a Pomeranian service (a part of, actually) as a tourist. No one bothered.

They probably just couldn't hear you over all the barking.

And just so someone doesn't take that the wrong way
Convert Issues / Re: Praying during liturgy?
« Last post by Mor Ephrem on Yesterday at 10:20:38 PM »
Mor, are you cradle?
You already know that Protestants, some, have a spontaneous or extemporaneous prayer life and "feel" it to be the way one prays most all the time. So when one comes into Orthodoxy and finds Prayers for The Sick, and/or someone else's words used in/for every kind of situation then it is normal to wonder 'what is prayer and when do I get to pray for this certain person or  thing"?
Strong emotive response is natural in such. That's all.

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