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...has done damage in trying to bring potential converts to Orthodoxy.

Only if they care what he thinks. I had never even heard of him or his father before I became Orthodox. Full disclosure: I was never able to finish even one of his books, though.
Reality to journalists:  NOT. GOING. TO. HAPPEN.

Have you dropped St. Mark of Ephesus from your calendar yet?

I'm sorry, I don't see how these comments are related. Could you explain it to me if you have the time?

Why would someone who opposes an Orthodox Patriarch even meeting with the Pope, want to venerate St. Mark of Ephesus?

You know, I didn't see it that way. Thank you.


how can he preach to those outside the Church and bring them back into the fold of the one, Holy, Catholic, & Apostolic Church without physically meeting them face-to-face?

This wasn't addressed to me, but fwiw I want to point out that some on my side of the fence think (or maybe I should say seem to think, since they often hint at things without saying them clearly) that the meeting will lead to the Pope bringing the Patriarch back into the fold.

Yes, my Roman Catholic friends all think that the Pope is going to bring the EP and hence all Orthodox Christians into unity with Rome. They think it is a done deal with the latest encyclical, and they are gloating over it already.
Faith Issues / Re: Could an animal be a saint?
« Last post by scamandrius on Today at 11:23:33 AM »

And yet, since angels are considered saints, does that mean an animal could in theory attain sainthood, even if only miraculously? Note that I'm not suggesting this has actually happened (sorry, Guinefort of Lyons!) but rather just asking if it could.

I nominate this for:  Dumbest Thread on
Reviews / Re: What kid's shows do you like?
« Last post by PeterTheAleut on Today at 11:22:05 AM »

I do like the Looney Tunes.

Don't mess with Bugs Bunny.
Not to rain on anyone's parade but I also heard that the Pope's meeting is to entail the repatriation of Greek Catholic churches that were granted the Orthodox during the Communist reign and NOT so much on unification.
Secondly, I think the wedge of separation is pretty much permanently fixed.
Other Topics / Re: W.A.G.-word association game
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Other Topics / Re: W.A.G.-word association game
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Faith Issues / Re: Could an animal be a saint?
« Last post by Gamliel on Today at 11:14:25 AM »
^ I agree, although they can present an occasional onetime example, such as the donkey who kept Balaam alive and the donkey who took the 3 Hands Icon to Mt. Athos.
Reviews / Re: What kid's shows do you like?
« Last post by Opus118 on Today at 11:05:02 AM »
The Powerpuff Girls
Dexter's Laboratory (his mom puts me into a trance)
Courage the Cowardly Dog
Danger Mouse
Invader Zim
Fractured Fairy Tales
Mr. Peabody's Improbably History
Rocko's Modern Life
Religious Topics / Re: Being gay and Christianity.
« Last post by scamandrius on Today at 11:01:48 AM »
If you want my honest opinion, I would tell you that despite what you may see on Orthodox internet forums, the vast majority of the Orthodox Church is much more liberal (small-L) and accepting of homosexuality than you may think. There are LGBT folks who attend my parish and most real-life Orthodox people seem just as upset over the small but vocal strain of homophobic bigotry coming from Evangelical converts as you and I are. I would be open with my homosexuality if I were you. You may be surprised at how well your parish will take it. Internet Orthodoxy is much more unpleasant and uncommon than real life Orthodoxy.

Perhaps but that does not equate to them desiring to change the definition of marriage as far as the Orthodox Church is concerned or perform gay wedding ceremonies. 

Also, news flash:  Opposition to same sex marriage is not bigotry.  I know that's how you feel, but feelings are not facts.  Besides, I realize that the only way for you to feel superior in your "arguments" is to liberally label your opponents with terms such as bigot, homophobe, etc.  That way you don't have to actually engage on the issue itself, but bring it to an abrupt halt with a smug sense of moral superiority and smug self-righteousness.

BTW, how would you know anything about real life Orthodoxy?  You spend all your time here.
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