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Does anyone know why these places are empty and abandoned? People no longer exist in these areas.
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40Kgs fish caught with cheesebread bait. Will be cooked to fundraise for local Taekwondo athletes to participate in national competition.
Faith Issues / Re: Christian Internet ethics
« Last post by Raylight on Today at 04:51:05 PM »
I think we all fall short when it comes to Christian Internet ethics. We all had times when we said things to other members we shouldn't say. Sometimes I said things that I should've not said as a Christian, or as an adult regardless of faith in the first place.

It is sad however to see in a Christian forum, some people who call themselves Christians, but they brag about being jerks. They brag about attacking other members. Their replies are mostly ridiculing and attacking other members without even contributing to the thread in anyway. This is hard to understand, and make me question what type of family did this person grew up in that made him/her think being a jerk is something to be proud of. Or what type of Church does he/she go to that made him/her think it is okay to be jerk online, and to be proud of such thing.

In the end, I'm not innocent, nor many members here. I think this thread will help me and some members to realize that ethics do not only apply to real life out of the internet. Otherwise, watching pornography is not unethical if morals and values are only to be applied offline.
Faith Issues / Re: Christian Internet ethics
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"If you want to take voice in a heated discussion take a pee or have a tea before hitting "send" and then reread what you wanted to post." - heard once. Good advice, actually.
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wet noses
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Karyn Crisis' Gospel of the Witches - Mother
I would add most of the saints chosen appear to be founders/reformers of orders with Eastern Catholic branches: Fransicans, Jesuits, Carmelites, Lazarists, and Salesians. The inclusion of the popes is obvious from their love of the Eastern Catholic Churches.

Not surprising, is it, that these religious orders helped to convert the Melkites to Rome.
No.  On the other hand, no Latin Order had a hand in the Union of Mukachevo but today there are Byzantine Benedictines, Fransicans, and Carmelites and some of the their feast have had an office written.  Our Lady of Guadalupe was added to the Metropolia of Pittsburgh's calendar because she is the Patroness of the Americas.

Those Roman Religious Orders are latinizations.
It is not as black and white as that.  I know members of these Orders that are far more Eastern in practice and outlook than others not in them.  That said the Eastern branches of these orders are dying out as young vocations opt for more traditional Monasticism, at least in my Metropolia for the Benedictines and Franciscans.

I know that several nuns from the Byzantine Catholic Eparchy lived with the OCA nuns in Otego, NY a few years back with the blessing of their bishop and of the OCA bishop. Later that year I believe at the Mariapoch pilgrimage in Ohio, they were tonsured and received the rassophore by His Grace, Bishop John of Parma.

I will say that many of the caricatures of Eastern Catholics are simply wrong and the charges of excessive Latinization are, for the most part, a part of history and not their current spiritual life. That being said, among the older laity, the so-called Easternization (actually the restoration of the pre 1900 norms) has been misunderstood given the position their families took in the struggles of the 20th century during which many turned to the Orthodox faith to protest Latinizing in the Americas.
"The county already has several citizens, including Balanov's spouse"

He sent his spouse to live there... :)
Faith Issues / Re: Christian Internet ethics
« Last post by William T on Today at 04:27:19 PM »
The ethics for a Christian on the internet are exactly the same as in "real life". How to go about it, when you can't make eye contact or read a facial expression, may be a bit different (e.g. an emoticon may help convey that something is being said tongue-in-cheek rather than seriously) but the ethics behind our actions are the same. Or at least they should be....


if I were to do a fast in an Orthodox ChristIan village, I may have a different approach to it than NYC, Saudi Arabia, Vatican City, or a small town in the Bible Belt.   It may be the same game., but what matters is the approach.  Different pros and cons in each environment.

What tips and tricks do you do to keep decent on the internet.  I get the overall ethics or whatever are the same, just wondering about practical advice people find useful.  I'm sorry if my question wasn't clear.
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