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Convert Issues / Re: Am I Still Orthodox?!
« Last post by Iconodule on Today at 06:23:17 AM »
Speaking purely academically here, apostates were typically received by chrismation in Byzantine times. St Nicholas Cabasilas  (14th century) says how baptism cannot be repeated for apostates, but the Church “merely signs their bodies with the divine chrism and adds no more” (The Life in Christ). There are first millennium sources attesting to this too but I don’t have them handy. Christians who converted to Islam and then repented were received this way in Byzantine times. Apparently fornicating with a Jewess was also enough to require this. If nowadays there is a different attitude that’s fine too. I would of course urge cole not to worry about it and just go with whatever is asked of him.
Other Topics / Re: All Things Cats
« Last post by Hawkeye on Today at 04:43:11 AM »
Odd that you should call him "Santa Claus II" when there were so many St. Nicholas' in between.
Not sure how requiring baptism of all converts and reverts would be any kind of effective response to those things, but ok...
Orthodox Family Forum / Re: Vaccination and the Virus of Fear
« Last post by Arachne on Today at 03:37:19 AM »
God bless you all, i harbor no ill will.

Great. Then I assume you will be doing the responsible thing and keeping the unvaccinated members of your family in the house, away from interactions with other people?
So he's letting monomakhis down who was rejoicing and speculating that the newly imposed  strictures were a reaction and I quote him to "feminism and faggotry infecting American religion".
Convert Issues / Re: Am I Still Orthodox?!
« Last post by augustin717 on Today at 03:00:17 AM »
Checked my Romanian dogmatics manual and it explicitly says that just as baptism , chrismation is a mystery that cannot be repeated.
Re-chrismation does sound like some bizarre, probably not older than 3-4 hundred years if that, practice.
Board News / Re: Happy Birthday to our Illustrious Admin!
« Last post by Olivia on Today at 02:57:21 AM »
Happy birthday!
Orthodox Family Forum / Re: Vaccination and the Virus of Fear
« Last post by Rubricnigel on Today at 02:02:51 AM »

No, the one murdered baby might not have been a quota but today it seems there are.

Theres no sense arguing, I'm pro life, some others aren't.
All i can say is abortion is murder, and any tissue used in vaccines that came/come from a murdered baby, injected into another human is satanic.

Mark of the beast, HA, its injected by the beast.

To the other person who is ignoring me, thats fine we are one two different ends of the spectrum.

God bless you all, i harbor no ill will.
Religious Topics / Re: Violence in the OT
« Last post by minasoliman on Today at 01:47:47 AM »
It’s a literary technique to demonstrate that the God of Israel is more powerful than the other Canaanite gods.  To kill all living things, including children and animals demonstrates that power.  With that said, it never really happened.  Whatever annihilation of certain tribes purported to have happened, those tribes continue to exist.  It is very popular that whoever takes over that land would write how much they completely got rid of any trace of those living there.  Even Egyptians did the same claiming to destroy all of Israel in one of their stone tablets.

Origen, rightly so, has recognized this, and has also recognized that Israel does not even follow every single Mosaic Law to the strict observance.  Otherwise, there would be much literal injustice from these laws.  He takes a Christocentric and spiritual allegorizing approach that emphasizes Christ’s destruction of Satan, the violence of the Kingdom of Heaven, and how we must be serious against even the smallest sin.  God uses the literary techniques of the ancient world and turns it into inspiration by the Spirit to veil the coming salvation of Christ.
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