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Reviews / Re: What movies are you watching?
« Last post by TheTrisagion on Today at 12:37:53 AM »
She doesn't look like she would tolerate brown people, sorry.  :-\
Non-Religious Topics / Re: A very useful poll
« Last post by TheTrisagion on Today at 12:34:51 AM »
I blame it on Chalcedon.

Oh brother.  ::)
You do know I'm kidding, right?  Me being Chalcedonian and all...
Other Topics / Re: Random Postings
« Last post by TheTrisagion on Today at 12:33:00 AM »
Sort by number of posts. It will make your day happy.  :P

Also, after the 8th time listening to that song, my day was no longer brightened, although I was still mesmerized by that girls exceptionally blue eyes.

I will never catch up to ialmisry :( I don't even hardly ever see him post, yet I am always behind...
Go to politics. All you wonderings will be answered there. 

Note: you will also lose your soul upon entry, so there is a tradeoff.
Non-Religious Topics / Re: Hospitals and courts
« Last post by Jonathan Gress on Today at 12:21:34 AM »
I can see you're fully convinced of this dichotomy, anyway.

Altho I must say, if there is no better or worse practical way to live, then why should we believe it when we are told there is a better or worse "spiritual"?

But in point of fact, there are healthier ways to live, healthier populations, and so on. Quite! Rotting teeth and cancer are Western illnesses for example. While the hospitals and nursing homes are crammed not with exotic sufferers, but with victims of "the American diet" -- diabetics, stroke and heart-attack sufferers. Even Alzheimers is being linked to way-of-life -- researchers call it Diabetes Type 3 ...

Before modern medicine, most people didn't live long enough to experience these other things. Do you seriously believe people were healthier in the "good old days"? Spiritually healthier I can accept, but your romanticism knows no bounds, I guess.
Reviews / Re: What TV shows are you watching?
« Last post by Justin Kissel on Today at 12:11:21 AM »
We had one TV in our house growing up, and my mom had total control of it. Her favorite shows were:

Carol Burnett
Murder She Wrote
Designing Women
The Golden Girls

Carol Burnett was tolerable. The others were enough to drive one to misogyny. Uggghhh... :P

My gram used to watch those three, though mostly two and four by the time I was old enough to remember such stuff (I spent most weekends and summers at their house). I liked the Golden Girls; I think I can still sing the theme song from memory...

Yep, got it. 8) I'm so alpha.

Never much liked the Murder She Wrote stuff though, nor Columbo, but at least with Columbo he brought many joys to my heart when he did the gimmicky, corny "Oh, ah, one more thing... BAM!" That's right up there with "I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for you meddling kids!"
Non-Religious Topics / Re: A very useful poll
« Last post by xOrthodox4Christx on Today at 12:08:53 AM »
I blame it on Chalcedon.

Oh brother.  ::)
Non-Religious Topics / Re: A very useful poll
« Last post by truth_seeker on Today at 12:07:29 AM »
Well, Michael Jackson was going to bring popcorn and read the comments, but I think his car broke down.... :-\
For example, Byzantines are extreme iconodules. Although Orientals use icons, they do not have as grounded a tradition of veneration of icons that Byzantines do... (I know, I'm generalizing...)

Are there any divergences in practice or liturgy between the two communions that is worth mentioning like the above?
Reviews / Re: What TV shows are you watching?
« Last post by wainscottbl on Today at 12:05:30 AM »
Vikings Season 3 (The season is only two episodes in and I am not disappointed)

Love that show. About  to go watch Gotham after I wash the stink off me. They really picked a great kid/actor for the young Bruce Wayne. He's got the part perfectly. He's got the good looks and grace, but the innocence and young awkwardness. He has not grown into the confident Black Knight yet, but he is training himself. And the younger Alfred is casted well, too.

Non-Religious Topics / Re: A very useful poll
« Last post by Maria on Today at 12:03:02 AM »
I'm just here for the pie.

Boysenberry or apple would be great.

I'm sure James would like apple pie too.
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