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Other Topics / Re: What does everyone's online persona look like?
« Last post by Antonious Nikolas on Yesterday at 10:57:56 PM »
So, when you're drunk you have trouble distinguishing between the sexes, eh?  I guess that explains why you left McSorley's Pub with that transvestite with the size 13s last night.  Unless there's something else you'd like to tell us?

Oh, oops!

If we're gonna do this, man, you really need to figure out how comebacks work.  :-\

We've crossed swords like twenty times since I started blocking your weird PMs and you decided you were mad at me, and you aren't even up on the scoreboard yet.
Why's one more non-impossible than the other? Or, I don't know, a Coptic nun being miraculously transported to Mt. Athos?

Whoever said anyone believes in that?  I'm not even familiar with the story.  Nevertheless, ghostly priests from Russian Atlantis floating around the land of the living to consecrate the Eucharist for Old Believers is just a bit beyond the pale for me.  Are you saying you believe in the Kitezh thing?  Are people still alive down there?  Or are they just ghosts?  Is it Atlantis, or Brigadoon?  Please, by all means, let us know.
Religious Topics / Re: Why we give food for the dead?
« Last post by ialmisry on Yesterday at 10:50:17 PM »
We eat it ourselves.
Religious Topics / Re: Off-topic Lutheran Propaganda Nonsense Goes Here
« Last post by ialmisry on Yesterday at 10:48:17 PM »
I'm Antiochian, and I love it, but I would prefer that that North America be united and autocephalous

Would what you love about it change if there was a united jurisdiction?
I would love that we wouldn't be split into all these different groups, that people couldn't go jurisdiction shopping, that efforts of evangelization and missions would be better organized, that we would be in accordance with the canons of the Church instead of a hodgepodge.
Everyone wants to say that fertility charting is practically foolproof. There are people out there that can use it effectively I am sure. There are many people that can't because of a variety of reasons. I can tell you right now that ecological breastfeeding doesn't work for birth control in combination with charting; we have 2 sons 14 months apart in age to prove how ineffective that is! Additionally, women don't just cease fertility and hit menopause in a single day. There are years of wonky-but-still-fertile cycles before you lose all fertility.
Its simple and uncomplicated. Read how the Fathers of even the first five Christian centuries refuted those in schism and proved the absolute need to return to Catholic unity with the Chair of Peter in Rome. Take for example the Donatist schism though the same principle applied to both prior and later schisms.

"How does St. Optatus show that the Catholic Church did not go out from the Donatists, but that the Donatists went out from the Catholic Church? He does so by way of the Chair of St. Peter. The bishop that remains in communion with the Chair of St. Peter in Rome is the bishop who has remained with the Catholic Church. In this particular case, the bishop of Carthage who had remained in communion with the bishop of Rome, was Caecilian and his episcopal successors in Carthage. The bishop who has broken communion with the Chair of St. Peter is the bishop who is in schism from the Catholic Church. Therefore the bishop in Carthage who had broken fellowship with the Chair of St. Peter in Rome, was the bishop in schism from the Catholic Church. In this way St. Optatus shows that because Majorinus and his episcopal successors (and all the laypeople who followed them) had broken fellowship with the Chair of St. Peter, therefore they were the ones who had gone out from the Catholic Church, and were presently in schism from the Church."

Did not work in Antioch: all four of the Vatican's pretenders to that see claim St. Meletius (whom St. Damasus refused communion and led the opposition to recognition, as St. Basil complains to Pope St. Athanasius the Great, who tried to commune with St. Meletius) as their predecessor to succeed St. Peter. None claim Paulinus, Old Rome's sponsored rival to St. Meletius, who was consigned to oblivion, whereas St. Meletius gained eternal fame as opening and presiding over the Second Ecumenical Council.

He [Optatus] replies: "We must examine who sat first in the chair, and where. . . .You cannot deny that you know that in the city of Rome upon Peter first the chair of the bishop was conferred, in which sat the head of all the Apostles, Peter, whence also he was called Cephas, in which one chair unity should be preserved by all, lest the other Apostles should each stand up for his own chair, so that now he should be a schismatic and a sinner who should against this one chair set up another. Therefore in the one chair, which is the first of the dotes Peter first sat, to whom succeeded Linus." An incorrect list of popes follows
Nihil Obstat. February 1, 1911. Remy Lafort, S.T.D., Censor. Imprimatur. +John Cardinal Farley, Archbishop of New York.
Other Topics / Re: Post a picture of your OWN persona
« Last post by Mor Ephrem on Yesterday at 10:31:36 PM »
Christian News / Re: Syriac Orthodox Church reopens in Rojava
« Last post by ialmisry on Yesterday at 10:25:24 PM »
Glory to God!
We're with you Anthony! Keep your chin up.

Thank you, Porter.
Why did you have to start an Old Believer thread while I'm out at sea? I'm in no condition to meaningfully participate.

Whoops sorry,  ;D but since your here, what are the Old Believers thoughts on ecumenism? Do you have an official website?

If they would rather die than cross themselves with three fingers, don't you think you can infer their attitude to ecumenism?
Yeah good point!
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