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This is a basic explanation from the church in Erie, which is under ROCOR but retains the Old Rite (there is also a priestless OB group in Erie who aren't in communion with any canonical group):

That is not the basic differences, those are the basic differences between Old Ritualists and New Ritualists.

The true basic differences amount to Faith and Dogma.  Old Believers have maintained the Faith given to the Apostles by Christ, and, teach the same Dogmas that were given. Nikonians, those who followed the reforms of Patriarch Nikon, modify not just the outward forms, but the very Faith of our Lord Christ, Jesus.
How so? It's not enough to accuse us of changing the very Faith of Our Lord if you don't explain exactly how we do so?
Orthodox epistemology: We can know what's absolutely true through the Scriptures, the liturgical traditions, the hymns, the icons, the testimony of the Fathers, prayer, fasting, theosis, and all that God offers to the Church!

Which I would say are part of the church's ordinary magisterium. (We include all the Eastern traditions; the non-Catholic East really doesn't include the Western. Western Rite Orthodoxy is self-limiting because the Orthodox don't really want it. To be Orthodox is to be Byzantine.) The extraordinary magisterium (a council or a Pope defining a doctrine) is very rarely used, and can't contradict defined doctrine; that is, it can't invent new doctrine as non-Catholic Eastern theologians and Protestants accuse. And even when it's used, it's used very cautiously to define what Catholics already believe: Mary is all-holy and was assumed into heaven (both of which Orthodox really believe too) and that the Pope's office, not the man, is infallible when defining doctrine. For example, Catholicism's latest council, Vatican II, didn't define any doctrine. It repeated what's been defined and made some policy changes. The church can translate (part of, as the council really said) the services, drop the office of Prime, have official talks with the East and with Protestants, and tell Roman Rite Catholics they can eat meat on Fridays most of the year, but it can't ordain women, marry two men, or say divorce and remarriage is OK. (We can't change the matter of a sacrament or say adultery is ever right. Much of Catholicism is really about what the Pope can't do!)

If everything you're saying here is true, then the standard Catholic, presuppositional apologetic appeal to "final authority" falls flat, for the argument implies that the Orthodox Church cannot provide the laymen certainty about absolute truth, just because it doesn't have an infallible Pope who has the "final say." Am I right to conclude that you believe in Catholicism, yet agree with me that this apologetic should not be used as a "silver bullet" argument for Catholicism against Orthodoxy?   
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Customer service: "I understand your frustration."

How many times I would have loved to hear a real person say anything to me!

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I don't know about what happens in OTS Kottayam, but I've heard from many Jacobite Seminarians and a few priests who have said in MSOTS Mulanthurthy nothing except liturgy is taught and very few have a grasp of the Bible or even actual orthodoxy. They also mentioned that seminarians who come out of there don't have a clue about dealing with parishioners. I have met seminarians who opted not to attend MSOTS for that reason. Though all of this could be due to other personal biases or anecdotal evidence and second hand knowledge.

Here is the syllabus of MSOT Seminary Udayagiri

Thank you for sharing this. I'm glad to learn that the problems which I've heard about MSOTS were wrong.
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As I understand it, he wanted to enforce Nicaea by the sword but St. Athanasius convinced him not to.
The Bektasi Sufi Order, which is closely related to Alevism but also practices monasticism, and shares with Alevism the Cem ritual, is the religion commonly referred to as "Shia Islam" in demographic statistics in Albania and Macedonia.  These Bektasis have suffered severe anuses from the Sunnis in recent years.  There is also a historic Bektasi presence in Turkey closely related to, as in, in some form of "communion" with the Alevis.
Too many contemptible people? :laugh:
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Lord, have mercy.
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Let us emulate in our imperfect fashion the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness - fasting, praying, and utterly rejecting the lies of Satan.

I miss my olive oil.
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