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 on: Today at 11:04:52 PM 
Started by Ebor - Last post by ilyazhito
Nubs of doom, GIR. Nubs of doom.

 on: Today at 11:04:29 PM 
Started by TSchristian - Last post by Regnare
Wouldn't it be the usual response to "proceeds" passages? Check the Greek verb used. In Greek, unlike in Latin, there is a distinction between temporal and eternal procession, so the English word "proceeds" and its Latin root "procedit" are covering for two or three different Greek words. It is absolutely true that the Holy Spirit is sent into the world by the Son. It is also true that the Son is sent into the world (at His Incarnation and during the Eucharist) by the Holy Spirit. What Orthodoxy does not teach is that the Holy Spirit is eternally generated by the Son as well as the Father, since it is part of the Father's distinct identity that He is the source of the other two Persons.
I would guess, therefore, that the Holy Spirit in these Scriptural verses is seen being sent forth in time to the world, rather than being eternally generated, which is not something that even a prophet could see.
As I am still approaching the beginning of my catechumenate, I do hope that someone more knowledgeable corrects my theology if need be.

 on: Today at 11:03:45 PM 
Started by Elijah - Last post by ilyazhito
Who is that hierarch? Not Metropolitan Jonah, perchance?

 on: Today at 11:03:33 PM 
Started by Minnesotan - Last post by JoeS2
...what would the reaction be from the Orthodox, I wonder?

There were several who were considered "papabile" last time (at least one Maronite, someone from India, and I think at least one Byzantine). In the end they went with Francis. But, if they had chosen someone from one of the eastern churches, what would have the reaction from most Orthodox have been? Positive (as in, "hey, they're finally coming around") or negative (as in, "they're trying to woo us again, just like at Florence, but don't listen to them!"). Most of the journalists reporting on the conclave seemed to think it would have been the former. Any thoughts?

Im struggling a little as to the 'whys' of the Vatican doing this.   Has there been any serious thinking along these lines?

 on: Today at 11:01:09 PM 
Started by Bernardoastur7 - Last post by Minnesotan
Well, I know for a fact that there are several Orthodox parishes named after Our Lady of Walsingham (an apparition dating to England, 1061). Some of them are Western Rite.

Whether 1061 is post-schism or not depends on whether you accept the idea that the English church was subjected to a "hostile takeover" in 1066 with King Harold's defeat (the battle commemorated in the famous Bayeux Tapestry).

Fatima would of course be problematic given the controversial comments about Russia, which some Orthodox interpret as a call to convert Russia to Catholicism specifically (I. e., away from Orthodoxy, although the comments are vague enough that they could also be interpreted as a reference to generic Christianity and Soviet atheism instead).

The Miraculous Medal has "Sacred Heart" imagery on it, which is also considered problematic within Orthodoxy because it is seen as Nestorian (I think).

Don't know about Guadalupe. Maybe the OCA's Diocese of Mexico would have an opinion?

Anything going back to the 3rd/4th century should be fine unless it was condemned by an ecumenical council, which the one you mentioned (Covadonga) doesn't seem to be. But of course, it depends on whether you're performing it in the way they did back then, or whether subsequent developments are involved.

 on: Today at 10:58:35 PM 
Started by arrow prayer - Last post by JoeS2
A distinction should be made between an individual's opinion and the view of The Church. The latter in this case upheld St. Photios'.

your church ... The church holds Aquinas as a doctor

Doctor? I don't recall in all my years as an Orthodox Christian we have ever referred to any one of our Fathers as "Doctor"...enlighten me please.
St. Luke.  laugh

In what sense?

 on: Today at 10:57:58 PM 
Started by Bernardoastur7 - Last post by Alveus Lacuna
Could you explain the story surrounding the beginning of the Virgin of Covadonga devotion and what practicing it looks like?

 on: Today at 10:55:40 PM 
Started by TheTrisagion - Last post by rakovsky
Speaking as a "pk" (priest's kid) who grew up in a rectory, there are zero circumstances under which an unaccompanied woman who is neither the priest's wife, mother, mother in law, grandmother, wife's grandmother, sister, sister in law, daughter, daughter in law, aunt and/or maybe a cousin should be staying at the parish house. Period.
See Maria's message above. We don't know whether the woman in the Greek priest's case was unacommpanied.

I don't know for certain that the visiting lecturer was staying unaccompanied at the rectory, but I vaguely remember that. The lecturer and the priest are both rather well known and the lecture topic was a very important one that could not be a pretence. A good hotel would have been very expensive for the week that she was on the lecture circuit. I am certain also that no problems would have arisen, and don't see a problem with it. There was no longterm pattern of this woman or others staying at the rectory.

I do understand that it's better safe than sorry, and I know that there are deranged individuals on both sides of those kinds of situations that were in the news. I also see kids as a different story than a woman with a good reason staying over.

 on: Today at 10:54:38 PM 
Started by wainscottbl - Last post by Antonis
So...didn't Christ say something about not seeking after the high seats of honor?
It's not really about that, though.

Wouldn't you be disappointed if a bishop you liked was moved to a lower rank than the one he possessed, giving him less of a voice?

 on: Today at 10:54:23 PM 
Started by Adela - Last post by Alveus Lacuna
God forbid anyone try to do something for another, when the Orthodox are around!

It's all Masonic New Age nonsense.

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