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since its not a full genomic sequencing...they cannot clone me...which is really to be avoided!

Other than that, I wanted health info, and helping with future research is a part of that, that i did not mind participating in.

Sounds like a good idea.

I would encourage people to research a bit before they use 23 and me simply because by using their services everyone has to click a box at checkout that gives them the right to use your dna, it becomes part of their property.

23 and me is now entering into pharmaceutical development since they own a wealth of dna data.

Then there was the designer baby scandal.

If a person isn't comfortable signing off right to privacy of their dna, there is Family Finder who will do the test, then you can load your profile into another site that will read your genetic propensity for disease, well as much as we know at this time.

I recommend Roberta Estes blog titled "DNA Explained".  She has written at length about the various tests, the companies, and their limitations.
It looks like the Eastern Orthodox are trying to hold an Ecumenical Council.
Perhaps he should not embarrass himself further by making speculative statements that have no basis in reality.
2016 is gearing up to be a huge year for the Eastern Orthodox Church. In a few days, Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill will be meeting with Pope Francis. This is a meeting that the last few popes have fought hard for, and a meeting that is a thousand years overdue. Closely tied to this is a different meeting, scheduled for a few months from now: this summer, the leaders of the 14 independent Orthodox Churches are scheduled to meet in a “Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church,” the likes of which Orthodoxy hasn’t seen in over a millennium.

It looks like the Eastern Orthodox are trying to hold an Ecumenical Council.  There’s a problem with this, though: they don’t know how. It turns out, Eastern Orthodoxy has an ‘infallibility problem’ very similar to the one facing modern Protestantism.
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sedevacantism isn't a religion, you would convert to the Catholic faith, attending mass is a little difficult during this crisis, you can only attend a traditional latin mass, sspx, cmri, if those aren't near by you would stay home.

Oddly enough I converted to Orthodoxy because the Orthodox priest could yell louder than anyone else. I figured that since he screamed it louder and more often than anybody else then obviously he was right.
Why is SSPX acceptable to a sedevacantist?  They recognise and commemorate in their Masses the Pope sedevacantists don't recognise.
it's a complicated issue, there are sedevacantists who say you should stay home, others like me who say you can attend as the sacraments are legit, once you convert to the Catholic faith I'll go into more detail

You won't explain further unless I first convert to your faith?

I always wondered what it'd be like to join a cult.

To be fair, I don't think sedevacantist necessarily belongs to a cult, even if he does mean that he will only explain certain things after I convert to his faith.
I don't see the point in discussing matters of where to go for mass with non Catholics, my objective is to convert you to the true faith..once that is done then by all means we can discuss more intricate Catholic matters

Oddly enough I converted to Orthodoxy because the Orthodox priest could yell louder than anyone else. I figured that since he said it louder and more often than anyone else then obviously he was right.
The recreational consumption of alcohol is in no sense enjoined upon us.  Also, to my knowledge, "catching a buzz" is not prohibited.   However if you are worried about your drinking you should ask FrGiryus, who is expert on addiction and recovery and has in mind to open a sober living home in the LA area.

I have to confess that as I write this I am enjoying a nice IPA, although I am not by any means a heavy drinker.   My family are mostly Methodists and abstain from alcohol, and I have no objection to  that.

And I can back this up with personal experience as a recovering alcoholic. Repentance, true repentance is the bedrock of recovery. In fact it's the very essence of it. That being said in addition confession and the Eucharist it's of paramount importance that you get involved with a support group, people who have experience and can teach you to begin to repent.
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"When your silence is pregnant with the word, mere words are but noise." - Phileepotheos of the Latter Days

That holy father sounds like a man who drank deeply and frequently from the salvific well that is the teaching and example of the thrice-blessed Abba Hezekiah, the abba of us all.
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