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The word "predestine" is not a choice, but a desire.  We are all predestined to be saved, but not all of us are
willing to accept the love of God.  And so we harden our hearts until finally God gives us up to our own hardening.
The word "predestine" does not mean God chose those who will be saved and those who don't.
It's a matter of speaking about the divinity.  In the same way we say God is "pre-eternal" or "pre-existent."

This is entirely possible, but what about Romans 9?
Does the word "election" ... "mean God chose those who will be saved and those who don't"?
Thanks for sharing!
Why do you presume that I prefer to deal with my kan emotions in this case?  [/quote]
Thanks for dealing with the Scripture verses; it's exactly what I expected from you.
Prayer Forum / Thanking God for His kindness
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In recent days, my health has improved, and the insomnia and nervous attacks have largely dissipated.

Thanks be to God and to all of you for praying for me. :)
What exactly is the method by which God "calls" someone? 
God doesn't have a body, so just wondering if you could explain your perception, or your denomination's perception?

You mean after the person has been predestined, etc., right?
IMO, the historical understanding is that the Holy Spirit does the calling.
I.E. He gives the revelation to the person that the gospel message is the Truth.
This spiritual revelation turns the light on ... so the person no longer is spiritually blind.
This is good advice. BC, I hope that you are able to take it on board. I spent many years in protestant charismatic circles, leaning far too heavily on my own interpretations of Scripture. Finding the wisdom in the Church has been a wonderful treasure, albeit one that at times has been hard to accept, as I have needed to repent of my pride time and again. But repentance from pride brings truth and freedom in Christ.
Liturgy / Re: Variations in Liturgy?
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There is a Nicene canon against kneeling on Sundays. Most EO parishes I've been to ignore it.
Non-Religious Topics / Re: ITT: We post maps
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The most popular works of arts in Europe, by country:
It's breitbart. The event is probably fiction.
Other Topics / Re: Last thing you drank
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Samohon - at the party after our second parish feast*

*The 1st one is st. John Climacus, but since our parish is on the biggest Orthodox cemetery in Poland, and unqiue Orthodox cemetery in the area of (?) 50 kilometres, the Antipascha Sunday is our second feast. And today, first time in history, not only clergy, but the whole congretaion was invited to participate in the "after-party".
I knew moslems did not like images such as icons, but i did not know they go after crosses.
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